Sylverster, Cheetah in Zimbabwe

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Various interviews, documentaries, and related videos featuring wildlife and timber trade, the poaching crisis, news documentaries about front-line wildlife conservation.

Please be advised that these videos may contain graphic content.

Leopard on the tree (USGOV - Public Domain)

Leopard resting in a tree. (PD)


[Al Jazeera] The Poachers Pipeline (47m:38s)

[Al Jazeera] The Last Rhino (47m:26s)

[Channel 4] Black Mambas: South Africa’s all-female anti-poaching unit (03m:34s)

[Chengeta Wildlife] Anti-Poaching Stealthy Search – Rangers find weapons on poachers after a tip-off. (01m:05s)

[Chengeta Wildlife] Rory Young & Chengeta Wildlife Ranger Training Program (02m:33s)

[Chengeta Wildlife] Rory Young Speaks From The Heart (02m:24s)

[CITES] Rhinos Under Threat (28m:33s)

[EIA] SGSOC: The Wrong Project in the Wrong Place – Palm oil projects by Sithe Global Sustainable Oil Cameroon. (09m:45s)

[IAPF] 60 Minutes: Damien’s War IAPF’s Damien Mander featured in 60 Minutes’ “Damien’s War”

[IAPF] 60 Minutes: Jungle Warfare  IAPF featured in 60 Minutes’ “Jungle Warfare” documenting ivory poaching and the drones that will stop it. Graphic.

[IAPF] Kruger the Eastern Frontier

[IAPFModern Warrior: Damien Mander at TEDxSydney

[IAPFUN Great Apes Survival Summit: IAPF’s Damien Mander – Extreme Conservation

[IFAW] INTERPOL-IFAW Environmental Crime Training Programme (12m:57s)

[INTERPOL] IFAW-INTERPOL “Operation Lead” documentary (2012) in English (3m:16s)

[INTERPOL] IFAW-INTERPOL “Operation Wendi” documentary (2013) in English and in Française (10m:30s)

[NatGeo] Battle for the Elephants (series)

[NatGeo] The History of the Ivory Trade (02m:25s)

Charlie Rose: A discussion about elephant ivory in Africa with Patrick Bergin, Veronica Varekova and Marcus Asner.

Independent “I am a Ranger” short film. Ol Pejeta Conservancy.


Log trucks waiting to cross Laotian border. By EIA

Log trucks waiting to cross Laos-Vietnam border

with contraband wood, January 2008.

Source: EIA – Environmental Crime (pg 9).

[EIA] Deadly Game – The Origin of Tiger Skins Uncovered (08m:49s)

[EIAThe Dirty Secrets of Japan’s Illegal Ivory Trade (07m:45s)

[EIA] Rogue Traders – Indonesian government’s enforcement response to EIA’s report ‘Last Frontier‘ (2005). (09m:11s)

[EIA] Routes of Extinction Luxury furniture in China is driving illegal logging in Thailand.

[EIA] Sin City: Illegal Wildlife Trade in Laos’ Special Economic Zone

[PBS Nature] Siberian Tiger Quest  Full episode available for free to US viewers.

Inside an Elephant Capture  By Kalyan Varma – Live capture and translocation of Indian elephants. (04m:34s)


[EIA] Slayed in Iceland – The ongoing exploitation of endangered fin whales (03m:52s)

[OCCRP] Clear Cut Crimes – OCCRP documentary (42m:53s)

North America

[EIACollateral Damage: How illegal trade in totoaba swim bladders is driving the vaquita to extinction (05m:51s)

[UMinn] Lecture from Institute on the Environment at University of Minnesota: Is global wildlife trade a domestic One Health risk?

South America

[AJ] People & Power – Peru’s Rotten Wood (25m:00s)