Data & Documents

Data and documents on this page are easily-accessible resource for academics, journalists, and those interested in viewing primary sources; in-depth data on ivory and rhino horn imports and exports; historical documents and newspapers; and documents compiled from these sources.


Out-of-print or freely redistributable journals and respected publications. All documents are copyright their respective owners.

Format Title Description
PDF Pachyderm An incomplete catalog of the African Elephant & Rhino Group Newsletter “Pachyderm” which was produced beginning in 1983 by IUCN and the Animal Research and Conservation Center (ARC), a division of the New York Zoological Society. (Missing issues 38, 45-47, 49-52, 54.)

Historical Documents & Reports

Documents and reports related to wildlife conservation, poaching, police and ranger actions, and trafficking of wildlife parts (including ivory and rhino horn imports and exports). These documents are hosted and maintained on other sites.

Formats Title/File Description
[JPG] The East African Elephant Ivory Trade 1925-1970 – “The Black Report” – by Wildlife Services Ltd./Ian S.C. Parker
[JPG] Misc Ivory Files – The East African Elephant Ivory Trade – “Raw Material Black Report” (1971) – by Ian S.C. Parker
[JPG] The Raw Ivory Trade 1979-1987 (1989) – by Ian S.C. Parker
[JPG] Documents related to EBUR report (1974) – by Ian S.C. Parker
[JPG] A Background to the Ivory Trade – “The White Report” (1973) – by Ian S.C. Parker