PoachingFacts LogoAt PoachingFacts we have long advocated unity and efficiency among charities. This often begins with the organizations themselves efficiently operating on the front-lines and spending money in the most effective ways possible. We’re eager to encourage the support of non-profit organizations that have minimal administrative fees so that the majority of funds can go towards programs that benefit the wildlife and ecosystems they inhabit. Aiming to be small with a large impact, PoachingFacts is self-sufficient and does not receive public funding or have administrative overhead expenses.

Asia Wild LogoToday we’re sad to see a great charity, Animals Asia, be divided in two. Animals Asia will remain a registered non-profit in Hong Kong, while its US-based branch, formerly Animals Asia USA, is now Asia Wild. Animals Asia will remain directly active in the rescues, rehabilitation, and long-term care of bears, primates, cats, dogs, and other species in its areas of operation and it will continue to maintain high quality rehabilitation centers. Asia Wild is positioning itself to be a US-based organization receiving donations and funneling money to Asia-based organizations that perform the real conservation work.

While we’re pleased to see that Asia Wild will send funding to Animals Asia and other Asia-based wildlife non-profits in 2023, we’re concerned that there will be an added layer of administrative fees that would not exist if those donations were made directly to the front-line organizations. We also believe that our natural world can’t afford more administrative fees and red tape. We advocate unity and partnership to create the conservation program success stories that the world needs.

Animals Asia LogoPoachingFacts will continue to proudly support Animals Asia and its hands-on approach to providing for the welfare of Asia’s wonderful wildlife and domestic species. We support organizations and partnerships directly involved in front-line conservation programs and we hope you will as well.