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Newly Recommended Conservation Group: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand LogoWildlife Friends Foundation Thailand is the latest addition to the PoachingFacts list of front-line conservation & anti-poaching groups because of their amazing efforts rescuing captive wildlife and giving them the care and attention they need to lead healthy, happy lives. They also campaign hard to raise awareness of exploitative animal encounters, usage of domesticated wildlife for labor, and all forms of animal abuse. In 2017 they celebrated 16 years of rescuing wildlife and we wish them success until there are no more captive or injured wildlife left to rescue.

As its name suggests WFFT is based in Thailand and operates numerous projects relating to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and long-term care at sanctuaries for an extensive array of mammals, birds, and some reptiles. They also have programs focused on consumer education and forest restoration and conservation. The Foundation has also opened the first wildlife rescue center in neighboring Laos.

The organization loves educating tourists and volunteers and provide opportunities to visit for the day by appointment or volunteer in multi-week increments at multiple locations in Thailand and Laos. WFFT is registered as a non-profit in Thailand under the name Wildlife Friends Foundation.

Visit their website and get involved!

Newly Recommended Conservation Group: Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS India LogoWe’re very excited to add Wildlife SOS India to the PoachingFacts list of front-line conservation & anti-poaching groups with an incredible and crucial impact on front-line conservation. The organization was established in 1995 to undertake wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and also raise awareness for the cruel conditions of captive wildlife within India, particularly bears. Since then the organization has grown and expanded its efforts to rescue dozens of other mammalian, avian, and reptilian species and works alongside numerous state governments and forest departments in India. WSOS also provides conservation awareness campaigns and human-wildlife conflict mitigation while striving to uplift and improve the lives of local residents through sustainable sources of income and alternative employment that reduces the dependence on local wildlife via poaching.

Wildlife SOS allows tourists to visit their bear rescue facility and elephant conservation center which are great ways to see wildlife in safe and friendly encounters that contribute to the long-term care of the animal. They also welcome volunteers at the rescue facilities for longer visits assisting with day-to-day operations.

Visit their website, follow them on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and get involved!

The Boere Rhino Mafia

Gert Saaiman and Frans van Deventer (Credit: Chris Collingridge)

We recently added a section to our Organized Crime & Criminal Syndicates page detailing the past and present accusations against the van Deventer brothers and their partners Gerhardus Saaimon and PH George Clayton Fletcher. Read about a decade of allegations ►

Julian Rademeyer’s website and book Killing for Profit: Exposing the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade are prime examples of investigative journalism done right and have been instrumental in bringing the van Deventer brothers, as well as Vixay Keosavang’s Asian syndicates which helped traffick the rhino horn, to world attention. Please buy his e-book (available on Kindle) and visit his website for more information as these individuals and groups are investigated.

Wildlife Conservation Events in London, UK and Washington, DC

The Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is hosting an event called “Mission Possible Malawi” on 8 February in London. It will feature a number of speakers to discuss the successes and challenges of wildlife conservation in a country designated as a major transit country in the trafficking of illicit ivory. Read more about the Trust’s mission and event, or sign up to attend.

On 28 February the World Wildlife Fund is hosting “Keeping Tigers Alive: A Story of Recovery and Hope” at their headquarters in Washington, DC. The event will highlight current and future successes in tiger conservation in Asia and discuss the goal of doubling the wild tiger population by 2022 (Year of the Tiger). Visit to view current and upcoming events in your area.

Call to Action: Donations for Human-Elephant Coexistence

Big Life Foundation LogoAfrican Wildlife Foundation Logo

Two weeks ago on ‘Giving Tuesday’ the Snow Leopard Trust and Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust had special fundraising campaigns where any donation to their organization will be matched by another donor, effectively doubling your gift. Through December 22nd the African Wildlife Foundation, which supports habitat and wildlife preservation, is holding a similar donation campaign to give your generous donations that much more impact. Any donations that help them reach their $1 million fundraising goal will be doubled! Another non-profit heavily focused on the protection of elephants and ending human-wildlife conflict is Big Life Foundation which seeks to raise $320,000 to cover their costs for 2017. All of these organizations, and many more on our list of conservation groups, are worth supporting this holiday season.

Don’t forget to use affiliate programs like Amazon Smile when shopping. will give a small percentage of every purchase to one of your choice of thousands of charities, year round.

Giving Tuesday 2016

Snow Leopard Trust LogoVictoria Falls Wildlife Trust LogoToday is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to supporting people and wildlife in need. Please see our list of reputable, front-line organizations that we believe are worthwhile to donate to or get involved with. Some organizations, including the Snow Leopard Trust and Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, have special fundraising campaigns today, where any donation to their organization will be matched by another donor, effectively doubling your gift. But these fundraising programs are only available for a limited time, so make sure that your donation makes the biggest impact and give today!

Don’t forget to use affiliate programs like Amazon Smile, where will give a small percentage of every purchase to one of your choice of thousands of charities, year round.

Newly Recommended Conservation Group: Wildlife ACT

Wildlife ACT 2016 LogoToday we’re adding not-for-profit Wildlife ACT to the PoachingFacts list of front-line conservation & anti-poaching groups that we believe are worth supporting. The direct-action conservation organization is a great way for university students, interns, and volunteers of all ages (18+) to get hands-on with endangered and at-risk wildlife species projects in Botswana, Malawi, Seychelles islands, and South Africa. Projects in South Africa include wildlife conservation in Cape Town and seven projects located across Zululand, from the ancient sand forests of Tembe National Elephant Park, to the historic Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park where the southern white rhinoceros was saved, and the beaches of iSimangaliso Wetland Park on the Indian Ocean. They also support Panthera projects in South Africa with a focus on monitoring leopard populations.

If you’re not looking to volunteer in the bush, Wildlife ACT and Wildlife FUND have several campaigns listed on GiveNGain that need financial support, giving individuals and businesses an opportunity to make program-focused donations that provide equipment, services, and veterinary care to specific wildlife.

Visit their website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and get involved!