Our Mission

Who We Are

PoachingFacts is a non-profit organization based in the United States and operated self-sufficiently. It does not receive public funding or grants of any kind and is not affiliated with, or financed by, environmental lobbies, hunting lobbies, or other organizations with a potential agenda or political agenda. The website is presented ad-free for clean, reliable viewing.

Through our independent network of contributors we seek to provide unbiased analysis and disclosure of the facts of poaching, corruption, and conflict that sustains the illegal wildlife trade, illegal deforestation, and related crimes. To achieve these goals we strongly and vocally support front-line organizations in their efforts to deter poaching, end human-wildlife conflict, and solve socioeconomic problems which are effecting the quality of life and habitats of peoples and wildlife in many regions throughout the world.

What We Stand For

Truth and accuracy. Where possible we strive to present the full, unadulterated truth of poaching and trafficking in Africa, Asia, and around the world. Information summarized or provided in visualizations on PoachingFacts.com is consolidated from reliable sources and primarily from publicly available resources, research, and publications on historical and current poaching as well as regional conflicts. We aggregate data and information to formulate the most complete and accurate image possible, but there will always be citations when data is not available through an online source or is out-of-print.

Data analysis and projections of potential poaching hot-spots provided by PoachingFacts to front-line organizations may be withheld from publication until operations conclude safely and all parties agree to making relevant data public. Full disclosure of current events will not always be possible if it jeopardizes the safety and security of anti-poaching units, Non-Governmental Organizations, and the civilians who live in regions suffering from armed insurrection, intense political corruption, and organized poaching.

Core Values & Supporting the Front-line

Our goal is to raise awareness of the troubles facing the world’s wildlife and the people that live in regions suffering from lost tourism revenue, human-wildlife conflict, illegal destruction of local ecologies, and other consequences of illegal wildlife trafficking and illegal logging. Education is an essential part of an individual’s ability to exercise their human and civic rights and to have a role in self-governance and informed decision-making. PoachingFacts is committed to upholding these fundamentals for the wellbeing of all people and nations impacted by the illegal depletion of the world’s wildlife and sealife and is devoted to providing accurate and unbiased information in a nonpartisan way.

We shall also raise awareness for the organizations that have a direct impact on front-line wildlife conservation and protection in the areas of: providing anti-poaching services; training and certifying anti-poaching rangers; pensions for widows and orphans of rangers; wildlife conservation and rehabilitation; wildlife protection and ecosystem management; human-wildlife conflict resolution; predator compensation; education of consumers of exotic animals and their parts; and other non-political services.

Our Methodology

PoachingFacts draws information from publicly available sources and background knowledge from professionals operating as part of non-governmental organizations in the field. We only publish data and information that is verifiable from readily available sources including: publications, reports, archived documents, in-print and out-of-print books. While we value background information and personal communications from professionals we wholly avoid publishing speculation or hearsay. We also avoid referencing news media with a poor track record of accuracy or that print claims from unsubstantiated sources.