Orangutan Foundation International LogoWe’re extremely pleased to add Orangutan Foundation International to our list of incredible front-line conservation & anti-poaching groups. Since 1986 Orangutan Foundation International has supported the conservation of wild Indonesian orangutans and their natural habitat and built on the successes of its precursor Orangutan Research and Conservation Project, established in 1971. OFI’s focuses involve working with local communities and the government to conserve habitat and employ locals, operating or managing wildlife refuges and research centers, and providing the highest levels of care when rehabilitating and releasing orangutans back into the wild.

OFI is a truly inspiring non-profit in its aspirations and its direct impact on saving wild orangutans from human-wildlife conflict and deforestation in Borneo. Individuals interested in having offers both volunteer programs for persons of varying skill levels as well as eco-tours on a very limited basis. OFI has a consistently outstanding rating on CharityNavigator for transparency, has a great track-record, and has very low administrative overhead compared to many other NPOs and is registered and headquartered in USA.