FAQs Overview

This page provides an index of pages relating to common questions about poachers, wildlife traffickers, ivory laws, and much more. Please click on the title of each section to read more on that topic. For information relating to the different types of poachers and the buyers of wildlife parts, please see their respective sections on the Faces of the Poachers page or listed below.

Need To Know

Comprehensive information that is essential to being an informed supporter of anti-poaching and conservation efforts.

Glossary of Terms – Encyclopedic list of terminology and phrases relating to all forms of wildlife poaching, anti-poaching activities, and illegal logging.

Faces of the Poachers – Who the poachers are and what do they gain from poaching?

Buyers of Illicit Wildlife Parts – Who are the consumers of illegal wildlife parts?

Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-Poaching FAQ – Coming soon.

Ivory & Rhino Horn Laws FAQ – Coming soon.

Wildlife FAQ – Coming soon.

Wood and Logging FAQ – Coming soon.