Sylverster, Cheetah in Zimbabwe

Books on Flora, Fauna & Conservation

Reference books and encyclopedias on flora and fauna as well as authoritative books on various aspects of conservation and the people involved in shaping ecological and wildlife conservation efforts. Each entry includes the title, latest edition (if applicable), author(s), and the year of publication of the most recent edition.

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Note that some of these resources may be out of print or contain out of date information as more accurate information on wildlife species has been recently discerned. However all of these books have some value.

Flora and Fauna Reference Books & Resources


Birds of Africa: From Seabirds to Seed-Eaters by Chris Stuart (1999)

Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi by Terry Stevenson (2002)

Birds of East Asia: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Russia by Mark Brazil (2009)

Birds of Southern Africa (Fourth Edition) by Ian Sinclair, Phil Hockey, Warwick Tarboton, and Peter Ryan (2011)

Carnivores of the World (Princeton Field Guides) by Luke Hunter and Priscilla Barrett (2011)

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ornithology by Michael Brooke, Tim Birkhead (1991)

Mammal Species of the World, Third Edition by Don E. Wilson, DeeAnn M. Reeder (1993)

National Audubon Society Field Guide to African Wildlife by Peter C. Alden, et al. (1995)

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals by John O. Whitaker (1996)

Running Wild: Dispelling the Myths of the African Wild Dogs by John McNutt, Lesley Boggs, et. al. (1996)

Stuarts’ Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa by Chris and Tilde Stuart (2015)

The Gnu’s World: Serengeti Wildebeest Ecology and Life History by Richard D. Estes (2014)

The Living Elephants: Evolutionary Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation by R. Sukumar (2003)

The New Encyclopedia of Mammals by David W. Macdonald, Sasha Norris (2006)

The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals, Second Edition by Richard D. Estes (1999)

Walker’s Mammals of the Modern World, Sixth Edition. (2 Volumes) by Ronald M. Nowak (1999)


Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa by Braam van Wyk, Piet van Wyk. (2013)

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees: Eastern Region by Elbert L. Little, et al. (1980)

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees: Western Region by Elbert L. Little, et al. (1980)

Photo Guide to Trees of Southern Africa by Braam van Wyk, et al. (2012)

Books on Wildlife Trafficking, Poaching & Conservation

Killing for Profit: Exposing the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade by Julian Rademeyer (2012)

Run, Rhino, Run by Esmond Bradley Martin and and Chryssee Martin; photos by Mohamed Amin (1981)

The Last Rhinos: My Battle to Save One of the World’s Greatest Creatures by Lawrence Anthony, Graham Spence (2012)

To Save an Elephant: The Undercover Investigation Into the Illegal Ivory Trade by Allan Thornton & Dave Currey (1991)

Books on Wildlife Conservation & People in Conservation Roles

Babylon’s Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo by Lawrence Anthony, Graham Spence (2007)

Cry of the Kalahari by Mark and Delia Owens (1984)

Dying to be Free by Gareth Patterson (1998)

Elephant Dawn: The inspirational story of thirteen years living with elephants in the African wilderness (2016, First Edition)

Elephant Memories: Thirteen Years in the Life of an Elephant Family by Cynthia Moss (2000)

Last of the Free by Gareth Patterson (1994)

Love, Life, and Elephants: An African Love Story by Daphne Sheldrick (2012)

My Life with Leopards by Fransje van Riel (2012)

My Lion’s Heart: A Life for the Lions of Africa by Gareth Patterson (2014)

Soul of a Lion: One Woman’s Quest to Rescue Africa’s Wildlife Refugees by Barbara Bennett, Mariete van der Merwe (2010)

The Elephant Whisperer: Learning About Life, Loyalty and Freedom from a Remarkable Herd of Elephants by Lawrence Anthony, Graham Spence (2009)

The Elephant’s Secret Sense: The Hidden Life of the Wild Herds of Africa by Caitlin O’Connell (2007)

The Eye of the Elephant by Delia and Mark Owens (1992) – Also published as Survivor’s Song in the United Kingdom.

The Secret Elephants: The Rediscovery of the World’s Most Southerly Elephants by Gareth Patterson (2010)

The Wilderness Family: At Home with Africa’s Wildlife by Kobie Krüger (2001)

Wildlife Wars: My Fight to Save Africa’s Natural Treasures by Richard Leakey and Virginia Morell (2002)