Wildlife SOS India LogoWe’re very excited to add Wildlife SOS India to the PoachingFacts list of front-line conservation & anti-poaching groups with an incredible and crucial impact on front-line conservation. The organization was established in 1995 to undertake wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and also raise awareness for the cruel conditions of captive wildlife within India, particularly bears. Since then the organization has grown and expanded its efforts to rescue dozens of other mammalian, avian, and reptilian species and works alongside numerous state governments and forest departments in India. WSOS also provides conservation awareness campaigns and human-wildlife conflict mitigation while striving to uplift and improve the lives of local residents through sustainable sources of income and alternative employment that reduces the dependence on local wildlife via poaching.

Wildlife SOS allows tourists to visit their bear rescue facility and elephant conservation center which are great ways to see wildlife in safe and friendly encounters that contribute to the long-term care of the animal. They also welcome volunteers at the rescue facilities for longer visits assisting with day-to-day operations.

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