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Wildlife Trafficking News Archive

This is a list of articles from around the world related to wildlife trafficking, animal parts trafficking, the impact of over-hunting and illegal hunting, and all forms of wildlife poaching and illegal fishing. The Wildlife Trafficking News Archive is meant to provide background or sources to the current wildlife trafficking situation and is listed in roughly reverse chronological order by year and month. Due to the number of more recent articles, years are grouped together and organized on separate pages.

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Articles from 2020

July 2020

Excess Baggage: How wildlife is trafficked by air in and out of India

Wildlife Traffickers Target Lion, Jaguar, and Leopard Body Parts as Tiger Substitutes

After canoe chase, Madagascar authorities seize 144 endangered tortoises

India: Assam foils rhino poaching bid in Kaziranga by arresting eight men with weapons

US hails conviction of Chinese citizen in Malawi

Wildlife Poaching Doubles in Uganda During COVID-19 Lockdown

Myanmar ponders what to do with its out-of-work elephants

A soldier and his accomplice arrested with 20kg of ivory in Oyo, Republic of Congo

Botswana is landlocked, but is still exporting shark fins

Greece: A win-win collaboration between livestock breeders and vultures in Kompsatos valley

Commentary: Securing India’s tiger habitats and natural assets for preventing future pandemics

Calls for swift action as hundreds of elephants die in Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Botswana Government Responds to Mysterious Death of Hundreds of Elephants

Investigation reveals illegal wildlife trade is rife in Eastern Europe – Conservationists are concerned that smugglers avoid scrutiny by moving wildlife products through a region with less stringent law enforcement.

Surveying for poison bait use in Albania – Potential accidental poisonings of vultures and other carrion birds.

June 2020

Egyptian Vulture family found dead in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountain in Bulgaria – Possibly poisoned bait.

Python Skin Jackets and Elephant Leather Boots: How wealthy Western nations help drive the global wildlife trade

Protecting Rhinos: A Kenyan Reserve Has Gone Digital

More Egyptian Vultures poisoned to death in the Canary Islands than previously thought

Did China really ban the pangolin trade? Not quite, investigators say

Elephants Without Borders: Study finds elephant poaching is still rife across Africa despite claims the situation is improving

Poaching in Northwestern Italy: Griffon Vulture shot and left in critical condition

India: Wild Tusker Successfully Radio-collared; Relocated to Mitigate Conflict in Tamil Nadu

Tanzania: JPM – Elephant, Rhino Numbers Increasing (alternate link) – President John Pombe Magufuli.

Botswana investigates 154 elephant deaths, rules out poaching

Crossing the Red Line: Weak Japanese legislation facilitates exotic pet smuggling with its associated health risks – Wildlife Trade Report from TRAFFIC.

Rare gorilla Rafiki killed by Uganda poachers – Eastern mountain gorilla.

China’s widely publicised new pangolin protections might not mean a total ban on use of the species

Namibia: More Than 1,790 Poaching Suspects Netted Over 2 Years

Tackling illegal wildlife poisoning to preserve the remaining Griffon Vulture population in Greece

How Namibia is outsmarting illegal wildlife traders

China moves to give full protection to native pangolins

China’s wildlife trade policy: What has changed since COVID-19?

Botswana Elephant Deaths Mystery Deepens as Toll Rises

May 2020

Mozambique: Two Poachers Sentenced to Six Years)

South Africa: Statistical models and ranger insights help identify patterns in elephant poaching

Kenya: Crocodile Kills Boy in Tharaka South (alternate link)

Botswana: Govt to Allow Farmers Keep Wildlife to Boost Agro-Tourism

Angola: Two People Die After Trying to Chop Up Elephant (alternate link)

Electrocuted in Turkey: Vultures and other soaring birds under threat

In Sri Lanka, bushmeat poachers haven’t let up during lockdown

South Africa: Park forced to de-horn rhino to curb poaching – Pilanesberg National Park.

Poaching in Indonesia’s biodiverse Leuser Ecosystem on the rise amid COVID-19

South Africa: Hundreds of North West rhinos dehorned in secret operation

Kenya and Tanzanian wildlife rangers in joint border operation to curb poaching

Poacher shot and killed reintroduced cinereous vulture Ultron in Bulgaira

South Africa’s Live Wild Animal Trade to China Exposed

South Africa: 16 arrested for illegal hunting on Eastern Cape farm

John Slattery, Member of Notorious Crime Syndicate ‘Rathkeale Rovers,’ Has Finally Been Extradited to the US to Face Charges Related to Rhino Horn Trafficking

United States: Michigan Man Charged with 125 Wildlife Crimes Allegedly Killed Wolves, Bald Eagles

Turtle Day: Shining the Spotlight on West Africa’s Disappearing Turtles

China Offers Buyouts to Wildlife Farmers in Response to Pandemic

NSEFU Food for Guns Program

Leonardo DiCaprio Joins DR Congo Gorilla Park Campaign After Attack on Virunga National Park Last Month That Left 17 Dead

Widlife trafficking harms animals and human health – the case of pangolins – UNODC article and report.

South Africa: Four Caught in Possession of a Rhino Horn and Protected Plants – Western Cape, ZA.

Chinese Boat That Dumped Indonesian Crews at Sea Was Also Shark-Finning: Reports

Anti-poaching drive brings Siberia’s tigers back from brink

Chinese nationals charged over illegal possession of elephant penises

Wildlife gets helping hand, continues to thrive

Rare one-horned rhino killed as poaching attempts increase amid India Coronavirus Lockdown

After Lull of 13 Months, Poachers Kill Rhino in Assam’s Kaziranga; Steal Horn

Ranger Life on Long Patrol – Wildlife Alliance rangers in Cambodia.

On Patrol in Namibia: Tracking black rhinos

There Are No Winners in the Illegal Trade in Wildlife: An interview with Ivonne Higuero, Secretary-General, CITES

Authorities seize record 26 tons of illegal shark fins in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s biggest shark fin seizure ever recovers 26 tonnes

Pangolins being sold on Facebook despite international ban, potential link to coronavirus

How Covid-19 threatens Africa’s wildlife: Park rangers in Africa say the closure of safari tourism is leading to an increase in poaching.

As COVID-19 Response Batters Sales, Indonesia’s Shark Fishery Gets a Respite

Experts warn on fragile healthcare in Africa to deal with coronavirus

Nepal: Musk Deer Poachers Arrested

Wildlife crimes: Hong Kong supermarkets found selling endangered animals

April 2020

Namibia: Rhino Carcasses Found in Kunene Region (alternate link)

Lack Of Tourism Opens Up New Challenges In Rhino Conservation

Rwanda’s Akagera National Park Thrives Thanks to Community-Led Anti-Poaching Drive

Congo-Kinshasa: Attack On DRC’s Virunga National Park Kills At Least 17

12 Rangers Among 17 Killed in Congo Park Ambush

Team Rhino’s Actions Help Seal a Victory for South Africa’s Skukuza Court, Rangers, and Rhinos

UN flags role of China’s traditional medicine in global demand for trafficked pangolin scales

What is the wildlife trade? And what are the answers to managing it?

South Africa: Confusion over rhino poaching numbers continues

What, when, where? Rigorous investigation answers important questions about illegal wildlife poisoning in Serbia

Pompeo: U.S. calls on China to permanently close wildlife wet markets

Australia calls on G20 nations to end wet wildlife markets over coronavirus concerns

Stopping illegal markets in Vietnam

Before the Next Pandemic, an Ambitious Push to Catalog Viruses in Wildlife

Wildlife trafficking harms animals and human health: the case of Pangolins – UNODC preliminary report on wildlife trafficking focuses on Pangolins. The chapter is available here (PDF).

Wildlife trafficking soars as illegal dealers use unchecked hubs in southern Africa. – The role of aircraft cargo in trafficking wildlife products.

Stopping the wildlife trade is a key to controlling coronaviruses

COVID-19 – A Blessing for Pangolins? – Conservation and awareness of their poaching and trafficking.

Vietnam: Legal loopholes hinder Việt Nam’s efforts in wildlife protection (alternate link)

Fears of rise in poaching amid pandemic poverty

India: Amid lockdown, poachers eye rhino horns

Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 lockdown sets wildlife free but raises poaching threat

Chinese ban on eating wild animals likely to become law: Q&A with WCS’s Aili Kang

Poaching, not coronavirus, is the bigger threat, says tiger expert

Poachers Kill More Rhinos as Coronavirus Halts Tourism to Africa

Poachers kill more rhinos as coronavirus halts tourism to Africa

Ban wildlife markets to avert pandemics, says UN biodiversity chief

Chinese customs seize 2kg of wildlife products (alternate link) – Approximately 4.4 pounds.

South Africa: Fisheries Allowed to Catch Snoek (alternate link)

Namibia: 12 Elephants, 45 Rhinos Poached in 2019 (alternate link)

A new project in Albania nurses poisoned wildlife back to health

Botswana Kills Five Suspected Poachers in Effort to Save Rhinos

Kenya: Closure of Masai Mara leaves wildlife vulnerable

Botswana: Five Poachers Die in Exchange of Fire With BDF (alternate link)

South Africa: The Captive Lion Breeding Industry Puts Conservation and Public Health At Risk (alternate links 1 & 2)

‘Titanic challenge’ for an Italian hospital rescuing sea turtles from plastic

As pangolin trade heats up, Nigeria urged to do more to crack down

Road project in economically deprived Indonesian region threatens wildlife habitat

March 2020

Namibia: Sixteen Arrested for Poaching (alternate link)

Malaysia Makes Massive Seizure of Pangolin Scales – Roughly six tonnes of pangolin scales seized, smuggling syndicate smashed.

South Africa: 5 Arrested in Northern Cape for ‘Illegally Hunting’ Kudu, Gemsbok and Wildebeest (alternate link)

Ending Wildlife Markets and Consumption – WildAid partners with Wildlife Conservation Network’s Pangolin Crisis Fund.

Vietnam Considers Wildlife Trade Ban in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Prevent poisoning: leave lead ammunition to history – Lead ammunition has led to elevated toxicity levels and death in animals and birds.

Zimbabwe: Three suspected rhino poachers found with pesticide denied bail

John E. Scanlon, Special Envoy of African Parks: To end wildlife crime global responses must move with the times. (alternate link)

South Africa hunts killers of top rhino-poaching investigator – Lt. Col. Leroy Brewer was murdered in an ambush.

South Africa: Alleged rhino poachers run scared in KwaZulu-Natal, flee into bushes – Authorities seized “unlicensed .303 rifle with 10 rounds of ammunition, three knives and rope.”

What does it take to increase rhino populations?

Coronavirus and the ‘Pangolin Effect’: Increased exposure to wildlife poses health, biosafety and global security risks

Griffon Vultures in Messolonghi, Greece, tagged with GPS transmitters to track their movements and help tackle wildlife poisoning

Research review: A review of secondary pentobarbital poisoning in scavenging wildlife, companion animals and captive carnivores

Conservationists set the record straight on COVID-19’s wildlife links

Rare white giraffes killed by poachers in Kenya

Kenya: Poachers kill two rare white giraffes

As Guinea-Bissau records mass vulture deaths, poisoning is main suspect

Recent illegal wildlife poisoning in Serbia kills birds and mammals

Intentional poisoning of wildlife is now a crime in Albania

Mozambique Launches Anti-Poaching Campaign

Why poaching has decreased dramatically in Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve (alternate link)

Commentary: Poaching and the problem with conservation in Africa

February 2020

Africa Risks Virus Outbreak From Wildlife Trade

Bid to get ‘aquatic wild meat’ off the menu and under protection – Bushmeat and its seawater and freshwater fish, reptiles, and amphibian equivalents.

Coronavirus closures reveal vast scale of China’s secretive wildlife farm industry

China beefs up wildlife trade ban as COVID-19 outbreak intensifies

Small steps aim to make a large ocean safer for rays

International Rhino Foundation’s Open Letter Calls for Stronger Wildlife Trade Enforcement in Vietnam

Painted wolves released after rescue – Also known as African wild dogs or painted dogs.

Burning and bullets: Forest fires push Bornean orangutans into harm’s way

Coronavirus and Rhino Horn – A joint statement by Int’l Rhino Foundation and Save The Rhinos says there are no links between the coronavirus and rhino horn.

Recent wildlife poisoning in Croatia left many animal casualties

Mass poisoning causes a heavy blow to the largest colony of Griffon Vultures in mainland Greece

January 2020

Articles from 2019

December 2019

November 2019

Malaysia’s last Sumatran rhinoceros dies

World’s Rangers Face Wide-Ranging Challenges – Nepal and other countries.

Sumatran rhinoceros now extinct in Malaysia, say zoologists

Using ‘chilli balls’ to reduce human-elephant conflict in Zambia – Private lodge speaks to efficacy of elephant-deterrent.

Illegal bird smuggling operation intercepted leading to release of thousands of Indonesian birds – FLIGHT, Change for Animals Foundation, and Animals Asia operating with local authorities.

Congratulations to Carlos Lopes Pereira – Carlos Lopes Pereira, a member of the IUCN SSC African Rhino Specialist Group, has been instrumental in securing convictions for wildlife traffickers in Mozambique.

WCS Statement on Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Winning the Tusk Conservation Award – The Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa

Pangolins Are a Victim of Political Instability in South Sudan

Using ‘chilli balls’ to reduce human-elephant conflict in Zambia

WCS Issues Statement on the Unjust Sentencing of Innocent Wildlife Conservationists Imprisoned in Iran

Mozambique’s newly empowered rangers, courts catch up with poachers, loggers

Zoohackathon 3.0 generates winning ideas to end wildlife trafficking

TRAFFIC warns of European Eel trafficking surge as fishing season gets underway

Massive Wildlife Survey in Tanzania Points to Elephant Recovery In Key Landscape

Three WCS Rangers Win “African Ranger Award”

South Africa struggles to manage wildlife ranching: why it’s a problem – The private wildlife trade.

‘I am scared all the time’: Chimps and people are clashing in rural Uganda

‘I’m here to save Mother Nature’ – meet the man battling poachers in Zambia!

Mussel species that invaded Southeast Asian waters now appears in India

India’s Ganga River dolphins are being shouted down by noisy boats

Safer at sea: The unexpected benefit of traceability for small-scale fishers

Global trafficking threat catches up to Sri Lanka’s endangered pangolins

Can a national management plan halt Madagascar’s shark decline?

Massive Wildlife Survey in Tanzania Points to Elephant Recovery In Key Landscape

Scientists Plan to Flood Black Market with Fake Rhino Horn to Reduce Poaching

Emergency care for black rhinos in Laikipia

WCS on the First High Level Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade in the Americas (English and Spanish)

Mischaracterizing the conservation benefits of trade (commentary)

Scientists create fake rhino horn from horse hair

Facebook and Instagram posts help locate pygmy seahorses in Taiwan

Ban on destructive fishing practice helps species recovery in Indonesian park

Nigeria: Six Elephants Fitted with GPS/Satellite Collars in August/September to Further Reinforce Ongoing Protection Efforts in Yankari Game Reserve

South Africa: Additional equipment helping uMkhuze’s rangers to protect rhinos

October 2019

Today is the fourth anniversary of Hercules John’s rescue and with it the end of bear bile farming in Quang Ninh province in Vietnam

Mombasa seaport stakeholders agree on measures to address illegal wildlife trade

Saving the Vaquita: New Promises and New Threats

Kenya: Firearm, Bullets and Magazine Recovered; Two Suspects Arrested in Crackdown

Kenya: Zambian Woman on Transit Through JKIA Arrested with Ivory

Zimbabwe: Overcoming challenges with the Lowveld Rhino Trust – LRT encounters poaching, other obstacles to wildlife conservation.

TRAFFIC warns of illegal trapping, trade and utilisation of owls around Diwali

An update on the bear bile trade in Peninsular Malaysia

United States: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, File 102 large animals illegally poached in Utah since August, wildlife officials say

2019 State of the Rhino Report: Efforts in India and Nepal lead to increases in the numbers of the greater one-horned rhino

Two rhinos poached within a week in Botswana

New ID tools to help curb illegal trade of tortoises and freshwater turtles in India launched

2019 State of the Rhino: Poaching pressure continues to increase, impacting African rhino species

2019 State of the Rhino Report: 10-Year Improvement in World Rhino Populations Offers Cautious Hope

Big Indian Star Tortoise seizure Malaysia

Vietnamese-American TV and film star and entrepreneur Maggie Q returns to Vietnam to visit our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre

Rare Birds, Animals Under Threat From Amulet Craze, Campaigners Warn

Sumatra survey looks to identify at-risk rhinos for captive breeding

TRAFFIC and FIATA Launch Digital Course for Freight Forwarders to Prevent Wildlife Trafficking

Report links major brands to illegal oil palm plantation in orangutan haven – Brands include Nestlé, Kellogg’s and Hershey.

Study tracks first incursion of poachers into ‘pristine’ African fores

Customs and police officers in Namibia receive port scanner training on wildlife contraband

Building capacity for the sustainable production and trade in CITES Appendix-II listed Jatamansi

Finally, Latin America is tackling wildlife trafficking (commentary)

Bid to breed Sumatran rhino is handicapped by bureaucratic ‘quibbling’

Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles Under Siege

Kenya: KWS Calls for New Ways to Stop Declining Carnivore Numbers

First High-Level Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade in the Americas to be Held This Week in Peru

September 2019

India: A wild sloth bear trapped in a snare rescued from Bellary

ACPA helps provide medical care for confiscated dogs following the largest ever bust of a dog theft ring by Vietnamese police

Vietnam: Back to school outdoor learning about herbal alternatives to bear bile

Public pressure is building against buffalo fighting in Vietnam

TWIGA Tracker in Kenya: Using modern technology to save reticulated giraffe and their habitat in northern Kenya.

Strides in Assisted Reproductive Techniques for Rhinoceros: What do they Signify?

Scientists have successfully created Northern white rhino embryos

Kenya: First ever in-vitro embryos may mark the turn of the tide in the fate of the nearly extinct northern white rhino

Monitoring and protecting Javan and Sumatran rhinos with Rhino Protection Units

Malawi sentences pangolin smugglers, cracks down on wildlife crime

Where Do Rhinos Stand After CITES CoP 18?

Laos: Five bear cubs rescued in a day!

Lion pride kills more than 40 goats in Namibia, in two separate attacks

Leopards in Namibia – latest population census results

August 2019

Indoneisa: Poachers reeling as crackdown uncovers four illegal songbird shipments in a week – Operation involving FLIGHT in partnership with Animals Asia.

Death on the Brahmaputra: The rhino, the rangers, and the usual suspects

The Pan Borneo Highway on a collision course with elephants

With record support, rhino rays and world’s fastest sharks get new trade protections

Jumping the Shark: The Decline of the North Atlantic’s Shortfin Mako

The Pan Borneo Highway could divide threatened wildlife populations

Giraffe trade to be monitored, strictly regulated – CITES CoP18 uplists giraffes to Appendix II.

Snow leopard population overestimated in Nepal? DNA study suggests it may be

Africa: 18th Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention On International Trade in Endangered Species – CITES CoP18.

Namibia: Namibia Sticks to Its Guns On Ivory Trade (alternate link)

Botswana: Elephant Protection Society Promotes Co-Existence (alternate link)

Africa: To Trade or Not to Trade? The Ivory Question (alternate link)

Mozambique: Elephant Population Now Said to Be Stable

Africa: China Is Proving Key to Reducing Africa’s Wildlife Trafficking (alternate link)

Zimbabwe: Rhino Poaching Syndicate Smashed (alternate link) – Two arrested, three remain at large.

California cracks down on poaching in marine protected areas, but small-time anglers slip under the radar

The Thick Gray Line: Forest Elephants Defend Against Climate Change

From tusks to tails, nations eye trade in endangered species

Zimbabwe: Showdown As Cites Conference Opens in Geneva (alternate link)

Africa: Urgent Action Plan Needed for Africa’s Oceans, Seychelles’ President Tells Continent’s Leaders (alternate link)

South Africa Pushes for Trade in Endangered Wildlife (alternate link)

Kenya: Hippo Kills Woman in Yatta, Machakos (alternate link)

UN Bans Sending Baby Elephants from Wild to Zoos and Circuses

Elephants top agenda at conservation conference – CITES CoP18.

South Africa: Joburg Zoo Threatens to Sue Animal Rights Group Over ‘Distressed’ Elephants Video – Johannesburg.

South Africa: Three Alleged Rhino Horn Syndicate Masterminds Arrested

South Africa: Three Suspects Arrested for Dealing in Rhino Horns (alternate link)

Namibia: Man Nabbed for Possession of Elephant Tusk, Rhino Horn (alternate link)

More Vulnerable Than Vicious, Sharks Need CITES Protection

Endangered Species: Here are the USA’s most endangered animals

250 starving lions found in raid on trophy hunting farm

One proven method to resolve human wildlife conflict with elephants

Poacher gets 37 years for killing mom and baby rhino

Is the Rhino Horn Trade a Cartel? Economic Analysis Suggests it Works Like One

Singapore to ban domestic trade in elephant ivory in two years

Big cat trade driven by demand for traditional Asian medicine, according to report

Is the rhino horn trade a cartel? Economic analysis suggests it works like one

Elephant skin sales rapidly mounting: The illegal trade in Asian elephant skins—for jewelry and traditional medicine—has expanded across Southeast Asia.

AWF Donates Evidence Room to Kenya Wildlife Service – African Wildlife Foundation.

Kenya: CS Balala Activates the ‘Ivory Trade is a Rip-Off’ Awareness Campaign at JKIA

South Africa: Banks Must Help Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade (alternate link)

South Africa: Court Victory for NSPCA Over Welfare of Captive Lions, Bone Exports (alternate link)

South Africa: Two Suspects Arrested in Hermanus With Abalone Valued More Than R3.9 Million (alternate link)

July 2019

Kenya: Two Men Arrested With 183kgs of Elephant Tusks Valued At Sh18 Million (alternate link) – $173,000 in 2019 dollars.

Advancing our gorilla protection project in Congo & Gabon – Aspinall Foundation.

Plunder in the Wild: We need to scale up on pangolin protection

Singapore seizes elephant ivory and pangolin scales in record $48 million haul – Estimated 300 elephants; destined for Vietnam.

Bear bile farming – 2019 status – Free The Bears Foundation.

Wildlife Changing Too Slowly to Survive Climate Change

Pangolins seized in Canada for 1st time as part of anti-poaching probe

The Kenyan centre saving endangered chimpanzees – Video on Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Nanyuki, Kenya.

Ballet and Rhinos in the African Bush

Global Operation Thunderball Grabs Wildlife Criminals

‘Let us trade’: Debate over ivory sales rages ahead of CITES summit

Indonesia: Wildlife traffickers caught in operation involving speedboats, hidden compartments and corrupt officials

Worldwide Smuggling Crackdown “Operation Thunderball” Rescues Endangered Wildlife

Most widespread wildlife crime raid ever sweeps across more than 100 countries – Operation Thunderball.

Another Reason to Protect Elephants: Frogs Love Their Feet

Poachers Are Invading Botswana, Last Refuge of African Elephants

Japan resumes commercial whaling for first time in 30 years

First Whales Caught as Japan Resumes Commercial Hunt After 30 Years

India: Smugglers on the prowl in Assam jungles in search of juvenile elephants

June 2019

Wildlife trafficking: organized crime hit hard by joint INTERPOL-WCO global enforcement operation – Operation Thunderball.

Black rhino dies on way to release in Tanzania

New Short Film “Sides of a Horn” Details Wrenching Impact of Illegal Rhino Horn Trade on Families

Deadlier than guns: Explosive bait haunts Sri Lanka’s elephants

In the Alaska-Yukon wilderness, wildlife crime fighters face a daunting task

From a poacher’s grip back into the wild; five Vulnerable turtles are rescued by rangers

Conservation efforts for giant South American river turtles have protected 147,000 females

Southern Africa: Zimbabwe to Donate Elephants, Lions to Angola – President (alternate link)

Southern Africa: Let’s End Human-Wildlife Conflict, Say SADC Leaders (alternate link)

Which animals should live or die on Australia’s long list of threatened species?

Rwanda: Five Black Rhinos Arrive in Rwanda From Europe (alternate link)

Rhinos From Czech Zoo Go Back to the Wild in Rwanda (alternate link)

Tanzania: Two Jailed 20 Years Over Elephant Tusks (alternate link)

Chinese nationals arrested in US after smuggling totoaba swim bladders worth $3.7 million from Mexico

Critically endangered vultures poisoned en masse in Botswana

500 Vultures Killed in Botswana by Poachers’ Poison, Government Says

Mongolia’s snow leopards: the woman who took on the mining industry and won

Gambia: Sea Turtles Face Threat From Eight Million Plastic Thrown in the Ocean (alternate link)

Mozambique: Zero elephants poached in a year in top Africa wildlife park – In Niassa NP/EP.

How one woman took on Mongolia’s mining industry to save the snow leopards

Poaching of endangered sea cumbers for Asian markets thrives in southern India, with 3,500 kg seized in 2018 that officials agree is just the tip of an iceberg – 7,700 pounds.

Importance of Enrichments for the Welfare of Animals in Captivity – Commentary by Wildlife SOS.

Researchers and customs officials unite to fight wildlife trafficking using eDNA

The Great Insect Dying: Vanishing act in Europe and North America

Why more women should be included in the leadership of Virunga National Park (commentary)

For artisanal fishers, fish fences are an easy, but problematic, option

Kenya: Elephants Disrupt Learning in Voi Schools (alternate link)

Cameroon: Villagers Flee Lion Attacks Amid Human-Wildlife Conflict

Frogs Find Refuge in Elephant Tracks – New study suggests.

Kenya: Marauding Elephants Trample Man to Death in Meru (alternate link)

Illicit trade in reptiles: hundreds of seizures and arrests in global operation – Operation Blizzard.

The Great Insect Dying: A global look at a deepening crisis

May 2019

Poaching threatens South America’s only bear species

NGOs Buy Grazing Rights to Protect Argentina’s Species

Mass die-offs of puffins in Alaska may be linked to climate change

South Africa: How We Found Out That Rat Poisons Are Killing Wildlife in Cape Town

The world’s biggest reptile fair is also a hub for traffickers

Rare rhino’s death should light a fire under Indonesia

More Than 40,000 Acres of Critical Wildlife Habitat to be Protected in the Spectacular Payunia Reserve of Argentina

South Africa: Brave ranger who saved colleague from leopard attack honoured posthumously (alternate link)

Community conservation in Namibia requires balance and understanding (commentary)

What is magic without ape parts? Inside the illicit trade devastating Nigeria’s apes

Altered forests threaten sustainability of subsistence hunting

Vets rule out poaching and disease in recent death of rare Javan rhino

Otter cafés and ‘cute pets craze’ fuel illegal trafficking in Japan and Indonesia

Conservation groups concerned as WHO recognizes traditional Chinese medicine

Underwater ultrasound scanner to support manta conservation

Mourning Tam: Sabah’s Last Male Sumatran Rhino

Last male rhino in Malaysia dies

Malaysia’s last male rhino is fading fast, officials say

For India’s imperiled apes, thinking locally matters

Poaching is sending the shy, elusive pangolin to its doom

Sam Wasser pours his intense passion for protecting wildlife into research and catching poachers (alternate link)

Eastern and Horn of Africa States agree to enhance cooperation and forge a common front in combating wildlife and forestry crime in the region

Bauxite mining and Chinese dam push Guinea’s chimpanzees to the brink

Monitoring hack shines a light on fishing boats operating under cover of dark

Elephants pay the price for politics (alternate link)

Changes in Subsistence Hunting Threaten Local Food Security

Red colobus conservation in Zanzibar: A cautiously optimistic tale

Canopy-dwelling rainforest mammals most sensitive to human disturbance

Tiger farms in Laos fuel demand for tiger parts on black market (alternate link)

Using the Cloud to Identify Giraffes on the Ground

India: Leopard Cub Escapes a Deadly Fate as Wildlife SOS Rescues it from a 45-ft Deep Well

The Bureau of the Lusaka Agreement calls for increased support to the Lusaka Agreement Task Force in the fight against transnational organized wildlife Crime

Wildebeest migrations in East Africa face extinction. What must be done (alternate link)

Social media enables the illegal wildlife pet trade in Malaysia

Elephant Kills British Soldier in Malawi – Soldier was on counter-poaching operation.

Kenya: False Torture Claims Against KWS Rangers – KWS responds to allegations of past violence against members of nearby communities.

In Ethiopia, a community leans on customs to save an antelope from extinction

Radio drama encourages Belizean fishers to follow the rules

‘Landscape of fearlessness’: bushbuck emboldened following top-predator decline in Mozambique

In Indonesia, bigger catches for a fishing village protecting its mangroves

Illegal logging poised to wipe Cambodian wildlife sanctuary off the map

It’s now or never for Madagascar’s biodiversity, experts say

India: Leopard Cubs and Harvest Season in Maharashtra

Javan Rhino Found Dead- But There’s Still Hope for the Species

Mobile app encourages Indian fishers to free entangled whale sharks

April 2019

An epic Pacific survey reveals mixed fortunes for green and hawksbill turtles

Hope for Harapan: Saving Sumatran Rhinos – Captive breeding and conservation.

Javan rhino found dead in Indonesia, bringing global population down to 68

Large emperor penguin colony suffers ‘catastrophic’ breeding failure

Creating a high-tech island to save one of the world’s rarest birds

‘Judas’ snakes lead scientists on a high-tech Easter egg hunt for pythons

Indonesia trains its citizens to deal with sea-mammal strandings

Virus may have caused mysterious foot disease in Chile’s rare huemul deer

Camera trap study finds a threatened high-elevation mammal community in Peru

Rhino Populations At the Tipping Point

How Kenya’s Push for Development Is Threatening Its Famed Wild Lands

Study documents how Sri Lanka’s protected reptiles are traded as pets

Community buy-in stamps out elephant poaching in Zambian park

The extinction clock ticks for the little-known Philippine pangolin

On one island, a microcosm of Vietnam’s environmental challenges

Chinese clam poachers making ‘thousands of dollars’ while destroying entire reef — expert

Lift-off for thermal-imaging system to estimate wildlife populations

Rise in crocodile sightings linked to habitat degradation in Indonesia

China seizes over 2,700 elephant tusks in massive bust

Singapore: Second 12-tonne haul of pangolin scales seized in less than a week

From Australia to Africa, fences are stopping Earth’s great animal migrations

Indonesia Communities Helping the Sumatran Rhino

Last known female Yangtze giant softshell turtle dies in China

Conservation may offer common ground in Afghan conflict

To rescue Sumatran rhinos, Indonesia starts by counting them first

Facing Down A Crisis – Rhinos worldwide.

Solving the mystery of the UK’s vanishing hen harriers

Human pressure on the Serengeti’s fringes threatens the wildlife within

No rhino census this year as Nepal runs short of funds for survey

Kenya on the brink of acquitting ivory trafficker number four (commentary)

Indonesia creates three marine protected areas within Coral Triangle

Belize to nearly triple area under strict marine protected areas

Seizure of 14 Tons of Pangolin Scales in Singapore Sets a Dismal Record

Fishing for sharks in Honduras’s sanctuary seas: Q&A with biologist Gabriela Ochoa

Planning without action will see the Javan rhino go extinct (commentary)

Zimbabwe: Game rangers kill three poachers in Save Valley gun fight: police

Singapore: Record $52m worth of pangolin scales seized in Pasir Panjang

Indonesia arrests 7 for allegedly selling Komodo dragons over Facebook

Human population boom led to Madagascar’s megafauna extinction: Study

Costa Rica: Audio: Debunking myths about sloths is crucial to stopping the sloth crisis

March 2019

Tanzania: Serengeti Police Warns Village Game Scouts Over Poaching (alternate link)

World’s largest ivory seizure: Over nine tonnes of ivory seized in Da Nang, Vietnam

Kenya: China Partners With Kenya to Combat Wildlife, Trophies Trafficking (alternate link)

41 rhinos dead in nine months at Chitwan National Park

South Africa: Swift End to Nearly 10-Year Rhino Poaching Trial (alternate link)

Sea turtle shell trade much bigger than scientists suspected

Man Arrested After Drugged Orangutan Is Found in Indonesian Airport

Japan to tighten controls on ivory market amid international criticism

Majestic predators stage a comeback in Russia’s Far East

India: It’s Cub Season in Maharashtra, Two Baby Leopards Rescued in One Day

Extinction Looms for World’s Smallest Porpoise

Life as an African game bodyguard: “protecting elephants and fighting poachers is even more depressing than people realize”

Rescued Bears Finally Get Their Happily-Ever-After Moment Following Rescue From Bile Farm Hell

Anger over green light given to lion farms (translated from Afrikaans)

A plea to Botswana: Please rethink a “Not Enough Fences” approach (commentary)

India: Turf War Leads to Leopards Falling into a 50-Foot Deep Well in Maharashtra

India: The Jaws of Death; Leopard Rescued from Jaw Trap set up by Poachers in Maharashtra

India: Another Heartfelt Reunion Of a Lost Leopard Cub and its Mother in Maharashtra

Philippines customs find more than 1,500 live turtles in suitcases

Activists fighting to save orangutan habitat from dam unfazed by legal setback

Trouble in Botswana’s elephant paradise as poaching said to rise

February 2019

Tanzania: Editorial – Anti-Poaching Drive On Track

Botswana elephant poaching ‘no hoax’

88 dead elephants discovered in poaching hot spots in Botswana

Elephant tusks enter Vietnam in scrap containers

South Africa: Lions, Tigers and Bears – Wildlife Trafficking in the Age of Globalisation

Tanzania: Chinese ‘Queen of Ivory’ sentenced to 15 years in jail for tusk trafficking – Yang Feng Lan.

Tanzania: ‘Ivory Queen’ Yang Feng Glan, Trafficking Accomplices Handed 15-Year Prison Terms – Yang Feng Lan.

India-Nepal agreement to boost transborder conservation of rhinos, tigers

Report: Turkish carrier is ‘poacher’s airline of choice’ for parrot trade

Tanzania: 25 Giraffe Slaughtered in Loliondo, Says Probe Report

Op-Ed: South Africa: Where Wild Things Are Under Threat, Wildlife Trade Needs to Be Dealt With

Tanzania: Man Held for Allegedly Cutting Off Village Leader’s Head in Anti-Poaching Wrangle

Tanzania Court Convicts ‘Ivory Queen’ for Trafficking Elephant Tusks – Yang Feng Lan.

Tanzanian Court Sentences Chinese ‘Ivory Queen’ to 15 Years for Smuggling – Yang Feng Lan.

Nepal court blocks road construction in rhino stronghold of Chitwan Park

Sri Lanka gets its first data-based elephant distribution map

Hong Kong seizes $1m worth of rhino horn

Hong Kong snares record haul of rhino horns from South Africa

Nigeria: Customs Gets Forensic Toolkits to Counter Illicit Trade in Wildlife

Rhino deaths plunge in SA on anti-poaching drive

2018 Rhino Poaching Stats For South Africa Announced

DRC’s Virunga to welcome visitors again after 8-month closure

Graphic anti-wildlife-trafficking campaign tackles Vietnam’s pangolin problem

Massive pangolin seizure in Borneo smuggling operation bust

Protected species rescued as Indonesian hotel is struck by second wildlife raid

India: Chhattisgarh Wild Elephant Radio-Collaring Project: An attempt to collar the Tuskers

Nicaragua crisis takes an environmental toll with plunder of turtle eggs

Pakistan Fights to Save the Adorable and Endangered Pangolin

Tried and True Methods – Boots on the Ground – Best anti-poaching methods.

Zimbabwe: Baby elephants torn from mothers and shipped 7,000 miles to China

Indonesia rescues captive orangutans, but leaves their owners untouched

Doc ‘Sea of Shadows’ featuring EAL wins Sundance Film Festival

Conservation couture: Batik artisans make rhinos a fashion statement

Fries with that shark? U.K. chippies found selling threatened species

Urbanization in Asia provides a window of hope for tigers, study finds

How wildlife traffickers exploit Chinese New Year

Tech prize encourages solutions to threats from invasive species

Exit the dragons: Mexico tackles trafficking of endangered lizards

Pangolins: Hong Kong finds ‘record’ haul of scales in shipping container – 2,100kg of ivory tusks also found in same shipment.

January 2019

Ivory and pangolin scales smuggling bust in Uganda

Wildlife rangers in DRC park report waning motivation, job satisfaction

Camera traps and customary wisdom help redefine bear conservation

Female anti-poaching squads making a difference in Zimbabwe and SA

Meet Dozer – A New Soldier in Fight to Save Rhinos from Poachers

Bans on the bird trade in South America yield mixed results

Rhinos or roads? Nepal deals with a tricky balancing act

New species of leaf-mimicking lizard could already be victim of pet trade

In Sumatra, a lone elephant leads rescuers on a cat-and-mouse chase

Tanzania creates new reserve to protect rare colobus monkeys and trees

Latam Eco Review: Pirate fishers in the Caribbean and many new reserves created

Namibia: Two Men Denied Bail for Possession of Four Elephant Tusks

Cambodia: Wildlife Crime unit busts wildlife meat traders and rescues live turtles

Asiatic black bear cubs rescued from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam

China busts major ivory trafficking gang following EIA investigation

Indonesia: Faceook post leads N. Sumatra police to alleged poacher

In Malta, Legal Loopholes Give Poachers Cover to Hunt Migratory Birds

South Africa: Mokonyane Hails Seizure of Rhino Horn Pieces Worth R23 Million at OR Tambo – Minister of Environmental Affairs Nomvula Mokonyane.

South Africa: Rhino Horn Worth Millions Seized At OR Tambo Before Take Off to Dubai – Worth over $1.3 Million (£1 Million; R23,200,000).

South Africa: Sniffer dog finds 116kg of rhino horn – Worth over $1.3 Million (£1 Million; R23,200,000).

Protecting India’s fishing villages: Q&A with ‘maptivist’ Saravanan

‘Everything’s moving’: Indonesia seeks global pushback on illegal fishing

New AI Camera Helps Conservationists Spot Elephant Poachers

She bragged to a man on a dating app about poaching deer. He was a game warden.

Indonesia confiscated some 200 pet cockatoos. What happened to them?

Vietnam’s illegal ivory market continues to thrive, report finds

Wildlife trafficking cases continue to increase in Vietnam

Wildlife trafficking still at serious levels in Vietnam

Illegal Trade in Trophies Now Goes Online

Mammoth DNA found in Cambodia market items

Peter Matthiessen’s “The Snow Leopard” in the Age of Climate Change

Articles from 2018

December 2018

Peter Matthiessen’s “The Snow Leopard” in the Age of Climate Change

Kenya: Elephant poaching reduces by 50% to 40 cases in 2018 – KWS

French Tech Firm Sigfox Develops Tiny Tracker to Help Fight Rhino Poaching

WCS Statement on the UK Ivory Ban – the Ivory Act of 2018

Senegal: 3 Traffickers Arrested With More Than 500 Wildlife Skins

Vietnam: Wildlife hunting in Gia Lai continues as enforcement remains weak

Zimbabwe: 7 Chinese Caught With $1m Rhino Horn Pieces

Tanzania to probe mysterious deaths of elephants

Uganda: Pupil dies of suspected elephant attack in Oyam

Cambodia: Cruel Wildlife Trapping

Kenya: Prevent elephant deaths

Lobster season closed again in Seychelles due to poaching, dwindling population

Southern Africa: Poachers Never Rest – So Neither Do We – IAPF operation.

Cameroon: 5 traffickers arrested with 45kg pangolin scales – 1 escaped.

DR Congo: The crime behind the chaos

South Africa: Field Ranger Killed in Musth Elephant Attack At Madikwe Game Reserve

Kenya: 26 Elephants Die in Maasai Mara in 90 Days – Report – Report can be viewed here.

Africa: Wildlife groups join hands to fight ivory trade

Zimbabwe Relocates Elephants to Ease Congestion

Zimbabwe Relocates Elephants to Poacher-Ravaged Park

Senegal: 3 Traffickers Arrested With More Than 500 Wildlife Skins

Cameroon: 5 traffickers arrested with 45kg pangolin scales – 1 escaped.

Wild animal meat trading rampant in Gia Lai restaurants – (alternate link)

Cambodia Seizes Record Three-Tonne Haul of African Ivory

Cambodia makes record breaking ivory haul at port

Zimbabwe: 2 rhino poachers jailed 10 years

Tanzania: Police Nab Three Suspects Over 20 Ivory Tusks

Tanzania: Govt Urged to Provide Training to Game Rangers

Southern Africa: The World’s Largest “Paper Park”

Cambodia: Pangolin Station (Stung Proat) – chainsaw, animal traps and bird nets

Tanzania: 8 Elephants’ Death Mired in Confusion

Malaysia torches 2.8 tonnes of African pangolin scales (alternate link)

Namibia: Minister Urges Judiciary to Join Fight Against Wildlife Crimes

South Africa: One of the Biggest Drivers of Rhino Extinction Is Social Inequality – According to ‘Living Planet’ report.

Unearthing Tim: The Battle to Rescue an Amboseli Icon – Big Life Rangers save tusker.

Hunters target endangered pangolins in India

WCS Myanmar Program Celebrates 25th Anniversary

South Africa: Illegal Collared Elephant Hunt in Greater Kruger – Warden Convicted

November 2018

South Africa: Rhino Poacher Who Shot at Kruger Helicopter Sentenced to 33 Years in Jail

Professionalized Anti-Poaching Operations Led to Arrest and Conviction of Four Elephant Poachers in Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo: Congo Hands Elephant Poachers Maximum Prison Sentence

Rwanda: Tourism Drive Puts People at Forefront of Conservation

Rescue of Critically Endangered Sumatran Rhino Brings New Hope for the Species

United States: San Diego Gallery Charged With Trafficking Over $1.3 Million Worth Of Ivory Items

Virtual meetup highlights networked sensor technology for parks

First wild Sumatran rhino in Borneo captured for breeding campaign

The Bangladeshi tribe that’s guarding turtles, co-authoring research papers

South Africa: A dark battle to save pangolins

Europe: Disrupting wildlife crime on the Dark Web

Gruesome Discovery of Czech Tiger Farm Exposes Illegal Trade in Heart of Europe

90 Years! Conservation Pioneer, Maggie Bryant, Celebrates Birthday – WILD Foundation board member reflects on conservation successes.

South Africa: Join the silent fight against snares in the KNP – Kruger National Park.

Richard Branson: Painted Wolves Are My Favorite Animal

Kenya: Bees help indigenous Yiaku defend and monitor their ancestral forest

Whale stress levels influenced by human activity, earwax study suggests

South Africa: No more court delays magistrate tells alleged rhino poaching kingpin Dumisani Gwala

Vietnam: Businesses join hands to fight wildlife crime

Five wildlife conservationists held by Iran could face the death penalty

Somalia: Farmajo Calls for Ending Illegal Fishing Vessels in African Waters

Zambia: President Lungu Hold Private Talks With Prince Harry

Malawi: Hyena Attacks 3 People in Ntcheu

Malawi: African Parks Restore Giraffe Population in Majete

Kenya to Help Protect, Exploit Marine Resources

Europe: Help us to track wildlife crime – #WildEye project aims to expose wildlife smuggling networks and how they work across the greater European continent.

Africa: ‘A Turtle Is Worth More Alive Than Dead’

Charities: Malawi Plans to Gag Critics With ‘Draconian’ Law

South Africa: Eight Men Arrested After Dozens of Lions Killed in North West

South Africa: Eight Suspects Arrested for Illegal Possession of Lion Bones, Meat and Tiger’s Hide

South Africa: Lions rescued from life of misery – Transported from Ukraine.

Kenya: U.S.$2 Million to Step Up War Against Poaching

Study identifies 567 barriers in 30 tiger corridors in Central India

Interpol Operation Exposes Marine Pollution Crime

A future for Sumatran rhinos – Fewer than 80 remain.

The Rising Threat to Jaguars from the Demand for Their Body Parts – Publication linked in article.

Latam Eco Review: Jail time for jaguar traffickers

Ethiopia Re-Evaluates Donkey Farming to Meet Global Trade Demands

Africa: NGOs Call for Disinvestments in Biodiversity Destruction

Help us to track wildlife crime – #WildEye project aims to expose wildlife smuggling networks and how they work across the greater European continent.

Progress on jaguar conservation in Suriname

Jaguar Conservation on the Continental Scale

In Sharm el Sheikh, a Time for Action on Biodiversity – At Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

A Big Leap for the Elephants! India’s First Elephant Hospital

Harry the Rhino’s New Expanded Home: Moving Day at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary – International Rhino Foundation.

Interpol Operation Exposes Marine Pollution Crime

A future for Sumatran rhinos – Fewer than 80 remain.

South Africa: Rhino poacher who shot at Kruger helicopter sentenced to 33 years in jail

Shock as China Legalizes Medicinal Trade in Rhino Horns and Tiger Parts

China’s Legalization of Rhino Horn: A Detriment to Wild Rhino Populations – (Commentary) International Rhino Foundation.

South Africa: Rhino wars: the worst week ever

Persisting so that Nature Prevails: the Mali Elephant Project in 2018

October 2018

China’s legalisation of the domestic trade in rhino horn and tiger bone opens Pandora’s Box – (Commentary) Save the Rhino International.

London’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference 2018 – what does it mean?

Save the Rhino calls for improved controls for the sale of rhino horn antiques

Lion has face and paws cut off as four other big cats die of poisoning at South African wildlife reserve

Mexico/United States: Men Fined $1 Million for Trafficking $17 Million Worth of Squishy Sea Cucumbers

South Africa: Boosting rhino numbers and community engagement with Lowveld Rhino Trust

Vietnam: Hanoi airport seizes tonne of pangolin scales and ivory

South Africa: War on rhino: gambling on corruption (Victory! Nzimande suspended) – KZN Regional Court President Eric Nzimande.

September 2018

Cambodia: Poaching and Logging crackdown inside Cardamom National Park protected area

Vietnam: Dak Nong: illegal slaughtering and sale of wildlife meat continues

‘15,000 pangolins slaughtered’ for 7 tonnes of scales seized in China

Vietnam continues urgent action for wildlife crime prevention

Australia: Can wedge-tailed eagles survive the slaughter?

Meet the ‘Brave Ones’: The women saving Africa’s wildlife – IAPF’s Akashinga.

Vietnam: NGO offers wildlife trafficking solutions – Education for Nature Viet Nam (ENV).

Rhino Horn and Tiger Wine: How the Illegal Wildlife Trade Is Growing Bolder

South Africa Rhino Poaching Drops Sharply; 100s Still Being Killed

Groundbreaking Effort to Save Sumatran Rhinos

SA has lost 96 million abalone to poaching since 2000 – new report

Botswana Hits Back at Critics on Anti-Poaching Policy – Relating to the 87 dead elephants.

Cambodia: GPDS Anti-Poaching Unit fast intervention

India Hunts Man-Eating Tiger Blamed for 13 Deaths

Indonesia gives in to bird traders, rescinds protection for 3 species

Botswana denies reports of mass elephant poaching – Relating to the 87 dead elephants.

DNA database helps Nepal’s officials monitor tigers, punish poachers

EIA launch our Pangolin Project to help protect the world’s most trafficked mammal

An anti-poaching technology for elephants that is always listening

Delay in Hong Kong’s ivory ban endangers elephants and is ‘legally unnecessary’

Indonesia: National park with largest orangutan population being cleared for palm oil and illegally logged – Sebangau National Park.

Nearly 90 Elephants Found Dead Near Botswana Sanctuary, Killed By Poachers – 87 elephants.

Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary – 87 elephants.

Vietnam: Ly Son murals promote sea turtle protection

The all female anti-poaching unit protecting elephants – The Black Mambas.

August 2018

Namibia: Company adopts rhino calf – Save the Rhino International.

Rhino Protection Units in Indonesia Celebrate their 23rd Anniversary

Kenya: Maasai battle to save vultures

Lusaka Agreement Task Force calls for enhanced cooperation and collaboration to suppress illegal wildlife and forest crime between Africa to Asia

SANParks staff member nabbed for rhino poaching

Ancient livestock dung heaps are now African wildlife hotspots

South Africa: Limpopo Farm Owner Discovers 3 Lion Carcasses On Property, 2 With Heads and Paws Cut Off

Vietnam: USAID promotes Chi initiative to drive down demand for rhino horn

Vietnam: Last private bear bile farm in Tien Giang closed

The forest beekeepers of Zanzibar

A spotlight on corruption – In South African courts.

For India’s black-necked cranes, dogs are a major threat

Bandits raid village near Madagascar park, killing conservation worker

Whaling without purpose: The unjustifiable commercial pursuit of peaceful ocean giants

The elephant repellent invented at a Kenyan school that warns by SMS

Meet an ivory trafficker’s ‘worst nightmare’

South Africa rhino poaching: ‘Bribes paid to court syndicate’ – “Kingpin” Dumisani Gwala and KZN Regional Court President Eric Nzimande.

India: Wildlife SOS Extends Support To Front Line Forest Officers On World Ranger Day!

Malawi: WDDU Film To Be Shown In Malawi’s Airports – Wildlife Detection Dog Unit (WDDU).

Murder of activist in India highlights growing risk to environmental defenders

Vietnam: Short film calls for end to rhino massacres – by The Education for Nature – Vietnam.

Cameroon Pangolin Traffickers Caught in the Act

Poachers caught on video killing mother bear and cubs at den in Alaska

Fight to protect the world’s most threatened ape goes to court

Wild-caught timber elephants in Myanmar die earlier than captive-born ones

Vietnam: Asiatic black bear sent to rescue centre – Formerly privately owned.

Protected landscape across India-Bhutan border a refuge for wildlife during armed conflict

Vietnam: Rare macaque rescued in Kon Tum – Formerly privately owned.

Vietnam: Ninh Thuan works to protect sea turtles

Vietnam: Fewer sea turtles coming inland to lay eggs

Botswana: Kalahari Trackers vs. Aircraft – The Ultimate Wildlife Counting Challenge

Forest elephant DNA diverse, consistent, and distinct, study says – African forest elephants.

In protecting the Javan rhino, locals gain a ‘more meaningful life’

Vietnam enhances protection of rare sea turtles

Indonesia: An indigenous village navigates its ecotourism success

Forest elephant DNA diverse, consistent, and distinct, study says

Latam Eco Review: Turtles at risk, jungle fracking, and a mafia land grab

In protecting the Javan rhino, locals gain a ‘more meaningful life’

Sniffing Out Ivory: WDDU Now in Action – Sniffer dogs searching for ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales, animal skins, bushmeat, hippo teeth, firearms and ammunition and other contraband.

Legendary undercover investigators protect forests

Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog) trapped in snare

Alan Rabinowitz, big cat evangelist and voice of the wild, dies at 64

Wildlife Traffickers Exploiting Vulnerabilities in the Air Transport Sector Worldwide

Tropical forest canopies get hotter than expected, putting wildlife at risk

Malawi: A Sneak Peek at Our Vulture Research – Lilongwe Wildlife.

Automating drone-based wildlife surveys saves time and money, study finds

95 percent of all lemur species face high risk of extinction, experts say

Indonesia’s first court case involving CITES Appendix I listed Radiated Tortoise

July 2018

In Kenya’s Maasai Mara, detection dogs are a ranger’s best friend

Thailand: Kui Buri National Park’s only female ranger shatters stereotypes

New Survey Finds One in Seven Wildlife Rangers Have Been Seriously Injured in the Line of Duty Over the Past Year

The Chinese ‘miracle’ elixir that threatens donkeys around the world

What happened to the boy who chased away the lions? – Masaai herdsmen and NGOs parter to solve human-wildlife conflict.

The mystery of the sick turtles: Q&A with animal disease detectives Chrissy Cabay and Daniel Woodburn

The Dwindling Sharks and Rays of the Western Indian Ocean

Exhibition brings emotional lives of animals to zoos across China, fostering respect and empathy for all species

Cambodia: Furniture shop illegally selling endangered wildlife parts

India: “If a tiger kills our cattle, we don’t feel angry”

DHL eCommerce in Thailand Boosts Efforts to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade

Latam Eco Review: Witchcraft and wildlife trafficking in Peru

Reducing Manta Ray Mortality in the World’s Largest Targeted Manta Fishery

10 of 11 black rhinos now dead after relocation attempt in Kenya takes tragic turn

Number of murdered environmental activists rose once again in 2017

U.S./Mexico: 2700 scientists issue call to action on border wall wildlife threat

Borneo: Arrests in Kalimantan and Sabah for Dealing in Protected Bird Species

#9Lives: People around the world give new lives to nine bears rescued from extreme cruelty

Poultry Husbandry to Support Food Security and Reduce Bushmeat Hunting

India: Agencies meet in Dehradun to co-ordinate efforts to curb trans-boundary illegal wildlife trade

Getting Tough on Illegal and Unregulated Shark and Ray Trade at CITES

De Beers moves 200 elephants from South Africa to Mozambique

Cambodia: Hunting the poachers

Kenya: Death of Rhinos a Big Blow to Kenya’s Conservation Efforts

Evidence to CITES shows irresponsible lion bone trade drives consumer demand for big cat parts

Top sniffer dog goes missing at the Port of Dar es Salaam

Tanzania hunt for top ivory-sniffing dog – Missing working dog.

Tanzania and Kenya row over delay to wildebeest migration

South Africa: Dodgy Skeleton Traders and Lion Slaughterhouses Exposed in Damning Report

Major investigation exposes horrific tiger slaughterhouse in the Czech Republic

Damning New Report Suggests South Africa’s Lion Bone Trade is a Sh*t Show

Kenya: African Task Force Swoops Down on Traffickers – Nigerian-Chinese crime ring linked to tons of wildlife seized in Asia.

Nairobi National Park railway ‘threatens Kenyan wildlife’

Kenya: KWS to display horns of 9 rhinos that died at Tsavo after translocation

New report proves bear bile farming fuels wild poaching

World Ranger Day E-Pack Now Available in Three Languages!

Ninth Rhino Dies at New Kenyan Sanctuary

South Africa: Rhino mafia, dirty cops: Is Hazyview under siege?

CITES: Global Experts Meet to Review International Wildlife Trade Prior to CoP18

South Africa to nearly double exports of lion skeletons, fuelling illegal tiger trade

Russia: Amur Leopards Could Go Extinct as Numbers Dwindle

8 Critically Endangered Black Rhinos Die in Kenya

Seven black rhinos die after move to a new park in Kenya

World Chimpanzee Day: Our closest relatives have the compassion to adopt orphans, but do we have it in us to save them?

National park stops elephant rides with new tourism model designed to end elephant exploitation in Vietnam

7 endangered black rhinos have died while being transported to a new wildlife reserve in Kenya – Later news indicates 10 of 11 rhino have died.

Kenya Looks to Boost Black Rhino Population

Rhino poop gives villagers in India a conservation incentive

Vietnam’s bear bile farms are collapsing — but it may not be good news

Vietnam gets serious about wildlife crime with double launch of books designed to end bear bile farming

Elephants with a purpose

New study highlights need for comprehensive online wildlife trade monitoring in Viet Nam

How blockchain gaming could benefit wildlife conservation

Audio: How to use drones without stressing wildlife

Zimbabwe’s chiefs revive tradition to save the country’s last pangolins

Tiger, clouded leopard skins among illegal wildlife parts seized in Malaysia

‘Better and better’: Thermal cameras turn up the heat on poachers

iSimangaliso’s elephants – the big picture

Three Critically Endangered tigers among illegal wildlife products seized by Malaysian authorities

Lions Eat Men Suspected of Poaching Rhinos. Some Saw ‘Karma.’

Lions eat rhino poachers in South African game reserve

Scientists Working to Create Northern White Rhino Embryos

Lions Kill Suspected Rhino Poachers on South African Game Reserve

Orangutan found shot, hacked at palm plantation with history of deaths

Two suspected poachers arrested for killing of Sumatran elephant

India: Community based wildlife protection initiatives key to curbing wildlife crime in Nagaland

Chinese communities in Mozambique and Zambia engaged on CITES and sustainable trade in forest resources

Implicit gender, racial biases may hinder effectiveness of conservation science, experts warn

Fingerprinting technology gives investigators an edge against pangolin traffickers

June 2018

China issues permits to trade in the bones of hundreds of leopards

Staff of Vietnamese and German companies learn benefits of wildlife-focused CSR

State rescue centres upgraded as Vietnam prepares to end bear bile farming

Project Spotlight: The Importance of Our Wildlife Health Programme – Lilongwe Wildlife’s ‘Clinical Projects in One Health.’

WRRT confiscates 381 lbs (173 kg) of wildlife meat from market

In its fight against rhino poachers, India lets the dogs out

Rhino Protection Units in Indonesia doing great work!

Pangolin station – Support the men on the front line of conservation

Poachers sentenced to prison – Success story from Wildlife Alliance.

India: Wildlife Crime Enforcement Workshop Hosted In Gorakhpur

Malawi: Beekeeping Project Causes a Buzz – Lilongwe Wildlife success story.

For Madagascar’s park managers, the science literature is out of reach

Let there be light — but be mindful of the wildlife

African wild dogs make comeback at Mozambican wildlife park

Tanzania: Rhino Numbers in Ngorongoro Tops Over 50

Workshop held to consolidate interagency law enforcement mechanism in China

Iceland flouts global ban to slaughter first protected fin whale of new hunting season

As Colombia expands its palm oil sector, scientists worry about wildlife

Malawi: Brave Airport Workers Involved in Dramatic Pangolin Rescue – Kamuzu International Airport (KIA).

Live animals, meat, ivory, wood seized in trafficking stings – Global crackdown backed by Interpol.

Killing dogs for meat illegal, rules South Korean court

Many wildlife-vehicle collisions preventable

Madagascar: Yet another anti-trafficking activist convicted

Just months after vets saved his life, bile farm survivor finally succumbs to lifetime of injuries

New Study Finds Sharks in Tropical Coral Reefs Are Disappearing Due to Human Activity

Plans for a refuge for pangolins in peril in SA

Malawi: KIA’s Fight Against Wildlife Crime – Kamuzu International Airport (KIA).

East Africa: Rhino Horn From Beira Seized in Hong Kong – Rhino horn moved from Mozambican city of Beira via Johannesburg and Doha.

South Africa: Rhino horn slips past security‚ uncovered in Hong Kong

Addo Dispatch: Where Female Elephants Without Tusks Roam — and Poachers Stay Away

In bid to stamp out poaching of sea cucumbers, Japan to create unique catch certificate system

More ivory poaching arrests by Akashinga in Zimbabwe – International Anti-Poaching Foundation.

Alleged rhino poaching kingpin “Mr Big” arrested in Hawks Police raid – Petros Sydney Mabuza.

Vietnam: Nearly 340kg of pangolins seized in Thanh Hoa

Thailand: Toro – Another poor victim of the Illegal Wildlife Pet Trade – WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Southeast Asia: Facebook video shows orangutan defending forest against bulldozer

South Africa: Poaching Kingpin and Wife Arrested by Directorate of Priority Crimes Investigation (HAWKS)

Update: After Violence, Congo’s Virunga National Park Closes for the Year

Six illegal wildlife traders arrested in Bago, Ayeyarwady, Mandalay

Hunting, fishing causing dramatic decline in Amazon river dolphins

‘Back to the Wild’ – Thailand Hosts Workshop to Improve Survival Rates of Confiscated Pangolins

Vietnam: More Asian black bears in captivity in Lam Dong released

Vietnam: Two more bears sent to rescue centre

Malawi: Experts Differ On Levels of Poaching in the Country

Poachers blamed in second Sumatran elephant death this year

Parties agree to re-engineer Lusaka Agreement and commit to enhance enforcement operations

Vietnam: 150kg dolphin found dead in Phu Quoc

Zambia Authorizes Killing Thousands of Hippos – Registered hunters, others.

Zambia Denies Authorising Culling of 2 000 Hippos

Vietnam: Owner gives up captive bears to sanctuary

South Africa: Outrage After Kruger Lion Baited and Shot By Trophy Hunter in Neighbouring Reserve

Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta seeks action against illegal fishing in African waters

Namibia: Conservation and tourism thrive together

Vietnam makes progress in wildlife protection

Malaysia seizes over 680 wildlife and parts in operation against wildlife cybercrime

China joins Tanzania and Malawi in efforts to curb illegal wildlife trade

Southeast Asia’s appetite for pet otters supplied online

Kenya Arrests 109 Tanzanians for Illegal Fishing

South Africa: Minister Edna Molewa Welcomes Arrest of Alleged Rhino Poachers (alternate link)

South Africa: Supply Chain of Horn From Kruger Park Disrupted – Investigators (alternate link) – Traffickers: Mandla Patrick Mashele and Kelvin Hahlane Malapane.

Vietnam: Man sentenced for smuggling 7,000 dead sea turtles

Vietnam, Italy cooperate in environmental protection – Signing of Memorandum of Understanding.

Field Museum honors Peruvian organization for its conservation work with indigenous groups

Dog cruelty targeted as pop-up think-tank unites charities and government agencies across China

East Africa’s mountain gorilla population now numbers more than 1,000

China to Shut Down 22 Domestic Ivory Carving Factories, 88 Outlets (alternate link)

South Africa: Hawks nab alleged Gauteng rhino poaching kingpins – Traffickers: Mandla Patrick Mashele and Kelvin Hahlane Malapane.

Violence shuts Africa’s Virunga gorilla park till 2019

Owner of South African hunting company indicted by US prosecutors over illegal elephant hunt

Lao PDR Prime Ministerial Order raises hope for clean-up of country’s illegal wildlife trade hubs

Peruvian Conservationist Suffers Assassination Attempt

2 years on, still no punishment for the Tiger Temple Criminals!!!

Long Rainy Season Giraffe Surveys – 8th year of study.

Thailand: Successful Monkey Rescue and Release

This tiny camera aims to catch poachers — before they kill

Namibia: Officers Get Training in Fighting Wildlife Crimes

Nigeria: Firms Partner to Promote Environmental Awareness

Ethiopia: There Is a Call for Combating Wildlife Trafficking, Illegal Hunting

Vietnam: Buyer of legally protected turtles to be sentenced to two to seven years in prison

Vietnam commits to fighting illegal wildlife trade

Clean Up Namibia Campaign

Namibia: Local High School Volunteers at CCF

May 2018

Madagascar court upholds sentence for environmental activist

Biodiversity: What is it and why is it so important?

Indonesia targets illegal fishing vessel owners under new bill

TripAdvisor removes listing for tour offering endangered species as dinner

Wildlife Crime Workshop Organised At The WSOS Elephant Center

It’s Official: All Canadian Turtles at Some Level of Risk.

Digital Fingerprints Lead Modern Day Sleuths to Traffickers

Geneticists: It’s time to mix the Sumatran rhino subspecies

Traditional medicine students and lecturers work to discourage prescription of illegal wildlife products

Mining, erosion threaten Indian rhino haven

Vietnam: Protecting forests by purging forest ranger staff, converting illegal loggers

Black Spotted Turtles no match for fast and furious illegal trade

Survivor of Vietnam’s most brutal bear bile farm reminds us every life is worth fighting for

Central Africa: Kony Kills 100 Elephants Yearly

Uganda: Kony Surviving On Ivory Deals With Arabs – Captive

Rangers face a ‘toxic mix’ of mental strain and lack of support

Hunters are wiping out hornbills in Ghana’s forests – Bushmeat hunters and poachers.

Highlighting the Plight of the Pangolin

Chinese Government permitting commercial trade in the bones of threatened leopards

In unsuspecting Indian villages, the international rhino horn trade takes a toll

African vultures under the gun as lead ammunition takes a toll

Sea turtle smuggler faces 2-7 years in prison

Reptiles and amphibians endemic to Japan’s Nansei Islands threatened by pet trade

New study calls for enforcement co-operation to stem Red Panda trade in China

Venezuela’s hungry hunt wildlife, zoo animals, as economic crisis grows

Online network seeks to boost international collaboration against wildlife trafficking in Central Africa

Documenting the African elephant’s ‘last stand’: Q&A with filmmaker Cyril Christo

Tiny marsupials that practice ‘suicidal’ mating declared endangered – Habitat loss, predation by domestic animals.

Saving Species project launched in Viet Nam

East Africa: Director’s Note: 2017 Year in Review

Report unmasks indiscriminate killer of elephants: poaching not for ivory, but for skin

Virunga National Park Ranger, Rachel Masika Baraka, killed in action

Authorities work to end illegal wildlife trading

Ravenous rescued bears’ appetite for life sees them eat up to 5.5 metric tonnes a week

Wildlife Kingpin Goes to Prison (Thai language version) – Vietnamese-Thai national Boonchai Bach.

Earthquake monitors could be used to detect elephant poachers

Big Life Launches Amboseli Conservation Academy

Pangolins on the brink as Africa-China trafficking persists unabated

Amur Leopard Population Triples–to 103

Vaquita: EAL’s Director puts heat on the Mexican government and Chinese traffickers, live on TV

Another 3.3 tonnes of pangolin scales seized in HCM City

Over 10,000 endangered tortoises are rescued in Madagascar

Mozambique: Govt Plants to Invest $100 Million in Anti-Poaching Strategy (alternate link)

Poachers shoot dead three rhinos inside Kenyan sanctuary

Central province to launch urgent protection of endangered langurs

Sending a message about rhino conservation in Nepal

The ongoing trade threatening tigers, pangolins, songbirds and sharks revealed in latest TRAFFIC Bulletin

Thai tycoon denies poaching protected wildlife, pleads not guilty – Premchai Karnasuta, President of Italian-Thai Development Pcl.

‘Lion slaughterhouse’ shows the terrible reality of South Africa’s lion skeleton trade

More than 800 totoaba swim bladders confiscated by Mexican authorities in smuggling busts

April 2018

4 arrests for poaching in Zimbabwe and the BBC was there to cover the action! – IAPF’s Akashinga unit.

Opinion: Poisoning of Ugandan Lions Highlights Africa’s Rural Poverty Crisis

The Ivory Trade Is Even More Deadly than Most Folks Realize

The Bloody Toll of Congo’s Elephant Wars

Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City Seizes 3.8 Tonnes of Pangolin Scales – Nearly 3,800kg shipped from Congo through Singapore.

The men who love and take care of elephants in the Central Highlands

Two newborn Javan rhinos spotted on camera in Indonesian park

Signoff on rhino sperm transfer between Indonesia, Malaysia expected mid-May: Official

Twiga Tracker – Using modern technology to save giraffe and their habitat

Study calls for scrutiny of bear farms in Lao PDR

Former First Lady of Zimbabwe investigated regarding poaching allegations

Vietnam: Illegal shrimp hatcheries cause environmental damage

Indonesia’s crackdown on illegal fishing is paying off, study finds

Poachers versus Poop – DNA evidence may help save elephants.

First increase in Mekong River Irrawaddy dolphins in 20 years

First tigers, now leopards taking the hit from Chinese demand for ‘health tonics’

Chinese court issues a five-year jail term for selling tiger bone wine

Half a ton of pangolin scales seized on the way to Asia from Benin

Forestry officers trained in effective prosecution and conviction of wildlife crimes

Poaching numbers down in Namibia thanks to dedicated ranger teams

South Africa: ‘Problem’ lion shot in Hoedspruit

Using cute animals in pop culture makes public think they’re not endangered – study

Looming Ivory Ban Will Create a Mountain of Unsellable Antiques – UK.

Zimbabwe: Illicit Ivory Trade Earns Man 9-Year Term (alternate link)

Is Côte D’Ivoire Becoming a Wildlife Trafficking Hotspot?

NGOs acquire land in Brazil to create wildlife corridor

Dolphin Day: Playful, social and intelligent – but at risk of extinction

Russia: The world’s rarest big cat grows in number – Snow leopard.

CAR: We Rescued Three Chimpanzees from War (Annie, Aimi and Commando) and moved 3 others – Elephant Action League.

South Korea bans importation of “The Cove” dolphins

South Africa: Kruger’s Contested Borderlands – Poaching, community relocation, and illegal land grabs.

New Report Helps Uganda Take Aim at Wildlife Trafficking

Wildlife trade detective Samuel Wasser receives prestigious Albert Schweitzer Medal

Activists fear for environmental protection under Indonesia’s revised Criminal Code

Animal trainers are teaching wildlife to conserve themselves – Dolphins, chimpanzees, others.

Race for Mexico’s ‘cocaine of the sea’ pushes two species toward extinction – Totoaba swim bladders.

Congo-Kinshasa: Virunga Park Rangers in DRC Killed in Ambush

DR Congo: In Memoriam: Deadliest Attack on Virunga Staff in Park’s Recent History Brings Total Ranger Deaths to 175

DR Congo: Six killed in attack on Virunga National Park

Six staff killed in deadliest attack at Congo’s Virunga National Park

Indonesian conservation bill is weak on wildlife crime, critics say

Zimbabwe: Police Tighten Noose On Grace Mugabe (alternate link)

‘We know we may be killed’: the rangers risking their lives for Virunga’s gorillas

Private sector in Japan shows Government the right way forward over ivory sales

Zimbabwe: CITES Lauds Zim for Reducing Poaching (alternate link) – Note: Elephant population figures in this article are factually incorrect.

India: Bollywood star Salman Khan guilty of killing rare antelopes

Kaziranga’s rhino census finds the population is growing, but more slowly than expected

Minister Edna Molewa: Opening of the 4th Multi-Lateral Meeting of the Defence and Security Chiefs on Anti-Poaching

Tanzania: Kigwangalla Steps Up Fight Against Poachers, Smugglers

Endangered Elongated Tortoises Saved

Wildlife sniffer dog training begins in Gwalior, TRAFFIC recruits another 12 dogs

Private sector in Japan shows Government the right way forward over ivory sales

Taiwan announces move to close its domestic ivory market by 2020

Unprecedented Collaring Effort Aims to Protect Tanzania’s Threatened Elephants

Calls for change in handling abuse allegations at top conservation group – Conservation International.

UK Government steps up with a comprehensive ban on ivory trade

South Africa: Minister of Environmental Affairs welcomes rhino poaching and ivory smuggling successes

Vietnam: Wild animal-meat market busy during lunar new year season

UK to tighten laws on ‘abhorrent’ ivory trade

DR Congo: Virunga National Park Ranger Killed in Action

Royal Visit to Malawi Focuses on Wildlife Crime

March 2018 2018

Divers Risk Drowning and Sharks to Poach Abalone Worth $200 a Pound

ASEAN Lawmakers Join NGO to Target Human Traffickers – Freeland works to combat wildlife trafficking and human trafficking.

Zimbabwe: 3 rangers drown in Lower Zambezi (alternate link)

Indonesian graftbusters put a price tag on environmental crime

Range countries to lead new estimate of global snow leopard population as downgraded threat status remains controversial

‘IUCN Green List of species’: A new way to measure conservation success

Local conservancies create new hope for wildlife in Kenya’s Maasai Mara (commentary)

In Jakarta, wildlife monitors find a hotspot for the illegal tortoise trade

China-based internet alliance trained on combating wildlife cybercrime

No Cellphone Reception? That’s Good News for Jaguars

Grace Mugabe Linked to Alleged Ivory Smuggling in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s former First Lady Grace Mugabe investigated for ivory smuggling

South Africa: ‘R1m bribe’ for Zuma exposes crisis levels of abalone poaching – DA

Why Nigeria, Cameroon must collaborate on wildlife protection

Jakarta’s flourishing trade in threatened turtles and tortoises under the spotlight again

Elephant Stuck in Sewage Pit of ‘Illegal’ Resort Dies

Furs for life: a leopard saved

WFFT Rescue Team saves one more victim of human abuse & Illegal Wildlife Pet trade!

Paradigm Shift As African Countries Throw Their Weight Behind Ivory Ban

One step closer towards saving a magnificent species from the brink of extinction

Smart work by Save the Rhino Trust

Six Orphaned Asian Elephant Calves, Hand-raised at CWRC, Moved to Manas National Park for Rehabilitation

Over $720 million in profit from tourism in Peru’s protected natural areas

More than 40 percent of Madagascar’s freshwater life sliding toward extinction, IUCN finds

HRH Duke of Gloucester Highlights Malawi’s Efforts to Fight Wildlife Crime

Zimbabwe: Grace Mugabe ‘used state-owned ivory as gifts for Asian first ladies’: report

Brazilian lawmakers funded by donors guilty of environmental crimes: report

Wildlife trafficker gets 13 months in prison

Leopards could reduce rabies by controlling stray dog numbers in India, study finds

Kenya: World’s Last Male Northern White Rhino Dead

Wildlife trafficking: the animal market in Laos

RIP Sudan, the Last Male Northern White Rhino

Indonesia launches bid to restore national park that’s home to tigers, elephants

Environmental protection tax opposed by some economists

The Turtle Extinction Crisis

The story of little Mussa – Chimpanzee rescued from bushmeat poachers.

Shutting down EU ivory trade is a ‘personal priority’ for Boris Johnson

African leaders call on EU to shut ivory trade

Madagascar: Conservation official arrested for killing 11 endangered lemurs

Europeans are major smugglers of Southern African reptiles – (Full report)

Wildlife forensics: a new weapon for Southern African countries to help bring poachers to book

Legal Eastern Markets Are Gutting Africa’s Wildlife – Traffic

Philippine bird trade targets Indonesian species

Local authorities and communities celebrate success of wild plant collection initiative

Conservationists rush to save Bolivian turtles threatened by egg trafficking

Indonesia races to catch tiger alive as villagers threaten to ‘kill the beast’

Activists eye bigger roles for local officials, businesses in Indonesia’s orangutan protection plan

Two dozen Latin American countries sign agreement to protect environmental defenders

The Surprising Ways Tigers Benefit Farmers and Livestock Owners

Bushmeat hunting threatens hornbills and raptors in Cameroon’s forests, study finds

Association between hunting and elevated blood lead levels in the critically endangered African white-backed vulture (Gyps africanus)

In blood-sucking leeches, scientists find a genetic snapshot of local wildlife

Wildlife trafficking: how are tigers transported to Vietnam?

Malaysia busts second elephant poaching gang in just over a year

Tracking Black Rhino on Foot in Community-Owned Sera Rhino Sanctuary, Northern Kenya

Legalised totoaba fish trade could be the final nail in the vaquita’s coffin

West African states join elephant protection project

Jaguar numbers rising at field sites, WCS says

Zambia Deploys Drones to Fight Poachers

Wildlife trafficking: The ring that provides tigers soaked in alcohol

#InternationalWomensDay: Three inspirational women fighting back against the cruelty of bear bile farming

Leading Tech Companies Unite to Stop Wildlife Traffickers

Only 12 vaquita porpoises remain, watchdog group reports

How Tibetan Buddhism and conservation efforts helped Eurasian otters thrive in a city of 200,000 people (commentary)

Bornean bearded pigs seen adapting to oil palm habitats, study finds

Villagers cite self-defense in tiger killing, but missing body parts point to the illegal wildlife trade

Ecotourism payments for more wildlife sightings linked to conservation benefits in Laos

Ground-breaking study highlights scale of Africa-Asia wildlife trade

Call for Thai Government to revoke zoo licence for business behind notorious Tiger Temple

South Africa: Want to buy some rhino horn? Log in here, DNA required

Herbalist fights to save last of the elephants

Indonesia: Tiger Brutally Killed in North Sumatra, Hung from Ceiling

Wildlife: 6 Big Cats Under Serious Threat of Extinction

Penguin mega-colony discovered using satellites and drones, raising scientists’ hopes

Namibia: Poachers Kill Elephant in Kavango West

Mozambique: Over 100 Vultures Poisoned in Moamba

Out in the cold – The ongoing threat of snow leopard trade

Building trust between government and charities to find old dogs new homes

Vietnam: Leopards suspected of attacking goats in Quang Tri

ROUTES Partnership and Kenya Airways train transport staff to help curb wildlife trafficking

Vietnam: Wildlife trafficking world – Demand for animal bone glue

ROUTES Partnership and Kenya Airways train transport staff to help curb wildlife trafficking

Coexistence with Lions: the Climate Change Factor

February 2018

Five-year sentences for elephant poachers in Republic of Congo

New study: Radar reveals bats are a bellwether of climate change

Implementing SMART to conserve big cats globally

New Paper on Effectiveness of Community Conservation

New Study Shows Over a Third of Protected Areas Surveyed are Severely at Risk of Losing Tigers

African Parks to manage gorges, rock art and crocodiles of Chad’s Ennedi

Cambodia’s banteng-eating leopards edge closer to extinction, new study finds

Sixteen monkeys rescued by female Buddhist monk receive enormous new homes so they can all live like one big family

The largest vault of wildlife skulls and horns in Hanoi

Seven butchered rhinos discovered at KZN game reserve

LAM and USAID ROUTES To Help Curb Wildlife Trafficking in Mozambique

Regulation of Species is Great News for Malawi’s Wildlife

Yachak Organic fights poaching in west Africa, announces official beverage sponsorship of the Mali Elephant Project

Spreading Leopard Awareness Across Maharashtra

Myanmar, Conservationists Collaborating to Save Wild Elephants

Conservationist, imprisoned for spying, dies in Iranian prison – Professor Kavous Seyed Emami.

Volunteering on the front lines of rhino conservation (commentary)

Kenya poaching stats out

Orphaned female elephant social bonds reflect lack of access to mature adults

South Africa: Mobile trailers a significant boost in efforts to investigate remote wildlife crimes

CITES Ignores Illegal Import of Wild Elephants by China

Anti-Poaching Success in Mali – One year without losing an elephant for Mali Elephant Project.

Four Indonesian farmers charged in killing of orangutan that was shot 130 times

Queen conch dying out in the Bahamas despite marine parks

UK Troops Join Malawi Anti-Poaching Fight

Nearly 6,000 pangolins in illegal wildlife trade in India since 2009

World Pangolin Day – time to take illegal trade in the world’s most trafficked mammal seriously

World Pangolin Day: natural recyclers, keepers of the soil – and the world’s most trafficked animal

USAID Unveils Field Guide to Combat Pangolin Trafficking

Tanzania: Mass Poisoning Incident Leaves Lions, Vultures Dead Near Ruaha

Drones enable fast, accurate wildlife counts, study shows

Duterte orders navy to fire on foreign poachers in Philippine waters

Illegal ‘white gold,’ South Africa’s abalone, pouring into Hong Kong: TRAFFIC

Critically Endangered Sunda Pangolins finally receives the highest protection it deserves

Chinese enforcement agencies enhance their shark fin identification skills

Indonesian police bust Chinese nationals with 200 kg of turtle shells

India: Leopard Skin Seized In Ballabhgarh In A Joint Operation With The Haryana Forest Dept. & Police – Wildlife SOS.

Thai seizure of a dozen captive tigers resurrects farming threat

Poached Abalone from South Africa is Flowing into Hong Kong Markets

Japanese ivory trader arrested on suspicion of smuggling ivory to China

A tale of two otters: settling in Singapore, suffering in China

Robbery or retribution? Police investigate death of prominent conservationist in Kenya – Esmond Bradley Martin.

After a dozen years of cruelty rescued bears discover the joy of friendship

India: On February 4th 2018 rangers of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife received intelligence that a group of poachers were active – WFFT.

Hong Kong Bans Trade in Elephant Ivory by 2022

TRAFFIC mourns Esmond Bradley Martin: a leader in global conservation

Esmond Bradley Martin: Ivory investigator killed in Kenya

Elephant and rhino trade investigator is killed in Kenya – Esmond Bradley Martin

Leading Ivory Trade Investigator Killed in Kenya – Esmond Bradley Martin

Who Is Esmond Bradley-Martin? Leading Ivory Investigator Killed In Kenya

Indonesian rubber farmers charged in gruesome killing of Bornean orangutan

Almost four environmental defenders a week killed in 2017

In pursuit of the tortoise smugglers

Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements

Behind the scenes at the sanctuary ending bear bile farming in Vietnam

Malawi’s Wildlife Crime Justice Programme Produces Record Results

Hong Kong votes to ban ivory trade by 2021

Cambodia: Three rangers killed on duty by armed forces

January 2018

More murders: Conservationists allegedly killed by soldiers in Cambodia

New study suggests Borneo’s had elephants for thousands of years

Asia: Hunter camp dismantled – Chhay Areng Patrol Station

Blacklisted! An end in sight to Laos’ Sin City illegal wildlife supermarket?

Hong Kong Closes Loophole in Ivory Ban, Outlawing All Sales

Hong Kong Bans Ivory Trade in ‘Historic’ Vote

Hong Kong votes to impose domestic ivory ban by 2021

New study combats consumption of illegal wildlife products in Viet Nam

Philippine Pangolins lost in the big city

Chinese high schools to offer official animal welfare module for the first time ever

Bear and tiger parts seizure exposes the dangerous myth of captive breeding for trade

Suspected captive-bred tiger trade kingpin to go on trial in Vietnam

Can Sri Lanka’s elephants and humans learn to live together? – in pictures

Elephant tusks and pangolin scales seized, six suspects arrested in Ivory Coast

Tanzania: Kigwangalla Orders Arrest of “Poaching Kingpins” – Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Hamis Kigwangalla.

Boonchai Bach Arrest: Update. – Released on bail after appeal.

South Africa: MEC Sihle Zikalala Commends Hefty Sentences Meted Out to Rhino Poachers

Tanzania to auction 3 tons of hippo teeth, despite criticism

Tanzania: Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Hamis Kigwangalla Orders Arrest of “Poaching Kingpins”

Tanzania: Poaching Syndicate Exposed

Elephants Are Very Scared of Bees. That Could Save Their Lives.

Ivory Coast seizes huge haul of elephant tusks and pangolin scales

South Africa: Rhino Poaching – Incidents Decrease but Officials’ Involvement Hampers Progress

Dead tigers turn a spotlight on Laos’ tiger farms – and the urgent need to close them

South Africa: Minister Edna Molewa highlights progress on the implementation of the integrated strategic management of rhinoceros

Ivory poachers driving rare bird to extinction

Cambodia: The Last Hope for Iconic Wildlife at the Brink?

Rhino poaching decreases in South Africa

Namibia: Elephants Destroy Houses, Borehole

Safer in their skins: Booming demand for cruelty-free fashion helps animals

Rhino poaching in South Africa dipped slightly last year, but ‘crisis continues unabated,’ conservationists say

No more elephants? Poaching crisis takes its toll in the Central African Republic

Indonesia hints rhino sperm transfer to Malaysia may finally happen this year

South Africa: Pangolin found in man’s backpack

222 Bird Species Worldwide Are Now Critically Endangered

Malawi: Extinction of Large Animal Species Worries Department of Parks

Crowdsourcing the fight against poaching, with the help of remote cameras

Thai police bust leading wildlife trafficker – Boonchai Bach.

Wild Sri Lankan elephants retreat from the sound of disturbed Asian honey bees.

Thai police arrest notorious wildlife trafficking suspect

Wildlife crime kingpin of the Bach syndicate finally arrested in Thailand – Boonchai Bach.

“Untouchable” Wildlife Kingpin Arrested: Thai police nab notorious trafficker hunted for over a decade – Boonchai Bach.

To Counter Wildlife Trafficking, Local Enforcement, Not En-Route Interdiction, Is Key (commentary)

Facebook being used for illegal reptile trade in the Philippines

Botswana: Police Link Elephants Attacks to Poaching

Facebook dominates as the main market place for illegal live reptile trade in the Philippines

Songbirds sunk—almost 300 birds drowned by smugglers in dramatic confiscation

Gabon Says It Busted a Major Ivory Smuggling Network

Hundreds of animal traps, 2 motorbikes confiscated for rose wood transportation

A time bomb for the saiga? Bad news Central Asia’s beleaguered antelope

Why Did Two-Thirds of These Weird Antelope Suddenly Drop Dead?

Hong Kong Government Adviser Resigns Over Illegal Ivory Links

Orangutan found tortured and decapitated prompts Indonesia probe

Kenya: Seven Elephants Killed in Kajiado As Human-Wildlife Conflict Rages

Kenya: 7 Elephants Killed As Human-Wildlife Conflict Rages

Thailand: Highly Wanted Wildlife Trafficker Arrested Thanks to EAL’s Investigative Work

South Africa: Seven Suspects Arrested for Dealing and Possession of Rhino Horns

Poachers blamed as body of Sumatran elephant, missing tusks, found in protected forest

Wars kill wildlife in Africa’s protected areas, study finds

Wildlife Detectives Pursue the Case of Dwindling Elephants in Indonesia

Busy end of year for transport sector initiatives to curb wildlife crime

Indonesian ex-soldier among three jailed for illegal trade in Sumatran rhino, tiger parts

To Fight Illegal Fishing, Authorities Tighten Many Nets at Once

Six horrific ways bile is extracted from bears for traditional medicine

Namibia: Five Suspected Poachers Denied Bail

Liberia: Elephants Go On ‘Rampage’ in Nimba

Kenya Runs Out of Wildlife Space

Wildlife DNA forensic scientists are foiling poachers

BBC considers whether to stop showing ivory on Antiques Roadshow

In Africa, Geneticists Are Hunting Poachers

Rhinoceros DNA database successful in aiding poaching prosecutions

Zimbabwe: Seven Suspected Poachers Thrown Into Remand Prison

Namibia: Five Suspected Poachers Arrested in Zambezi

Pressure grows for UK to bring in blanket ban on ivory trade

South Africa: Limpopo Police Arrest Alleged Poachers From Gauteng

Rwanda: As We Applaud China’s Ivory Ban, Let Us Visit Mutware the Elephant

Namibia: Ivory Ban Will Boost Illegal Trade – Shifeta

Zimbabwe: Elephant Tusk Lands Man in Trouble

Turtles Released, Motorbike Confiscated After Poacher Deterred by GPDS rangers.

China’s Ivory Trade Ban Offers Hope for Future of African Elephants

Ethiopia: Illegal poaching on the decline: Authority

Wildlife sniffer dog helps apprehend poacher just a week after deployment

China’s domestic ivory ban is grounds for cautious optimism over future of elephants

Rhino poaching – Synopsis of the rhino poaching traffickers.

Militias turn their guns on wildlife in central Africa

Militias turn their guns on wildlife in central Africa – CAR and DRC

Rhino horn seizure taps into Southeast Asian trafficking ring

Elephant calves exported from Zimbabwe as China bans ivory trade

China closes ivory trade

EU invests $20 million to fight poaching, trafficking

US sanctions two over ivory trade with LRA

South Africa: Two nabbed after poisoning, killing and cutting up white lion