Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand LogoWildlife Friends Foundation Thailand is the latest addition to the PoachingFacts list of front-line conservation & anti-poaching groups because of their amazing efforts rescuing captive wildlife and giving them the care and attention they need to lead healthy, happy lives. They also campaign hard to raise awareness of exploitative animal encounters, usage of domesticated wildlife for labor, and all forms of animal abuse. In 2017 they celebrated 16 years of rescuing wildlife and we wish them success until there are no more captive or injured wildlife left to rescue.

As its name suggests WFFT is based in Thailand and operates numerous projects relating to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and long-term care at sanctuaries for an extensive array of mammals, birds, and some reptiles. They also have programs focused on consumer education and forest restoration and conservation. The Foundation has also opened the first wildlife rescue center in neighboring Laos.

The organization loves educating tourists and volunteers and provide opportunities to visit for the day by appointment or volunteer in multi-week increments at multiple locations in Thailand and Laos. WFFT is registered as a non-profit in Thailand under the name Wildlife Friends Foundation.

Visit their website and get involved!