Privacy Policy

PoachingFacts takes privacy and data security seriously. In addition to wanting to maintain the security of individuals and groups working on the front-lines of conservation, we also take measures to safeguard our user’s privacy and data. Only information strictly necessary to provide this website, its content, and its services are ever collected from our users. We do not store non-essential user data, harvest personal data, or share user information with outside organizations.

PoachingFacts does use GDPR-compliant third-party apps for contact forms, website statistics, mail delivery, and comments. By using these features you agree to our privacy policy and those of third-party apps. Please view the privacy policy and privacy notice of these apps.

Our data retention policy:

Anonymous data relating to your browser, internet protocol address, and operating system are all information typically gathered by web hosts to determine how to display a website to your unique computer. This information is kept for no more than 90 days and it is our policy to request our web host delete this data after 30 days.

To support our growth we may keep and maintain anonymized data relating to website traffic for a period of six months. This data does not include personally identifiable information and is used for statistical purposes only. Website traffic data includes pages visited on, external sites visited solely based on whether a link from led you there, the originating referrer (such as if you found our website using a search engine), and the search terms used to find our site. Search terms are also collected when using the internal search function of,, or our sister websites.

Incoming and outgoing emails are retained based on our strict document retention policy. Emails are removed from our United States-based servers within sixth months. As part of our email policy we retain an offline or print copy of all correspondence for a period dictated by the subject matter or contents of the email, as required by U.S. law or best practices. Emails relating to general correspondence or legal matters will be retained for a minimum of two years from the date of receipt or creation. All other emails and personal data will be deleted within six months.

Information we don’t collect:

We do not collect information on: age, gender, health, finances, ethnicity, race, secondary sex characteristics, sexual orientation, religion and political beliefs.

We will never ask for money, payment details, or personal information relating to monetary transactions. We do not process payments, sell goods or services, or fund-raise in any way, therefore no data relating to such transactions will ever be collected or shared.

Data request:

To opt-out of any non-essential data collection, receive a copy of any data we may be storing relating to you, or for any other inquiries, please send us a message.