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Illegal Logging & Forestry Crimes News Archive

This is a list of articles from around the world related to deforestation, wood as a commodity, forest ecosystem health, and forestry rights as well as timber trafficking, illegal logging, and all forms of wood and timber poaching. This list is meant to provide background or sources to recent forestry crimes and crises and is listed in roughly reverse chronological order by year and month.

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Articles from 2018


Researchers model tree species distributions in Amazonia

Indonesia: National park with largest orangutan population being cleared for palm oil and illegally logged – Sebangau National Park.


Indonesian government appeals ruling on tighter peat fire regulations

Uganda: Rice Growing Threatens Wetland Conservation

As Bali reclamation project dies, activists seek conservation status

Fires and haze return to Indonesia as peat protection bid falls short

Deforestation continues upward trend in Brazil, says NGO

Vietnam: Forests sold within four to six years after planting

Study finds widespread degradation, deforestation in African woodlands

Seeing REDD: a database of forest carbon emissions reduction projects

Brazil hits emissions target early, but rising deforestation risks reversal

Vietnam: A Rem ethnic minority take oath to protect forests

Vietnam: Dong Chau-Khe Nuoc Trong to become nature reserve

In Brazil, a forest community helps seed new trees far and wide

Indonesia: Report finds APP and APRIL violating zero-deforestation policies with wood purchases from Djarum Group concessions in East Kalimantan

Colombia: Govt rushes to save national park from rampant deforestation

South American soy fed to EU livestock drives Gran Chaco deforestation

Links between tax havens, deforestation and illegal fishing exposed

RSPO should ban deforestation, say investors representing $6.7 Trillion in assets – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Ecology monks in Thailand seek to end environmental suffering tracks commodities, links supply chains to deforestation risk

Vietnam: Uncontrolled ecotourism threatens sanctuaries, national parks

Death foretold? A courageous Amazon peasant couple resists illegal loggers

‘High risk’ that China’s timber from PNG is illegal: New report

Vietnam: Illegal occupation of forested Central Highlands land

Madagascar proposes paying illegal loggers to audit or buy their rosewood

Myanmar’s milling industry devastated by new logging policies

Fire, more than logging, drives Amazon forest degradation, study finds


New report highlights global trade in wild plant ingredients

Will the RSPO ever stop palm oil from causing deforestation? Its new draft standard suggests not

Myanmar’s Karen people call ‘foul!’ over plans to impose new national park in ancestral lands

EIA responds to Vietnam wood industry over criticisms of timber crime exposé


Enhancing Practical Skills for Sustainable Trade in Wild Plants in Guangxi

Uganda hosts 6th annual forum on illegal timber trade

Sustainability must be the norm in Europe to ensure palm oil and other commodities do not destroy forests

Indonesia to investigate death of journalist being held for defaming palm oil company

Orangutan forest school in Indonesia takes on its first eight students

Drones provide an up close look at the health of forests

Facebook video shows orangutan defending forest against bulldozer

Last March of the ‘Wooden Elephants’: Africa’s Ancient Baobabs Are Dying

Namibia’s Giant Baobab Trees Are Dying, Climate Change Blamed

Africa’s strangest trees are stranger than thought—and they’re dying mysteriously

Forest database key for Vietnam

Namibia: Consultant Promises Full Report On Chinese Timber Project

South Africa: Knysna Fires – ‘There Was No Life Left Here. Just Death. No Butterflies, No Birds, No Nothing’


Vietnam: Protecting forests by purging forest ranger staff, converting illegal loggers

Vietnam: VIPs build wooden houses as illegal loggers continue to decimate forests

Vietnam: Yok Don forests “attacked” from all four sides

Brazil has the tools to end Amazon deforestation now: report

Vietnam: Quang Tri forms team to combat illegal logging

Brazilian Amazon oil palm deforestation under control, for now

Vietnam’s dipterocarp forest conservation zone targeted by loggers

New study could improve monitoring of tropical trees in face of climate change

Protecting forests and people from tropical storms

Australia: Logging burns conceal industrial pollution in the name of ‘community safety’

Critically endangered South American forests were man made

Whole-tree logging may not hinder plant biodiversity

Ecologists expose bias in forest restoration studies

New technique reveals details of forest fire recovery

Greenpeace disowns paper giant over deforestation allegations

Greenpeace: Paper giant cut forests during conservation pact

Extinct in Algeria: Rare Plant Declared Lost

Tanzania Opens Pristine Reserve for Logging, Hydropower

Forest loss in one part of US can harm trees on the opposite coast

Poland ready to end extensive logging in pristine old forest

Peatland contributions to UK water security

Forests are growing again where human well-being is increasing, finds new study

Higher incomes, not higher carbon dioxide levels, drive forest gains, study finds

Typo derails landmark ruling against Indonesian palm oil firm guilty of burning peatland

Indonesia enlists plantation companies to ensure haze-free Asian Games

Vietnam: Disciplinary action against 9 forest rangers

Vietnam deforestation cases in decline

Vietnam: Violations to forest protection regulations drop in four months

Vietnam: Police raid huge illegal logging site in national park

Can India’s “People’s Forest” also serve as a haven for rhinos?

Debate ensues over British supermarket chain’s decision to ban palm oil

Colombia’s supreme court orders government to stop Amazon deforestation

UN forest accounting loophole allows CO2 underreporting by EU, UK, US

Religious Leaders Mobilize to Protect Indigenous People and Forests

New study finds mangroves may store way more carbon than we thought

Major Islamic financier singled out for deforestation in Indonesia

New film shines light on cattle industry link to Amazon deforestation


Palm oil supplier to food giants clears forest, peatland in Indonesia, Greenpeace says

RSPO finally agrees oil palm plantation’s legality needs investigation – but complaints remain hidden with insignificant progress

Forest fires keep billions of liters of water on the ground

Vietnam: Thanh Hoa coastal forest swamped by rubbish

MPCC Takes Action on Malawi’s Forests

Vietnam: Illegal logging uncovered in Quang Nam Province

Vietnam’s forest coverage ratio reaches over 41%

Bamboo conservation park in Da Nang protects 100 species

‘Shocking and worrying’: Selective logging has big, lasting impact on fish

Study puts a figure to hidden cost of community-company conflict in palm oil industry

Restoring flagging oil palm plantations to forest may benefit clouded leopards, study finds

Indonesian oil palm smallholders sue state over subsidy to biofuel producers

Island logging must go beyond current ‘best practices’ to avoid erosion: New study

Bornean bantengs feeling the heat in logged forests, study finds


Study: Indonesia’s ambitious peat restoration initiative severely underfunded

How a series of shady deals turned a chunk of Borneo into a sea of oil palm

Indonesian graftbusters put a price tag on environmental crime

The World Needs New Tools to Fight Illegal Logging. You Can Help.

To prevent collapse of tropical forests, protect their shape: study

Land degradation pushing planet towards sixth mass extinction

Vietnam: Land and forest battle in Central Highlands as forests devastated

Agroforestry bolsters biodiversity and villages in Sri Lanka

Brazil: Cerrado Manifesto could curb deforestation, but needs support: experts

Do environmental advocacy campaigns drive successful forest conservation?

Cerrado: U.S. investment spurs land theft, deforestation in Brazil, say experts

Draining peatlands gives global rise to greenhouse laughing-gas emissions

Borneo’s elephants prefer degraded forests, a new study finds

Salvage logging is often a pretext for harvesting wood

A small-scale farmer leads the way for big changes to rubber farming in Myanmar

Vietnam: Central Highlands forest protection program considered a failure

Vietnam: Forestland left fallow as land disputes in Highlands spike

New book on fungal diseases of urban trees

New life for Portugal’s oldest forest ravaged by fires

Alberta’s boreal forest could be dramatically altered by 2100 due to climate change, study says

Colombia scraps Amazon highway plans due to deforestation concerns

An important win for the world’s largest tropical wetland

Company outed for fires in Indonesian palm lease still clearing forests in timber concession, NGO finds

On UN Forests Day, new studies put EU in position to take action on deforestation

An illegal logger in Tanzania becomes a forest defender

Myanmar palm oil concessions trample on communities, act as a cover for extracting timber

‘A real surprise’: Study reveals low phosphorus doesn’t hinder rainforest growth

Pearl Jam invests in Amazonian reforestation to offset emissions from current Brazil tour

Oil palm plantations’ dearth of biodiversity rubs off on nearby forests, study shows

Five years after zero-deforestation vow, little sign of progress from Indonesian pulp giant

Chocolate and agroforestry accelerate in El Salvador

Illegal cattle ranching deforests Mexico’s massive Lacandon Jungle

Philippines President’s ‘terrorists’ hit list jeopardises lives of human rights and forest defenders

Outcomes of Cameroon–China timber trade project evaluated

Malaysia: Sarawak makes 80% forest preservation commitment, but some have doubts

Oil palm, rubber could trigger ‘storm’ of deforestation in the Congo Basin

How deforestation risks for investors can become opportunities for conservation (commentary)

Carbon credit prices too low to protect forests from rubber, study finds

NGOs seek suspension of forest-related funding to DRC in response to proposed end to logging moratorium

Tropical Deforestation: the Need for a Strategy Adjustment (commentary)

Analysis: the Brazilian Supreme Court’s New Forest Code ruling

In Colombia, a national park’s expansion announced as deforestation progresses

In eastern Indonesia, a forest tribe pushes back against miners and loggers

Mangrove deforestation releases more CO2 than Poland, study finds

Brazil high court Forest Code ruling largely bad for environment, Amazon: NGOs

‘S.O.S.’ carved out of former plantation shines a light on palm oil-driven deforestation


Vietnam: Forest rangers investigate seized trees

Vietnam: Illegal logging bedevils central provinces

‘We need to act’: Scientists urge prioritization of intact forests

Tropical forest fragmentation nearing ‘critical point,’ study finds

Protected areas with deforestation more likely to lose status in Brazilian state

Deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon dropped 13 percent in 2017

Borneo, ravaged by deforestation, loses nearly 150,000 orangutans in 16 years, study finds

Study Says Deforested Areas in the Amazon Vulnerable to Loss of Legal Protections

Backtracking on reform: how Indonesia’s Government is weakening its palm oil standards

Faith in the forest helps Indonesia’s Dayaks keep plantations, loggers at bay

A Tale of Two Laws – how European and US legislation can better combat illegal timber

All eyes on European Commission as crucial EU decision on deforestation due “in a matter of weeks”

Scientists find ‘surprising’ connections between tropical forests – Relation of tree species.

Carbon pricing could save millions of hectares of tropical forest: new study

Deforestation wanes in Indonesia’s Aceh and Leuser Ecosystem, but threats remain: NGO says

Amazon rainforest hit by surge in small-scale deforestation, study finds

Maps tease apart complex relationship between agriculture and deforestation in DRC

Zero-deforestation pledges need help, support to meet targets, new study finds

Articles from 2017


Tropical deforestation is getting bigger, study finds

Carbon dreams: Can REDD+ save a Yosemite-size forest in Madagascar?

Among global companies, efforts on deforestation lag

Peru: Illegal mining devastates forests in Amazonas Region

Long-term droughts are throttling growth in Hawaiian forests, finds airborne laser-based study

Peru: the man who overcomes fear to defend the forest

Ministry of Health and pharmaceutical companies collaborate on developing non-timber forest product utilization policies

Vietnam: New forestry law looks beyond protection to development


Vietnam: Illegal loggers on the move – again

Harvard forest report: Forests, funding, and conservation in decline across New England

Lengwe Loggers Appeal: Sentences Doubled – 32 suspects have their sentences doubled after appealing to judge.

Oil palm firms advance into Leuser rainforest, defying Aceh governor’s orders

Does social forestry always decrease deforestation and poverty? (commentary)

Vietnam: Authority confirms serious deforestation in Dien Bien

Vietnam: Binh Dinh investigates huge forest destruction crime

Chocolate industry driving deforestation of Ivory Coast: report

Forest fires are not limited to hot or temperate climates

Scientists: Ash tree species pushed to brink of extinction

Samsung won’t partner with Korindo following outrage over forest destruction in Indonesia

Helping Chinese farmers tackle erosion, increase profits

Earth’s oldest trees in climate-induced race up the tree line

Palm oil giant FGV will ‘endeavor to rehabilitate’ peatlands it trashed in Borneo

Forest regeneration experiment of 30 years yields results

Carbon cycling in forest soils research presented

Deforestation in Cambodia linked to ill health in children


These 3 companies owe Indonesia millions of dollars for damaging the environment. Why haven’t they paid?


Saving the cycads from poaching

Offset Your Summer Plans And Protect Forests with New Carbon Calculator

HSBC triggers investigation into its own palm oil client

Vietnam: Rampant deforestation in the central region

Sierra Leone: FAO says deforestation leads to land degradation in Salone

WWF helps a mountain community protect forests and adapt to climate change

Protecting Forests in the Most Dangerous Place to Be a Ranger

Paying Uganda farmers not to cut down trees halved deforestation: study


Leaked terms of huge EU-Japan trade deal spark environmental alarm – Illegal timber laundering, other concerns.

International illegal logging conference touches on myriad issues

Vietnam: Forest sanctuary has four hydropower plants

Timber crime evidence is released as probe starts

Central Africa: Gabon Pledges to Protect Forests in Regional Drive to Save Congo Basin

Safeguarding sustainability through forest certification mapping

Study links deforestation and malaria – In undeveloped and developing nations.

Lightning sparking more boreal forest fires

Amazon basin deforestation could disrupt distant rainforest by remote climate connection

Logging in Malaysia’s Ulu Muda forest threatens wildlife and water supplies

Vietnam: War veteran now fights for his local forest

Tanzania: 280 Million Trees ‘Needed Annually’

Supporting communities and forests in Laos

Is intensification of beef production really a solution to Amazonian deforestation?

Tanzania: Villagers – We’re Given a Raw Deal in Forest Conservation

Uganda: Masaka Timber Dealers Reject New Tax On Forest Products

Liberia: Deforestation Threatens Environment

Vietnam targets 42 percent forest coverage by 2020

Vietnamese officers learn how to identify the real deal timber


Timber crime evidence is released as probe starts

In Crackdown, Malawi Jails 35 Illegal Loggers Seized in National Park

Mozambique battles illegal logging to save tropical forests

Corrupt Vietnam officials & Cambodia timber theft

DRC arrests 14 Chinese for wood smuggling

Malawi: Illegal Lengwe Loggers Put Behind Bars


Primeval forest risks sparking new EU-Poland clash

Scientists examine impact of high-severity fires on conifer forests

Bugs have stranglehold on Southern California region’s urban forest

Mozambique battles illegal logging to save tropical forests

Singapore convicts rosewood trader in historic CITES seizure

Zambia announces indefinite ban on “In Transit” timber

Rainforest conservation may be aimed at the wrong places, study finds

Flammable floodplains are weak spot of Amazon forest

Kenya: KFS Signs Deal With Private Firm On Industrial Bamboo Production

Kenya: Kilifi Govt to Plant 1.8 Million Trees to Battle Deforestation

Gambia: Environment Ministry Temporary Reopens Exportation of Timber Trade

Malawi: President’s Missing Tree – Retrogressive Indicator to Reforestation

New study highlights timber trade challenges in eastern and southern Africa

Threats against forests: illegal logging, tourism development

Eastern African nations launch Steering Committee for Zanzibar Declaration on Illegal Trade in Timber and other Forest Products

To conserve tropical forests and wildlife, protect the rights of people who rely on them

Satellites map carbon sequestered by forests, with accuracy of up to ten metres

Carbon and nitrogen cycles interact with vegetation shifts

Successful Colombian rainforest project exposes problems with carbon emissions trading

Indigenous groups, Amazon’s best land stewards, under federal attack

In Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, conservation efforts drown in a sea of eucalyptus

Rotten beef and illegal deforestation: Brazil’s largest meatpacker rocked by scandals

African forests threatened by global demand for commodity crops

Jurisdictional certification approach aims to strengthen protections against deforestation


Vietnam: Forestry company head to be prosecuted for forest destruction

Illegal trade still a major risk for endangered rosewoods

Forest fragmentation may be releasing much more carbon than we think

New research shows role ancient peoples might have played in shaping Amazon rainforest

‘Forest mobilisation:’ Unlocking Europe’s wood energy potential

Researchers discover tree trunks act as methane source in upland forests

Vietnam: PM’s instruction to close natural forests ignored by illegal loggers

Almost 1M hectares ‘missing’ from land holdings of major palm oil companies

In Tanzania, a surge in sesame farming poses threat to natural forest

Vietnam: Forests enrich illegal loggers: NA deputies

Thua Thien – Hue plants mangrove forests for eco-tours

Illegal logging, smuggling found in protected Central Highlands forest

Hanoi’s greenery areas fall short of expectation

Chinese businesses carry off precious medicinal herbs in Central Highlands

Cameroon: Eyes in Sky and On Ground Are Helping Forest Conservation

Aggressive forest protection needed to meet US climate goals

In defining plantations as forest, FAO attracts criticism

The people of DRC’s forests

Denmark prohibits companies from selling Myanmar teak on European Union markets

Myanmar gives commitment to legal timber system

Ecologist proposes a new model to help meet global forest restoration goals

Cocoa industry agrees plan to tackle deforestation

Communities in Mexico step up to protect a disappearing forest

Vietnam: Illegal logging in Quang Nam

13,000 acres of cloud forest now protected in Colombia

Denmark sanctions entire Burmese teak industry

Crime and not enough punishment: Amazon thieves keep stolen public land

Americans live increasingly further from forests — which is a problem for wildlife

Alarms raised as timber firm said to pierce one of Indonesia’s last orangutan strongholds

Microbes measure ecological restoration success

Huge swathe of Australian mangroves ‘die of thirst’

Slave labor in the Amazon: Risking lives to cut down the rainforest

Investigation reveals slave labor conditions in Brazil’s timber industry

Big data timber exchange partners with FSC in Brazil

Vicious circle of drought and forest loss in the Amazon

Good Agricultural and Collection Practices integrated with guidelines on collection of wild medicinal plants

Landmark legal win boosts oil palm sector transparency

Successful forest protection in DRC hinges on community participation

China closes natural forests, Vietnam fears timber shortage


Forests worldwide threatened by drought

Sum of their parts: Researchers use math to foster environmental restoration

Indonesia thwarts illegal logging in South Sumatra

Latin America palm oil production doubled since 2001 without massive uptick in deforestation

New study finds timber harvesting in Madagascar out of control

Trees need a little help to reclaim deforested land, study finds

Increasing tree cover threatens world’s most endangered antelope

In one Tanzanian village, survival is intimately linked to forest conservation

Chain saw injuries in Myanmar tied to illegal logging

Brazil’s “river people” join forces with indigenous communities, offer alternative to deforestation

Anger rises over human-elephant conflict in Tanzania

Fighting rhino poaching in India, CSI-style

Indonesian government moves farther from community forestry target

Reversing “Empty Forest Syndrome” in Southeast Asia

Will there really be enough sustainable palm oil for the whole market?

Expedition sets out to explore isolated, mysterious forest in DRC

Documenting the consequences of palm oil production beyond Southeast Asia

Vietnam: A nipa palm forest nurtures a commune

Vegetation resilient to salvage logging after severe wildfire

New analysis supports mangrove forests, tidal marshes and seagrass meadows as effective climate buffers

Forest protection funds flow to DRC despite ‘illegal’ logging permits


Deforestation-free commodities represent a major investment opportunity: Report

Thap Lan: Thailand’s unsung forest gem under threat, but still abrim with life

Deforestation rises with incomes in developing economies

Colorado’s wildfire-stricken forests showing limited recovery

New miniaturised hyperspectral cameras to monitor the health of Australian landscapes

Study documents tree species’ decline due to climate warming

Cameroon: Illegal Logging – Fierce Fight to Stop Fraudsters

Mozambique’s ban on raw timber exports

Smuggled to death: How loopholes and lax enforcement have sealed the fate of Siamese rosewood

What to expect in rainforests in 2017

No let-up in Thailand’s relentless, violent Siamese rosewood poaching

Jokowi grants first-ever indigenous land rights to 9 communities

As forests in East Africa disappear, so does an industry of artisans

Sudden sale may doom carbon-rich rainforest in Borneo

Articles from 2016


The year in tropical rainforests: 2016

Illegal logging shows little sign of slowing

Myanmar Reporter Killed While Investigating Illegal Logging

Peru pledges tougher stance against illegal timber

Grasslands in US Great Plains are being destroyed at “alarming rate”

Sapphire boom propels thousands into Madagascar rainforest

Vietnam faces dilemma on forests as climate change threatens coffee crops

Brazil: Deforestation in the Amazon increased 29% over last year


Laser technique boosts aerial imaging of woodlands

Indonesian lower court rejects bid to protect prized forest

Which tropical forest conservation strategies are proving most effective?

New drone analysis highlights conservation challenges in Myanmar

Corrupt logging practices in Liberia could mar new era in community forestry

Indonesia shifts emissions-reduction burden from energy to forestry sector

Southeast Asia: Conservation in oil palm is possible

The people of Ethiopia’s forests

Vietnam: Officials punished for illegal logging in Quang Nam

Sweden sets legal precedent with prosecution of Myanmar teak trader

Sweden prosecutes Myanmar teak trader

Landmark Indonesia/EU legal timber deal goes live today

Are conservation policies a driver of deforestation in Tanzania?

Call for global action to stamp out illegal timber trade

Gold mining invades new areas of Peruvian Amazon

Industry, NGOs agree to single approach to eliminating deforestation from palm oil supply chain

Forests: A Parallax View in Music – DJ Spooky on creating a composition out of a forest.

Illegal logging decimating Ha Giang forests

Madagascar joins International Tropical Timber Organization

Without birds, tropical forests won’t bounce back from deforestation

Myanmar’s logging ban feeds shadow economy of illegal trade

Nearly $1 billion in forest carbon finance committed in 2015


One Tanzanian man’s quest to save the forest

For the palm oil industry, ‘engagement’ means turning a blind eye to deforestation

Republic of Congo: Brazzaville-issued mining permits dip into Congo’s flagship park

Small oil palm plantations are having big impacts on Peru rainforest

Thirst for coltan, gold threatens Venezuelan forests, indigenous lands

Small oil palm plantations are having big impacts on Peru rainforest

Does the Brazil nut business work in Bolivia? – Forestry impacts.

Could REDD help save an embattled forest in Cambodia? – Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)

Forest land illegally encroached in Dak Nong

RSPO loses key backer in Australia: ‘We just can’t trust them anymore’

Efforts to stop deforestation in DRC may be misplaced, study finds

Hectare by hectare, an indigenous man reforested a jungle in Indonesia’s burned-out heartland

Logged but not out: Altered landscapes important for conservation

Wildfire management vs. fire suppression benefits forest and watershed

Innovative Forests Bond Issued to Unlock Private Financing for Forest Protection

In Myanmar’s Irrawady Delta, a rapidly disintegrating mangrove forest

The fight against deforestation: Why are Congolese farmers clearing forest?

Failed economic development plans drive deforestation in Andean Amazon

Study finds Brazil isn’t counting all deforestation in official estimates

Myanmar teak importers violate European law

Papua New Guinea activist receives prestigious award for protecting forests

Decline in forest diversity could cost billions per year

Gold mining deforestation in Peruvian reserve surpasses 450 hectares

Scientists call for urgent rethink of tropical peatland palm oil and drainage-based agriculture

Significant deforestation in Brazilian Amazon goes undetected, study finds

Rainforest rapidly cleared for sugarcane in Bolivia

Airbus to marshal its satellites against deforestation

Scoring palm oil buyers on their sustainability commitments

Ethiopia’s vulnerable tropical forests are key to securing future of wild coffee

Fires ravaged forests in Indonesian palm oil giant Astra’s land in 2015

Peru’s REDD+ conservation efforts paying off

Palm oil trade to develop in Congo Basin – Gorillas threatened.

Brazil revises Amazon deforestation 6% upward

Victory for forests: Rosewood gets enhanced protection at wildlife summit

Enlisting an Army to Save a Forest

Solid backing for timber at CITES

Tanzania: Sumbawanga Forest Fire Damage Reaches 226 Million Tanzanian Shillings


Contrary to popular belief, coca not the driving force of deforestation

Gambia announces ban on imported timber, but expert sceptic

Indonesia exploring new model to fund national parks

Fires driving deforestation in Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem

Myanmar’s forests face myriad problems as logging ban continues

Schweighofer’s ongoing sourcing of illegal timber in Romania and Ukraine again revealed

Deforestation jumps into Peru reserve, 1,600 hectares of rainforest lost

Innovative tax credit takes aim at deforestation in Peru

China’s reforestation program a letdown for wildlife, study finds

Dalbergia Rosewood Receives Protection Needed Under CITES

Mega-Highway Imperils ‘Biological Jewel’ of Nigeria – Proposed highway may lead to poaching, illegal deforestation, and more in Cross River National Park.

Empowering the Malagasy people to fight against the illegal exploitation of Madagascars natural resources


Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Reserve: 40% Decline in Illegal Logging; Threats from Climate Rage on

Deforestation has been occurring continuously in New England since the 1980s

Zimbabwe: Parched Forests Fall Prey to New Pests

Timber from Peru 90 percent illegal, finds report issued by U.S. gov’t

Smoke from Indonesia’s fires begins to drift into Malaysia

Savannas and grasslands are more biodiverse than you might think — and we’re not doing enough to conserve them

Why is Brazil regressing in its fight against deforestation?

Don’t Get Burned by Misinformation about Dead Trees and Wildfire

Indonesia’s Mangroves One of the World’s Best Solutions to Climate Change

Vietnam’s forest management model not sustainable – Says former deputy head of the Central Highlands Steering Committee on Forest Management.

RSPO lifts suspension of Malaysian palm oil giant IOI

Vietnam: Thanh Hoa moves to realise green growth goals

Vietnam: National Assembly deputy urges strict protection of Central Highland forests

DR Congo: A dangerous, illegal necessity: charcoal reform comes to Virunga

Vietnam has over 14 million hectares of forest: ministry


Vietnam: Quang Nam police probe pomu wood thefts

Ethiopia’s Big Jump in Afforestation

Why helping civil society investigate illegal timber is about much more than protecting forests and forest peoples

Logging in Mount Kenya Forest Pits Politicians Against Local Community

California regulators approve plan to log 100-year-old redwoods

Indonesia’s palm oil permit moratorium to last five years

Tropical forests overexploited by unsustainable logging

Vietnam: Police hunt for leader of illegal logging ring

Vietnam: Are Central Highlands’ forests still open for illegal loggers?

Vietnam: PM’s order on forest closure ignored

Preserving forest carbon sinks top of donors’ climate mitigation agenda

Deforestation from illegal gold mining spreads to northern Peru

Bunge joins ranks of palm oil users to sanction Malaysia’s IOI

Agroforestry helps farmers branch out

Drought stalls tree growth and shuts down Amazon carbon sink, researchers find

Replanting oil palm plantations reduces frog diversity, but researchers say there are ways to fix that

Singapore to pursue firms over fires, despite Indonesian ire

Understanding forest fire history can help keep forests healthy

UK takes action against companies importing timber from Cameroon tied to illegal logging

Indonesia: Timber plantation licenses canceled as Mentawai fight off another threat to their traditional lands

Indonesia: Under gov’t pressure, palm oil giants disband green pledge


Forest degradation in Brazil can have just as drastic an impact on biodiversity as deforestation

Malaysian palm oil giant IOI under pressure after Cargill ultimatum

Kenya hosts timber trade forum

Vietnam: Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asks for investigating deforestation in Kon Tum

Scientists call on EU businesses, govts to support greener palm oil

Search warrant executed at Global Plywood over alleged Lacey Act violations – Alleged illegal timber imports into the US.

Vietnam: Government declares closing of natural forests

California to fire up burners to battle dead tree epidemic

Norway, U.S. pledge to coordinate forest protection efforts

Canadian forests a refuge as warming creeps north

The prosecutor who lassoed deforestation

EIA Issues Statement Following Executed Search Warrant at Global Plywood (en Español)

Droughts across Europe affect British trees most

Remote sensing and forest inventories contribute to saving tropical forests

Norway pledges $14M to strengthen forest monitoring platform

In unprecedented move, Michelin adopts zero deforestation for rubber sourcing

Tropics’ tallest tree found in Malaysia


New hope for Africa’s largest forest park

Vietnam: Old trees in Tra Vinh threatened, say researchers

Here’s what’s driving deforestation in South America

SE Asia’s damaged peat swamps could release 8.7 gigatons of CO2

New Cambodian protected forest offers hope for endangered wildlife

Norway commits to zero deforestation

Investors register for afforestation projects, exploit land for minerals

Senegal’s southern forests may disappear by 2018: ecologist

Indonesia’s forestry ministry follows through on palm oil permit freeze

Zimbabwe: Stop aiding deforestation, forestry firm told

Poland begins logging primeval forest despite activist pleas

NASA satellite data shows rapid recovery for some California forests despite drought

Proposed Amazon dam attracts illegal loggers, threatens local farmers

Indigenous Dayak tribe pitted against palm oil giant in new film

Nigeria: Emirs Frown Upon Illegal Mining, Tree Cutting

Poaching of Elephant Matriarchs Destroys Rainforests

Keeping the timber trade legal: Malaysia’s Customs officers given a helping hand

New Forest Commitments Bring Peru’s Pact for Legal Wood to Life

How “due diligence” is helping curb the illegal timber trade in key markets

Symposium highlights threats to the world’s plants, but solutions are to hand

On the 5th of April 2016, the gathered representatives from Thailand, China, Cambodia and Vietnam announced their resolution for combating the illegal logging and smuggling of Siamese Rosewood.

Repatriation Ceremony of Siamese Rosewood from Malaysia to Thailand at the Office of Agriculture Research and Development Region 8, Songkla, Department of Agriculture

Brazilian soy industry extends moratorium on deforestation indefinitely

No logging ban for Myanmar despite reported announcement

Malaysian palm oil giant IOI sues RSPO over suspension

Vietnam: Fokienia forest in Quang Nam recognised as heritage tree

Kenya’s forests squeezed as government pressures environment groups

Malaysian palm oil companies say their concession maps are state secrets

Central Highlands’ residents cut down forests to get land for cultivation

Unprecedented deforestation on old Herakles plantation, now under new management

RSPO orders Peruvian palm oil plantation to stop development

Brazil is scaling back its protected area network and the short-term effect on forests might surprise you

Indigenous and forest community leaders tour the EU to call for conflict-free palm oil

India plans to spend $6 billion on creating new forests

Cambodia protects 1 million hectares of vital forest


FOUND! Sarawak’s Stolen Wealth Is Locked In A Treasure Trove In The United States! – Malaysian assets allegedly tied to illegal timber trade.

Indonesia takes aim at palm oil after forest fires

Cambodia to add 1 million hectares of protected forest

Palm oil in Cameroon – ‘a blessing or a curse’ to small-scale farmers?

Peru’s climate commitments threatened by advancing oil palm

Tanzania: Forest Conservation At Risk As Funds Run Out

A decade in the making: EU, Indonesia to start licensing scheme for legal timber shipments

Recent plantation expansions on peatlands came with huge carbon costs

Illegal logging “mafia” arrested in Peru

International forest conservation finance is flowing to Africa

India: Red sanders smuggler has links with international gangsters: police

Cambodia Bans Film About Murdered Rainforest Activist

Kenya aims to reverse deforestation, plant 20 million new trees

Indonesian President Joko Widodo bans new oil palm and mining concessions

Rainforest study shows biodiversity loss worse than anticipated

Congo Signs Historic Rainforest Preservation Pact

“Zero Deforestation” Champion Creates New Risks for Indonesia’s Forests

Activists appeal to EU over Polish logging of primeval forest

India: Red sanders logs worth Rs. 3-cr. seized, 2 held


Agriculture expansion could reduce rainfall in Brazil’s Cerrado

Mozambique: 250 Illegal Logs Seized in Nampula

Stakeholders meet to formulate sustainable practices in India’s medicinal and aromatic plant trade

Massive wildfire rips through Congo rainforest – is logging to blame?

Poland approves logging Europe’s last primeval forest

Data from 1800s can help researchers, forest managers maintain healthy forest ecosystems today

China’s forest recovery shows hope for mitigating global climate change

Vietnam: More land taken from natural reserves, national parks

Vietnam: Nearly 11,000ha of Dak Lak forest destroyed

Vietnam: Forest fires threatens areas across country

The Relentless Rise of Two Caribbean Lakes Baffles Scientists – Displaced local farmers turn to illegal logging and charcoal.


Mozambique: Illegal Loggers Devastating Gile Reserve

Vietnam: High risk of deforestation across country

Africa’s forests menaced by palm oil rush

Five ways China’s overseas investments are impacting African forests


German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, Too

Zoos Pledge to Fight Palm Oil’s Big Threat to Pygmy Elephants

Vietnam: Local authorities remain powerless against illegal loggers

EIA Denounces Termination of Peruvian Forest Oversight Body President, in apparent effort to allow illegal wood to enter the United States (en Español)

India, China, Indonesia score lowest when it comes to tropical forest protection

World’s largest palm oil trader criticised for lack of progress on deforestation

Vietnam: Despite tougher regulations, deforestation plagues Ca Mau

Ghana: Illegal Loggers Creating Problems in Wa District

Articles from 2015


Vietnam: Illegal logging cuts down national park

Vietnam: National Park loses 100 trees a month to illegal loggers

Vietnam: Central Highland forest is being destroyed

Vietnam: Forest surveys support police law enforcement, conservation success

Unseen harvest: Southeast Asia’s illegal orchid trade


Amazon Trees Face Extinction Crisis, but There’s Hope

Protecting a forest across generations

Zimbabwe: Crippling Power Cuts Fuel Zimbabwe’s Illegal Logging Trade


Vietnam: Forest protection law falls short

Vietnam: Dak Nong seeing heavy deforestation


Singapore air worsens to ‘hazardous’ over Indonesia fires

Blacklists protect the rainforest

Chopping down trees will haunt East Africa

Deforestation ruins Kilimanjaro

Zimbabwe: Call to Reduce Deforestation

Zambia: State Ponders Setting Up Mungwi Timber Estate

Severe wildfires not increasing in western dry forests, study finds

Mapping wood production in European forests

Ground-breaking declaration to curb illegal timber trade in East and Southern Africa

Tree planting can harm ecosystems

As demand for African timber soars, birds pay the ultimate price

Indonesian fires send smog over Singapore, Malaysia

Crop rotation boosts soil microbes, benefits plant growth

Wildfires threaten Russia’s unique Lake Baikal

Vietnam focuses on coastal eco-system, mangrove forest protection


Decade-long Amazon rainforest burn yields new insight into wildfires

Three trillion trees: Study finds there are 7.5 times more trees than previously believed

Tropical forests in trouble in SE Asia, west Africa: analysts

Tropical forests ‘on the edge’

Increasingly severe disturbances weaken world’s temperate forests

Documentary Tracks Illegal Peruvian Wood Entering U.S. (see also: video)

Peru’s Rotten Wood

Fire damage to soils sets back bushfire recovery

Boreal forests challenged by global change

Indictment Says Rare Trees Were Poached to Make Guitars

Malaysia announces sweeping new protections for orangutans

Saving Thirty Hills – The forests of Indonesia’s Sumatra island.

WWF and partners secure protection for critical Sumatran rain forest

Angola, Namibia and Zambia vow to take action on illegal timber trade


Discovering untapped value in Europe’s forests

SE Asia sees little progress on haze as fires rage

Insect-killed forests pose no additional likelihood of wildfire

China ire as Myanmar jails scores for illegal logging

Three Arrested for Felling 200 Trees – In the Bao Lam district of Central Highland Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.

Construction industry building a future without deforestation – but many businesses have further to go

Success of traditional Chinese medicine environmental governance project celebrated in China

Climate change just one of many risks to trees in the tropical Andes

Forest Rangers Blamed for Illegal Logging Cases Near Da Nang, Vietnam

Wildfire season spreading

Vietnam: Alarming deforestation in Central Highlands

Cycad poacher sentenced to 10 years of prison – Individual had tried to smuggle Karoo cycad (Encephalartos lehmannii) trees.

Tropical peatland carbon losses from oil palm plantations may be underestimated

Rubber expansion threatens biodiversity and livelihoods


Predicting tree mortality

Lax rules put Congo’s forests, key carbon reserve, at risk

Researchers seek least destructive balance of agriculture vs. forests

Some forestlands cool climate better without trees, study finds


Romanian forests face ‘acute’ illegal logging problem


Amazon deforestation ‘threshold’ causes species loss to accelerate


Study yields surprising insights into the effects of wood fuel burning

Corrupt cop walks out of prison and disappears despite being jailed for timber theft

‘Gold rush’ threatens tropical forests in South America

Articles from 2014


Brazil to launch new satellite to track deforestation

Ambitious Indigenous Forest Monitoring Program Underway Across Peru (video)


Small New Zealand population initiated rapid forest transition c. 750 years ago


High-yielding crops are a double-edged sword for tropical forests

Image: Deforestation in the state of Rondônia in western Brazil, from orbit


Guilt-free doughnuts: UN summit hails palm oil pledges – Companies pledge to stop using palm oil in an effort to reduce rainforest deforestation.

Illegal Loggers Blamed for Peru Forest Campaigner’s Murder


Brazil cracks ‘biggest’ Amazon deforestation gang

NASA image: Signs of deforestation in Brazil


China’s Illegal Timber Imports Ransack Mozambique’s Forests

Articles from 2012


Stop Burning Rain Forests for Palm Oil


Gibson Guitar to pay $300,000 for violating Lacey Act with illegal timber imports from Madagascar


Forests Equal to Half of Delhi lost, reveals report

Articles from 2011


Seized red sanders lying waste


PD Act cases on red sanders smugglers

Articles from 2010


The $1M bed: why Madagascar’s rainforests are being destroyed


Madagascar bans rainforest timber exports following global outcry


Satellites being used to track illegal logging, rosewood trafficking in Madagascar

Coup leaders sell out Madagascar’s forests, people

Articles from 2009


Rubber plantations could have ‘devastating’ impact in Asia

Articles from 2007


New industry standard for collection of wild plants

Have a heart: a third of Borneo’s rainforests to be conserved

Articles from 2003


Hybrid oil palms bear fruit in western Kenya

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