Sylvester the Cheetah, Zimbabwe

About Us

PoachingFacts is a non-profit organization based in the United States and operated self-sufficiently. It does not receive public funding or grants of any kind and is not affiliated with or financed by environmental lobbies, hunting lobbies, or other organizations with a potential agenda or political agenda.

Through our independent network of contributors, we seek to provide unbiased analysis and disclosure of the facts of poaching, corruption, and the conflict that sustains the illegal wildlife trade and related crimes. Our goal is to educate and inform people all over the world about the impact of illegal wildlife trade, human-wildlife conflict, and other problems which arise from the unnatural degradation and extinction of flora and fauna. To achieve these goals we strongly and vocally support front-line organizations in their efforts to deter poaching, end human-wildlife conflict, and solve socioeconomic problems that are effecting the quality of life and habitats of peoples and wildlife in many regions throughout the world.

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