Other Initiatives

In addition to our primary goals as a non-profit, PoachingFacts also engages in several other initiatives for public benefit. Some of these are activities that you can participate in yourself!

Book Reviews by PoachingFacts

We love books! Like modern nature documentaries, more and more books are being written with entertainment and education in mind, but finding books on popular subjects that are accurate, or live up to their titles, isn’t always easy. We buy and review novels, memoirs, and textbooks at our own expense, then share our honest, detailed reviews on PoachingFacts.com in Our Book Reviews as well as on the GoodReads social media platform where people can connect over their favorite books and topics.

We review several types of books including popular science, real adventures and memoirs, wildlife and birding field guides, and even dreary academic desk references, so we’re sure there’s something for everyone. Follow us on GoodReads.com/PoachingFacts to read our reviews and share your own reviews with us and other lovers of wildlife!

PoachingFacts Donates Computing Time to World Community Grid, Science United Projects

World Community Grid was started by IBM in 2004 and since then hundreds of thousands of volunteers from around the world have helped researchers complete over twenty projects contributing to the scientific understanding of deadly diseases including Zika, Ebola, and tuberculosis, as well as initiatives for clean water filtration, clean energy development, understanding genomes, and curing various forms of cancer. These completed projects, and the several ongoing projects, would have otherwise needed the expensive resources of a supercomputer to compute the vast amounts of data. Instead, people around the world have united the computing power of their computers together to achieve the same result.

Team PoachingFacts has contributed over 80 years worth of compute time and is in the top 15% of global contributors. Our team contribution is climbing every day with your support. Anyone can join and start contributing to scientific projects of their choosing with just a few clicks and take part in the friendly competition to earn the most “points” contributed by their team. And here, points equal real results. Team PoachingFacts has contributed the equivalent of several years of computing time to OpenZika, Outsmart Ebola Together, FightAIDS, and other projects with real impacts on human health and our environment.

Science United, a new way of participating in Berkeley’s BOINC citizen computing projects, makes taking part in volunteer computing projects even easier for non-technical people. It’s now possible to easily subscribe to entire categories of partnered volunteer computing projects such as biology and medicine; astronomy; environmental research; and mathematics. PoachingFacts is proud to be a participant in BOINC projects that impact humanitarian and wildlife programs around the world.

Join Team PoachingFacts and start contributing to WCG today!