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Wildlife News Archive 1987-2012

This list of articles spanning 1987-2012 is composed of news from around the world related to wildlife trafficking, animal parts trafficking, the impact of over-hunting and illegal hunting, and all forms of wildlife poaching and illegal fishing. The Wildlife Trafficking News Archive is meant to provide background or sources to the current wildlife trafficking situation and is listed in roughly reverse chronological order by year and month. Due to the number of more recent articles, years are grouped together and organized on separate pages.

For a comprehensive list of news articles and media reports published by wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC please see their respective lists. News specific to wild elephants can also be found on Save The Elephant’s ElephantNews.org news groups for Asian elephants and African elephants or on their news feed. For in-depth journalism exposing wildlife traffickers and other environmental criminals please visit the Oxpeckers.org website.

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Articles from 2012

December 2012

USAID makes new program announcements for wildlife trafficking

November 2012

Apocalypse Rhinoceros

Interpol Conducts ‘War’ on Poaching in Africa

Bushmeat Stories: Voices from the Congo Basin

South African court gives Thai rhino poacher record sentence – Chumlong Lemtongthai.

Joy as rhino smuggler gets 40 years – Chumlong Lemtongthai.

South African court gives Thai rhino poacher record sentence – Chumlong Lemtongthai.

Thai man pleads guilty to South African rhino smuggling – Chumlong Lemtongthai.

Rhino butchers caught on film at North West game farm

Green bean boxes hid ivory worth 15 million AED – 215 pieces of ivory, worth $4.08 million (2012), seized by Dubai customs at Jebel Ali Port.

October 2012

Charting transnational poaching networks between Uganda and Tanzania

Tanzania and Zambia National Bureaus bet to enhance cross-border Cooperation against Wildlife crime

World leaders make a commitment to strengthen efforts against wildlife trafficking – Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

September 2012

Elephants Dying in Epic Frenzy as Ivory Fuels Wars and Profits – A shocking report on Ugandan military personnel sniping a large elephant herd from a helicopter and selling the ivory, one of many incidents of poaching by military forces in Africa.

Ivory Investigation Sparks Coverage and Inquiries in the Philippines – Religious leader at center of ivory smuggling controversy.

August 2012

Peru police seize thousands of dried seahorses

Mali: Local communities are heroes in the fight against elephant poaching

Chinese Bear Paws Tickle the French

July 2012

Video: Thai Customs Seize Half a Ton of Ivory from Kenya

What’s gender got to do with it? Bush meat consumption in the Congo Basin

May 2012

Op-Ed: Illegal Wildlife Trade: A Survey of Greed, Tragedy, and Ignorance.

Vietnam “Cancer Cure” Horn Habit Threat to World Rhinos

Zimbabwe: One gunned down in shootout

Zimbabwe: Poachers gunned down in shootout

April 2012

Over-hunting bush animals threatens food security of Central Africa’s rural communities

Indonesia Punishes Wildlife Traffickers

Poaching masterminds arrested during a LATF-ZAWA joint operation in Zambia’s Southern province

March 2012

Key meeting to address poaching threat in Central Africa

Rhino Wars: Rivaling the price of gold on the black market, rhino horn is at the center of a bloody poaching battle. – Gideon van Deventer “boere rhino mafia.”

Concern over Cheetah trafficking

Poachers from Myanmar pose hurdle to tiger census

February 2012

Rhino horn smuggling ring smashed in US

Enforcement heads agree to get tough on illegal tiger trade

UK Government commits £1.3 million to species protection

Articles from 2011

December 2011

Video: 2011 Worst Year For elephant Ivory Killings in Decades

Project Predator launched – INTERPOL and World Bank.

Zimbabwe: 220 poachers arrested, Parliament told

Chinese authorities stop auction of tiger bone wine in China

September 2011

Zimbabwe: Three poachers killed

August 2011

Mother bear kills cub and then itself – Bear in captivity at bear bile farm kills itself to escape the harsh conditions. Bear behavior experts suggest this report may have been fabricated.

Operation BONAPARTE nets close to 400 wildlife goods

Laos: Authorities shut down bear farm that extracted the animal’s bile

CITES reviews monkey business and more

July 2011

United States: Art Dealer Arrested In ‘Staggering’ African Elephant Ivory Seizure – Victor Gordon later plead guilty to ivory smuggling.

EUROPOL and Ireland Identify Organised Crime Group Active in Illegal Trading of Rhino Horn

June 2011

Russia Seizes Animal Parts – Bears, spotted dear, and mammoth ivory make their way to China.

May 2011

Infamous Poacher Narayan Chand Gets Five Years Imprisonment

Illegal Bear Bile Trade Rampant in Asia

February 2011

Sumatran tiger poacher arrested in Indonesia

January 2011

Suspects nabbed and wildlife contraband seized during LATF/ZAWA sting operation

Another King pin of illegal elephant ivory trafficking arrested in Tanzania – Li Guibang.

Lusaka Agreement Task Force Officer awarded for combating illegal ivory trade

Articles from 2010

December 2010

We Broke Into A Poacher Network And Found One Tiger Is Killed Every Two Weeks…

November 2010

Deal to save the tiger

Myanmar border markets act as deadly trade gateway for Tigers

ミャンマーの国境地域の市場がトラにとって致命的な取引経路に – Japanese-language version of above article.

INTERPOL co-ordinated Operation RAMP targets illegal trade in endangered reptiles

October 2010

LATF jointly with Tanzania National Bureau arrest the King pins connected to illegal export of 1.5 tonnes of elephant ivory to Hong Kong

Rhino case struck off roll – Clayton Fletcher, Gert Saaiman, Frans Andries van Deventer.

Charges against alleged poacher dropped – Clayton Fletcher, Gert Saaiman, Frans Andries van Deventer.

No ruling yet in rhino horn case – Clayton Fletcher, Gert Saaiman, Frans Andries van Deventer.

Sansar’s Successors – Indian poacher’s compatriots, friends, and competitors.

Blood Ivory: Ivory Worship – Article as seen in National Geographic magazine.

September 2010

Four suitcases filled with ivory seized in Bangkok

Six months for international wildlife trafficker in Malaysia

UK Government bans rhino horn exports

Too Close for Comfort: Thailand’s Tiger Temple

Major ivory seizures in DRC, Hong Kong and Kenya

August 2010

Sansar Chand Is India’s Dealiest Poacher. Here Is How He Has Escaped Legal Traps For 40 Years

Cambodia launches unit to tackle wildlife trafficking

July 2010

10 years for rhino horn smuggler – Vietnamese national arrested in South Africa.

Major ivory seizure in Thailand – 765 kg of ivory.

Second major Malagasy wildlife seizure in Malaysia inside five weeks – Tortoises, frogs, and reptiles.

June 2010

At Russia-China Border, Bear Paws Sell Best

Rare reptiles seized in Asia

LATF and ZAWA jointly carry out an operation

South Africa: Muti poachers: Vulture population could be decimated by World Cup

SA vultures killed to predict World Cup winner

May 2010

INTERPOL’s Operation Mogatle targets illegal ivory and rhino horn across southern Africa

Ivory Trade Threatens African Elephant

Millions seized in rhino horn smuggling group – “Boere rhino mafia” George Clayton Fletcher, Gerhardus Bartlomeus Saaiman, Kumaran Moodaley, Frans van Deventer.

LATF concludes consultations on disposal of 6.5 tonnes ivory seized in Singapore in 2002

April 2010

Thai Customs seize 1.4 tonnes of ivory – 1,390 kg of ivory.

The Hunted: Did American conservationists in Africa go too far? – Article about conservationists and researchers Delia and Mark Owens.

March 2010

Progress in some areas at CITES, but marine proposals fail

Bid to Relax International Ban on Sale of Ivory is Rejected

CITES meeting opens in Doha

Clampdown on medicines made with endangered plants and animals hailed a success

February 2010

Asian ivory trade poses danger to African elephant

Leopard skin bust in Cambodia

January 2010

UK agency seizes more than a tonne of live coral – Trafficked from Southeast Asia.

Almost 200 ivory pieces seized in Hong Kong – 186 pieces marked as 285 pieces of “white wood.”

Tigers and other farmyard animals – An expose on China’s captive tiger population.

Articles from 2009

December 2009

Suspect of illegal export of elephant tusks to Vietnam arrested in Zanzibar

Czech zoo sends rare Northern White rhinos to Kenya

November 2009

New strategy to combat global wildlife crime

Spider man caught – Man arrested in Brazil, coming from Paraguay, with 900 live spiders in luggage.

October 2009

Experts call for urgent action to save wild Tigers

Live coral seized at Manchester airport, UK

Snake smuggler rumbled

eBay ivory trader gets 10 months

Vietnamese urge Koreans not to travel for bear bile – Popular and lucrative traditional medicine begins to draw health-conscious tourists.

September 2009

Customs and Border Protection cracks egg smuggling attempt

August 2009

UK Government takes over CAWT chair

Crocodile hides in inspectors’ sights – Mexico’s Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) gets training in reptile skin identification.

LATF and KWS jointly recover pieces of elephant tusks

New hunting law passed in Russia

July 2009

Ha Noi’s Environmental Police seize frozen Tiger and Tiger bones

Spiralling demand threatens Asian pangolins

June 2009

LATF leads investigation team to the Philippines on follow up on 4,861 tonnes of elephant ivory siezed in Manila exported from Port of Dar-es-Salaam

May 2009

Need for concerted efforts in curbing illegal trade in wild fauna and flora

Threat to Rhino in Uganda

April 2009

Investigation on illegal export of live specimen from Tanzania to Holland and Hong Kong

March 2009

Joint law enforcement operation boosts fight against cross border wildlife crime in Zambia

Articles from 2008

November 2008

Illegal ivory traders nabbed

August 2008

Thousands of Rare Gorillas Found in Congo’s “Green Abyss”

July 2008

CITES Secretariat endorses CAWT efforts – Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking.

May 2008

U.S. One of the Largest Ivory Markets, New Study Says

Articles from 2007

December 2007

Historic Burning of Pelts in Srinagar – “The End of an Era”

February 2007

Increased Demand for Ivory Threatens Elephant Survival

Five things not to eat for Chinese New Year

Caviar figures smell fishy

Abalone to come under international trade controls

Articles from 2006

November 2006

China’s trade in tiger bones

September 2006

Beijing’s Penis Emporium – Journalist reports on a restaurant that serves a variety of unusual dishes.

August 2006

African Elephants Slaughtered in Herds Near Chad Wildlife Park

July 2006

Racing to Know the Rarest of Rhinos, Before It’s Too Late

Articles from 2005

November 2005

Poaching Devastates DR Congo’s Hippos – Poachers in Democratic Republic of Congo use heavy weapons to get bushmeat.

Articles from 2002

April 2002

15 More Elephants Killed in Kenya; Toll Hits 25 in April.

Articles from 1997

November 1997

The Poaching Problem – Elephant poaching.

Articles from 1994

October 1994

High Prices for Bear Gallbladders Encourage Poaching

Articles from 1991

November 1991

The Killing Fields – A look at culling elephant populations as a means of management.

Articles from 1989

January 27, 1989

Zimbabwe Losing War To Save Rhino (alternate link)

Articles from 1987

November 1987

Elite Zimbabwe Squad Wages War to Save Endangered Black Rhino (alternate link)

March 1987

The Rhino Wars: Zimbabwe is Shooting Poachers Who Menace the Rare Black Rhino (alternate link)