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Wildlife Trafficking News Archive 2013-2015

This is a list of articles from 2013, 2014, and 2015 with news from around the world related to wildlife trafficking, animal parts trafficking, the impact of over-hunting and illegal hunting, and all forms of wildlife poaching and illegal fishing. The Wildlife Trafficking News Archive is meant to provide background or sources to the current wildlife trafficking situation and is listed in roughly reverse chronological order by year and month. Due to the number of more recent articles, years are grouped together and organized on separate pages.

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Articles from 2015

December 2015

Liberia: EU Vessels Illegally Fishing in Liberian Waters

Kenya: Police Face Probe in Sh44 Million Ivory Saga – Roughly $430,000 (2015 dollars).

North Korean diplomat expelled from South Africa for rhino horn trafficking

Malawi: Christmas Fate – Malawi Elephant Kills Poacher

U.S. Protects Lions Under Endangered Species Act

Kenya Court Charges Ivory-Smuggling ‘Kingpin’ – Suspected ivory trafficker Feisal Mohamed Ali.

Seven of the Year’s Biggest Wins Against Wildlife Exploitation

What Some in Maasai Mara are Doing to Prevent Another Marsh Pride Tragedy – The Maasai in Kenya.

Rhinos, Photos of the four Chinese Nationals Sentenced to 20 years – Elephant Action League exclusive press release on the arrest and prosecution of traffickers in Tanzania.

Chinese poachers destroying coral reefs – In South Pacific.

Gabon seizes 200kg of poached ivory in what could be biggest haul ever

How Japan is Fueling the Slaughter of Elephants

Don’t celebrate falling ivory prices too soon

Lifeline for Elephants: Ivory price halves in China after Xi pledges ban

Prince Harry’s Photos Show the Reality of Poaching

Online wildlife trader arrested in Ho Chi Minh City

Fighting Wildlife Crime in Vietnam: The Downfall of the “Bastard of the Internet” – Phan Huynh Anh Khoa, a Vietnamese citizen accused of wildlife trafficking.

Iconic rhino, calves savagely poached in iSimangaliso

Thai Soccer Stars Join WildAid to Fight Ivory Trade

EU-TWIX: ten years of enforcement assistance – The European Union Trade in Wildlife Information eXchange.

30 artwork collecting businesses pledge to “refuse illegal wildlife products”

Thousands of Birds Seized from East Java Port

Rhino Horn Trafficking: Market-Based Solutions Under Scrutiny

Debate on Tacklaing Wildlife Crimes in Hong Kong Set in Motion

November 2015

Poacher guns down two police officers, fellow rustler – Suspected poacher in Zimbabwe (alternate source).

South Africa: Cops nabbed for rhino poaching

Germans Boost Tanzania’s Anti-Poaching Push

Pope Francis calls to fight ivory trafficking

High-level action on wildlife crime urged at China-Africa Summit

UK to ban import of lion trophies if hunting industry doesn’t reform

Minister of Environmental Affairs, Mrs Edna Molewa, Studying Rhino Horn Moratorium Judgment

South African Judge Lifts Domestic Ban on Rhino Horn Trade

South African Government appeals High Court ruling against rhino horn ban

Poaching upsurge threatens South America’s iconic vicuña

Letaba Ranch: A nest of corruption

24 pangolins released into the wild – Rescued and released in Vietnam

Ivory Action Plans: Good progress made, but essential next steps needed

Thailand repatriates smuggled orangutans to Indonesia

China Backs Malawi’s Wildlife Crime Crusade

TRAFFIC and Tencent sign agreement to tackle illicit wildlife trade through social media networks

Rhino Tracking with the Poacher that Became the Protector

Rhino Slaughter Continues – In Namibia’s Etosha National Park and elsewhere.

France bans import of lion hunting trophies

Who are Namibia’s Chinese smugglers? – Relating to prosecution of Wang Hui, Pu Xuexin, Li Zhibing, and Li Xiaoliang.

Rhino Tracking with the Poacher that Became the Protector

Northern White Rhino Dies, Leaving Just Three on the Planet – Died in captivity.

Australian Court Fines Japanese Whalers A$1 Million

South Africa: The end of canned lion hunting looks imminent

Is Trophy Hunting Helping Save African Elephants?

Poaching Attempt Prevented Thanks to Tip-off – In Kruger National Park, South Africa. (alternate source)

Poachers Should Rot in Jail, Says VP – Vice President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa. (alternate source)

South Africa: Trophy Hunting Industry Disowns Half-Tame Lion Hunting

Strategies for Success in the Ivory War

Namibia Needs China’s Help to Curb Poaching

Elephant Poachers Take Aim at South Africa’s Famed Refuge

Mozambique nabs Vietnamese for rhino poaching

South Africa: Another rhino down in Hluhluwe

South Africa: Rangers foil rhino poachers at Phinda (Graphic)

Malawi Declares War on Game Poachers, Wildlife Illegal Dealers

Mozambique ramps up fight against poachers

Kenya Among 25 States Seeking a Global Ban On Ivory Trade

U.S. Congress Moves to Treat Poachers Like Drug Traffickers

A Tribute to Ranger Daniel Mabasa After 25 Years at Kruger

David Pocock Swaps Rugby for Rhinos

Washington Voters Approve Anti-Wildlife-Trafficking Initiative, I-1401, In a Landslide

Reckless Australian Auction Rooms and Weak Domestic Wildlife Laws May Contribute to Worldwide Rhino Slaughter

Malaysian men charged with smuggling wildlife into Oregon

Vet will fight till last bear is free – Expat veterinarian in Vietnam.

VN, African nations target wildlife trade

SANParks appoints Head of Ranger Services in the Kruger National Park – Major General Johan Jooste mvoes on to a different position and is replaced by Xolani Nicholus Funda.

Tokay Gecko captive breeding doesn’t add up

TRAFFIC facilitates enforcement training workshop in Guangxi

Rhino horn DNA testing in Vietnam

South Africa: Rhino airwing contract fiasco

Thula Thula’s Royal Zulu dream comes alive

Two Poachers, Three Rhino Down in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Park, South Africa

Two Zim cops caught trying to sell a pangolin

Senior Zim cop implicated in poisoning elephants – Related to the cyanide poisonings of more than 60 elephants in September and October.

President Jacob Zuma: Anti-Rhino Poaching Awareness Day and visit to the Kruger National Park – Press release from the South African government. Photos also available from the Kruger event.

October 2015

“The Devil,” Most Wanted Ivory Trafficker in Tanzania, Arrested – Boniface Mariango, also known as “Shetani” (meaning “the Devil”), was arrested not long after the arrest of Yang Feng Lan (Yang Fenglan) the “Queen of Ivory.”

Tanzania gets ‘The Devil’ as it cracks down on elephant poaching

Zimbabwe’s elephants allegedly poisoned by dissatisfied rangers

Rhino poachers get 14 years in prison thanks to tracking dog

Clouded Leopards Threatened by Sudden Increase in Poaching and Live Trade

Suspected Poacher Shot in Zululand Rhino Reserve

Homegrown African Solutions to Elephant Poaching

Seizure of highly threatened turtles highlights ongoing threat of illegal trade

Bears face prolonged wait for return to the wild – Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre seeks to return rescued bears to the wild when they are at less risk.

Animals in trade under spotlight in Asian conference

How World’s Largest Legal Ivory Market Fuels Demand for Illegal Ivory

Seized orangutans repatriated – After being illegally captured and trafficked.

Illegal Hunter and Hunting Dogs Killed by Lions in South Africa

China to ban ivory trade within a year or so as pressure mounts on Hong Kong

Rhino kingpin offered police a bribe – Relating to prosecution of Wang Hui, Pu Xuexin, Li Zhibing, and Li Xiaoliang.

19 elephants killed by poachers in Kruger

A Poacher’s Choice: $10,000 or Six Years in Jail

Eight bears rescued in Quang Ninh – Animals Asia rescued the captive bears in Vietnam.

German National Arrested in Indonesia on Suspicion of Smuggling Earless Monitor Lizards

Anti-Poaching Dog Bid a Brave Farewell

For Nations Lax About Ivory Smuggling, An Easy Pass

Rangers bust suspected Sumatran tiger poachers

Government teacher accused of killing Tiger in order to get rich

Forty Zimbabwean elephants slaughtered; minister blames ‘American policies’

Record Amount Raised to Fight Poaching in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

26 elephants found dead at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park after being poisoned with cyanide

Helmeted Hornbill: The bird that’s more valuable than ivory

More arrested for smuggling sable – Attempted smuggling of sable from Zambia.

Fighting Back After Bahati’s Death – Regrouping after the death of a young rhino in Kenya.

Poachers kill four rangers, army officer in Congo park

Zimbabwe Authorities Foil Parks Employees’ Bid to Smuggle Ivory

Four Men Killed by Poachers in Garamba National Park DRC

What Do New Cyanide Poisonings Mean for Zimbabwe’s Elephants?

Chinese Ivory Trafficker Arrested in Tanzania – Yang Feng Lan was born in China but had been living in Tanzania and Uganda since 1975. (Alternate source)

Major ivory trafficker arrested – Yang Feng Lan, the “Queen of Ivory,” has been arrested in Tanzania.

China seizes nearly 1 ton of ivory, rhino horn, bear paws

Zimbabwe: 22 poachers killed, 900 arrested in 2015

Elephant Poaching declines in Tanzania due to intelligence-led approach

Arrest over Siberian tiger poaching after rare big cat ‘violently killed’ this year

Newborn Lions Are Being Stolen From Their Moms — And Handed Over To Hunters

Zimbabwe Elephant Poaching: Cyanide Used By Suspected Poachers To Poison 14 Pachyderms In National Parks

Malawi Gets Tough on Wildlife Crime At Home and Abroad

KZN Rhinos in Danger –  Rhinoceroses in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Man Caught Trying to Smuggle Ivory, Python Skin Into SA

Ivory trafficking on Nigeria-Cameroon border targeted

Botswana cheetah Legolas killed

Live Ops Begin – A surprise party for poachers.

More Zim Elephants Die From Cyanide Poisoning

Abuja is new ivory trade route – Abuja, Nigeria.Abuja is new ivory trade route – Abuja, Nigeria.

Hundreds of protected tortoises seized in Madagascar

SOS: wild animals dying at rescue centers

Three Zim Elephants Poisoned With Cyanide in Resort Town

Elephant ivory: Nearly all sales in California banned after Gov. Jerry Brown signs conservation bill

Logistics Giant DHL Assists TRAFFIC-led Workshop on Wildlife Smuggling Prevention

‘You Don’t Win a War Without Resources’ – New Proposal to Save Rhinos

Asian Songbird Trade Crisis Summit calls on regional governments to shut down illegal bird markets

Malawi Gets Tough on Wildlife Crime At Home and Abroad

September 2015

Vietnam to end use of bear bile – Animals Asia Foundation seeks to end bear bile farming by 2020.

5 Rhino Poached in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Park, South Africa – One is struggling to survive the attack.

Poaching Takes a Toll on Vulture Populations

U.S. troops have turned to some unsavory partners to help find warlord Joseph Kony – Lord’s Resistance Army warlord has alleged ties to elephant ivory and illegal weapons trade.

Diamonds are only conflict resource defined by the UN. What about ivory?

Forest of Dean wild boar and deer poaching ‘out of control’

Undercover Video Confirms Hong Kong’s Retail Market Is “Front” for Smuggled Ivory – The report this article is based on is available here.

Spotlight on Da Nang as new conduit in global ivory trafficking

China to prosecute three over butchered panda

3 more elephants found in Zim with tusks ‘chopped out’

SA’s Ban On Trade of Rhino Horn Under Attack in Court

On World Rhino Day, Borana Conservancy Celebrates 2 Years as a Rhino Sanctuary

World Rhino Day: The last stand

Ex-soldier allegedly used silencers to poach rhino in Kruger Park – Former soldier in South African National Defence Force and civilian partner each face multiple charges.

Confessions of a Notorious Elephant Poacher

Injured rhinos on the mend

Taking anti-rhino poaching messages to the world

Suspected rhino poachers caught – In Limpopo, South Africa.

Investigative documentary on bloody ivory from Tanzania

Rhino youth activists head to Vietnam

Killing buffalo for Edgar Lungu – Zambia’s President.

Chinese Rhino Poaching Suspects in Namibian Court

How not to save the rhino

Wildlife Trade Experts Oppose Use of Synthetic Rhino Horn as Anti-Poaching Measure

Nearly 500 Mozambican poachers killed in South Africa’s Kruger since 2010 – According to Mozambique’s former president Joaquim Chissano.

East African Smugglers Push Ivory Out of the Continent

Push to save African elephants stirs U.S. clash over antique ivory trade

Tanzania stops Malawi burning ivory – Citing evidence needed for poacher prosecutions.

Tanzania: Anti-Poaching Surveillance By Drone a Success

Poachers Surrender Guns for Peanut Butter and Honey

Dogs and Informants Track Down Elephant’s Killers

Vietnam, China strengthen stances on wildlife protection

Poachers kill about 2,000 animals yearly – According to a report by the Angolan Ministry of the Environment.

Brazen Pangolin Trader Caught on Film in Malaysia

South African Wine Estate Sponsors Rhino Scouts Training

Wildlife DNA forensics group established to combat Illegal wildlife trade in SE Asia

As demand for African timber soars, birds pay the ultimate price

Iran’s fragile ecosystems under pressure – Cheetah habitat destruction, forest destruction, and a drought.

Two Rhino Poachers Jailed for 11 Years Each in South Africa

California lawmakers pass sweeping ivory ban to curb elephant poaching

Con Dao sea turtles give birth with forest rangers’ help – Endangered sea turtle protection in Vietnam.

Environment minister confident about mitigation of poaching in Africa – Minister of the Environment Fátima Jardim.

Elephant Killings in Chad’s Signature Park Cause Alarm – Zakouma National Park, Chad.

Large Haul of Tiger and Other Wildlife Parts in Malaysia – Malaysian authorities bust wildlife trafficking syndicate and confiscate hundreds of tiger and elephant parts.

August 2015

Killing Elephants with Spears – Big Life Foundation uncovers an instance of human-elephant conflict.

Endangered douc carcasses found in Vietnam

Eight tonnes of smuggled wildlife products seized

Case proven: ivory trafficking funds terrorism

California lawmakers propose sweeping ivory ban to curb elephant poaching

Wildlife Conservation Powers Team Up, Poachers Beware – ‘Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species’ (CITES) treaty members and ‘International Union for Conservation of Nature’ (IUCN) increase cooperation to combat wildlife trafficking.

Kenya’s ‘ivory kingpin’ bail suspended – Feisal Mohamed Ali.

Conservationists appalled at illegal killing of 25m birds a year in the Mediterranean

South Africa: iSimangaliso Wetland Park Takes Bold Steps to Safeguard Rhino

Brazil: Fighting wildlife smuggling one DNA test at a time

Pangolins in Peril: rallying the world to curb the global China trade

Judge now freezes the assets of seven ivory case suspects – Kenyan Businessman Abdulrahman Sheikh and 6 others accused of trafficking ivory to Singapore and Thailand.

Thailand crushes two tonnes of confiscated ivory

Kerala enforcement agencies ready to tackle wildlife crime – Police Department and the Customs and Central Excise Department in Kerala, India receive training on capacity building to thwart future poaching attempts.

Mammoth ivory trade: Should the prehistoric species be protected – to save the elephant?

Smuggled Iguanas Tell Larger Tale of Animal Trafficking

Short Film Launched to Warn Against Illegal Wildlife Trade in Vietnam – Made by Vietnamese NGO ‘Education for Nature-Vietnam’ (ENV)

Ivory poaching: UK troops sent to Gabon to fight illegal trade

Help Track Down Illegal Fishing Boats in Cocos Island, Costa Rica From Your Computer

Chinese replace Zims at Hwange Park – Concerns of lack of oversight in Zimbabwe as foreigners are given jobs in high-profile national parks.

More Than 700 Kilograms of Rhino Horns, Elephant Tusks Seized in Vietnam – Roughly 1,500 pounds, mostly elephant tusks seized for second day in a row.

Hanoi Customs Officers Seizes 100 Kilograms of Ivory, Rhino Horns in Record Haul

48 Rhino Poaching Suspects Arrested Since June, NamPol – According to Namibian Police Force’s anti-poaching unit.

How Killing Elephants Finances Terror in Africa – And how GPS tracking devices in fake ivory could reveal ivory smuggling routes in Africa.

GPS Trackers In Fake Elephant Tusks Reveal Ivory Smuggling Route – See article above “How Killing Elephants Finances Terror in Africa” for in-depth report.

Lax Legislation Fuels South Africa’s Poaching Problem

More Than 700 kilograms (1,500 pounds) of Rhino Horns, Elephant Tusks Seized in Vietnam

Poachers Aren’t Going to ‘Like’ These Tech Companies Teaming Up to Fight the Ivory Trade

Prince Harry in Kruger Park in war against rhino poachers

Bangladesh Police Kill 6 Alleged Tiger Poachers in Gunfight

Scientists: we are ‘condemning’ forest elephants by ignoring evidence

South Africa: Dehorned Pregnant Rhino Clinging to Life, Her Bull Calf Killed – Occurred in South Africa.

Ring-Tailed Lemurs Threatened by Illegal Pet Trade

China donates $2M for conservation – Amid multi-billion dollar projects in Zimbabwe, China makes a small donation of supplies.

Rhino poachers strike twice in one week – In KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Rhino killed in private reserve in Hluhluwe – KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

UK Boosts Global Efforts Against Wildlife Crime with Monetary Support of Initiatives to Stop Trafficking

Zurich targeted as hub to smuggle ivory

Vietnam to bust rhino horn myth

One Point Of View On How Lions Can Earn Money For Africa

Congolese ivory kingpin wriggles out of yet another arrest

Overexploited, Dak Lak elephants are at risk – “Tamed” elephants in Vietnam.

Killing with Poison (And What Big Life is Doing to Prevent it)

Laos, Destination in Illegal Ivory Trade, So Far Eludes Global Crackdown – Vixay Keosavang.

Chengeta Wildlife Pseudo-Ops – Going undercover as a buyer of rhino horn or ivory.

July 2015

Poacher killed, another arrested near Hluhluwe – KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Planned US ivory rules not fazing California Chinatown shops

Despite big efforts, the US is still a major consumer of illegal elephant ivory

Kenya: KWS Ivory Count to Cost Sh45 Million

Malaysia clamps down on illegal wildlife trade using social media

TPA to support scribes on anti-poaching drive – Tanzania Port Authority to support reporters embedded with anti-poaching units.

Kenya Wildlife Service commissions first ever digital inventory exercise of elephant ivory and rhino horn stockpile

Pictures suggest Zimbabwe’s elephants sold to Chinese zoo ‘malnourished and injured’

Inside the Largest Crocodile Farm for Leather in Saigon

Watch how drones keep elephants away from danger in Tanzania

Cecil the lion was skinned and head removed – Sport hunter alleges that the hunt was legal, despite lack of permits.

South Africa: State to Keep Illegal Rhino Trade Cash – Seized money from illegal sale in KwaZulu-Natal will remain in police custody.

Outrage as poachers walk – Three rhino poachers in South Africa given suspiciously light sentencing after being involved in fatal shootout with authorities.

Elephant Ivory Seized in Bust

Namibia Will Not Burn Ivory and Rhino Horns – Says Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta.

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry builds capacity for officers to protect endangered wildlife species

Tanzania’s elephant catastrophe: ‘We recalculated about 1,000 times because we didn’t believe what we were seeing’

Will the Maputo ivory burn make any difference? – Continued discussion on the ivory and rhino horn burn in Mozambique.

Peace Parks Foundation Provides Night-vision Equipment for Kruger National Park Rangers

Namibia: Inroads Made in Fight Against Trans-national Poaching Syndicates

3 Positive Signs the Tides Are Turning Against the Ivory Trade

U.S. Steps Up Fight Against Poaching and Wildlife Trafficking

Poaching syndicates use locals – Namibia’s Minister of Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, alleges.

Government condemns Botswana for shooting Namibians – Shooting related to suspecting cross-border poaching incidents.

Endangered Antelope with Fur More Valuable Than Gold on Its Way to Recovery – The chiru, Tibetan antelope, is illegally hunted in China, Tibet, and India.

Elephants Exported to China On Fake Permits – More scrutiny of Zimbabwe’s controversial elephant exports begun in 2014 (backup link).

The Wildlife Justice Commission: International body launches in effort to combat biggest ‘Al Capone’ poachers

State Justifies Lifting of Big Cats Hunting Ban – Lion ban will begin in 2016. Zambia claims 50% of hunting proceeds will go to local communities.

Poachers convicted of hunting in KNP – Suspects caught in Kruger National Park claimed to have been framed, but were found guilty.

Elephant tusk statues seized at Vietnam airport – Customs officials seized an alleged shipment of furniture en route from France.

Ivory worth R4m confiscated at OR Tambo airport – 267 kilograms of ivory seized by South Africa agents shipped from Zimbabwe to Vietnam.

22 detained for suspected poaching – In Namibia.

South African rangers kill two rhino poachers in Kruger National Park

U.S. pushes China on ivory trade, wildlife NGOs

iSimangaliso winning the war on poaching – Several arrests of bushmeat and fish poachers in South Africa’s first world heritage site.

R440M ($38.5 Million) Spent in Kruger National Park But Rhinos Still Slaughtered

June 2015

Ivory trade: Are China’s efforts too late?

Massachusetts sees brisk trade in illicit ivory

United States and China Highlight Cooperation on Combating Wildlife Trafficking at the 7th U.S.-China Strategic & Economic Dialogue

DNA Tracking Of Ivory Helps Biologists Find Poaching Hotspots

Poachers killing tourism jobs

3,907 Critically Endangered Palawan Forest Turtles Seized in Philippines Last Week – Turtles were likely destined for China.

SA breeders sue government to lift rhino horn trade – Dispute stems from South African government’s consideration of legalizing the rhino horn trade.

South Africa: Suspected Rhino Poachers Apply for Bail

139 Arrested in Historic Wildlife Crime Operation – Operation COBRA III.

Three including ranger killed by poachers while on patrol in Garamba – Democratic Republic of Congo’s national park.

New study identifies elephant poaching hotspots in Africa

The Danger of False Narratives: Al-Shabaab’s Faux Ivory Trade – Op-Ed on possibly incorrect links between the ivory trade and Al-Shabaab.

Five Namibians Arrested With Rhino Horn in Kunene, Namibia

More success from the LATF coordinated multi-regional Operation Cobra III

E-commerce Companies in Japan Strengthen Measures Against Illegal Online Ivory Trade

Rhino Poaching ‘Kingpin’ Denied Bail in Namibia – Chinese national Wang Hui suspected of illegal possession and trafficking of rhino horn. Three other Chinese nationals are also being prosecuted.

Suspected Kingpin in Ivory Trade Arrested – Joint Kenya law enforcement effort leads to arrest of Mohammed Bulle.

French Customs Seize Biggest Ivory Haul in Nine Years – 136 kilograms of ivory contained in the shipment.

Bears killed as bear bile price drops – Lower profits and more regulations take toll on bear bile industry in Vietnam.

Namibia: Residents Warned Against Bushmeat Poaching – Includes cross-border poaching of buffalo, elephants, and other wildlife in Botswana by Namibians.

Mozambique: Number of Arrests Over Rhino Horn Theft Rises to 11 – Developing story related to the theft of rhino horn by Mozambican authorities from a secure facility.

Kenya wins applause from animal welfare group over fight on poaching

Beijing Customs Launches “Bring No Ivory Home” Campaign

Mozambique: Police involvement in theft of rhino horn confirmed

Arrest of Ivory Trafficking Tycoon – Police in Kenya arrest Abdurahman Mohammed Sheikh, his two sons, and several others for alleged involvement in large-scale ivory smuggling.

Poisoned Vultures Found in Mpumalanga – South African property discovers 12 poisoned vultures, was able to send 2 survivors to Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre for treatment.

China Pledges to End Ivory Trading, but Says the US Should Too

Anti-Poaching Groups In Africa Becoming “Militarized” To Protect Elephants, Rhinos, Small Arms Survey Shows

Kenya Says Poaching Financing Separatist Group that Shipped 3 Tonnes of Ivory to Thailand – Islamic separatist group Mombasa
Republican Council (MRC) linked to 3 tonne ivory shipment to Thailand.

Namibia: 103 rhinos poached in the last 10 years

Smooth Operators – An article on ivory trafficking and ivory sales in Thailand.

Lufthansa Bans Transport of Game Trophies in Africa

May 2015

Ivory Trafficking: Undercover Survey at the Mombasa Port Reveals Vulnerabilities, Confirms High Level Corruption, and Highlights National and International Security Issues

Safely Out of Zimbabwe – Chengeta Wildlife Director/Anti-Poaching instructor forced out of Zimbabwe by secret police.

China Signals End to Domestic Ivory Market During Destruction of Illegal Stockpile

On the trail of Maputo’s missing rhino horns – A brief, independent report on the facts relating to the stolen ivory and horn in Mozambique.

Zimbabwean Woman of Chinese Descent, Song Li, Named as Central Agent in Controversial Exportation of Elephants to China

Chinese agent named in elephant export (Zimbabwe) – Zimbabwean Song Li, of Chinese descent, named as central figure in the project to export elephants to China.

As Animal Poaching Surges, Organized Crime Plays Bigger Role

200,000 Shark Fins Seized as Ecuador Moves on Poaching Ring

Rhino horns seized during the operation in May 19 in Mozambique vanish from police warehouse

North Koreans trade in illegal rhino horns, says South Korea embassy

Kenya: Six More Face Charges Over Thailand Ivory Worth KSh576 Million ($5.78 Million)

New Poll Shows Hong Kong Public Supports Ivory Ban

Vietnam claims drop of 77% in rhino horn demand in a year – According to Do Quang Tung, Director of the Vietnam Management Authority for CITES.

Drones Can Curb Poaching, But They’re Much Costlier Than Alternatives

Exotic Wildlife Association working on plans to bring rhinos to Texas

One of Three Suspects Arrested for Assassination of Anti-Poaching Investigator Constable Joseph Baloyi

Botswana Defence Force (BDF) Patrol Team Kills Three Poachers in Possession of Elephant Tusks

Singapore Authorities Seize Ivory, Rhino Horns and Big Cats’ Teeth Shipment Weighing 3.7 Tonnes

Vietnam Considers Destruction of Protected Species Stockpiles

Angola: Poachers to Receive 300,000 and Akz 600.000 Fines – The fines in Angolan Kwanzas equate to roughly $3,050 and $6,100 respectively.

Vietnamese man caught with rhino parts and lion teeth at Kenyan airport – Originated in Mozambique, destination Hanoi, VN.

Emirates SkyCargo Bans Transport of Hunting Trophies

Qumquat and Family’s Killer Finally Jailed

Rory Young: The Man Behind 81 Poaching Arrests in 12 Days – A glimpse of successful anti-poaching and policing operations in Malawi.

Ebola Empties Villages, Bushmeat Empties Forests

Mozambique Police Raid Wildlife House of Horror – 340 elephant tusks and 65 rhino horns were found, worth $19 million.

Panda Poaching Culprits Busted by China

Shania Twain and Panthera Launcht he #IFAKEIT Social Media Campaign to Save Leopards – Offering man-made alternatives to traditional leopard skin outfits.

Nonprofit VETPAW Kicked Out of Tanzania – Nonprofit group in Tanzania training rangers gets ousted. 

South Africa’s Rhino Horn Trade Proposal Risks Rhino Extermination

Four South African Police Arrested for Possession of Rhino Horn, Corruption

Rhino Killers Lay Siege to Kruger Park – South Africa’s world-famous park under threat.

WildAid Trains Guangzhou Customs to Fight Smuggling

Mozambican Police Seize 4.6 kg of Rhino Horns – Four suspected traffickers arrested.

Kenya opens anti-poaching laboratory – Goal is to create a database of wild animal DNA to be used in prosecutions of poachers.

Preserving the Future – digital campaign illuminates illegal trade in non-charismatic species

CITES name 17 countries that need to do more on wildlife trade

For Africa’s Elephants, Bearing Witness Bears Fruit

South Africa Rhino Poaching at New Record Levels – 393 rhino reportedly killed illegally in South Africa.

The Largest Tiger Farm in Thanh Hoa

Nepal Achieves 21 Percent Increase in Rhino Numbers and Another Year of Zero Poaching of Rhinos

Ranger killed by poachers in Garamba while on elephant patrol

April 2015

Study Estimates Legal Rhino Horn Trade Would Produce Annual Profits of Over $1 Billion by 2023

Republic of Congo’s 4.7 Tonne Ivory Burn Could Be Turning Point in Fight Against Wildlife Trafficking

South African Airways Bans Transport of Hunting Trophies on All Passenger and Cargo Flights

Paul Allen bankrolls initiative to ban rare-species trafficking

Just getting started – 55 arrests of suspected poachers made in 48 hour period in Malawi.

Kruger Tourists Bust Rhino Poachers – Tourists in Kruger National Park alert authorities to poachers, leading to arrests.

Thailand makes second big ivory bust in two weeks – The shipment contained roughly “3 tons” of ivory.

Richard Leakey Back at Head of Kenya Wildlife Service

Operation Lebombo: Success Through Cooperation – Mozambique-South Africa joint operations leads to arrests of attempted poachers.

Ivory worth $3 million seized at Dubai Airport – Shipment weighed 300 kg and contained 84 pieces of raw ivory. At $2,000/kg a more realistic market value would be $600,000.

Ivory Is Worthless, Elephants Are Invaluable: Why Malawi’s Ivory Is Not For Sale

Operation Cobra II Evaluation Report 2015

Conservation hero turns gorilla killers into eco-warriors – Summary of Edwin Sabuhoro, a Rwandan conservationist, and his efforts to transform the way people interact with the local wildlife.

Chinese Skipper Goes on Trial for Coral Poaching in Japanese Waters

The Worth of an Elephant

Mali’s Elephant Poaching: The Local Context

Cross-border Strategy for Rhino Poaching Not on the Table – Talks to end rhino poaching continue in South Africa.

South Africa: Trading blows over Trading Rhino Horn

On the Internet, Illegal Trade In Endangered Wildlife Thrives

Four Tonnes of Ivory Worth $6 Million Seized in Bangkok, Thailand

Positive Plans to Save the South African Rhino Population

Fighting ivory smuggling through capacity building in Central Africa

Conflating the Figures, Zimbabwe Attempts to Justify Selling Off it’s Wild Elephants

Sushi Chef Wu Xiaohui Found Guilty of Smuggling Rhino Horn in South African Court

Anti-Poaching Operation Cripples Ivory Syndicates in Southern Tanzania

Nearly Half of Hong Kong No Longer Biting on Shark’s Fin

Rhino horn and tusks intercepted in Vietnam

Congo-Kinshasa: Organized Crime in Wildlife, Gold and Timber, Worth Over One Billion USD, Further Fuels Conflict in Eastern DR Congo – UN Report

Zimbabwe: Poaching Gets Out of Control in Zimbabwe

‘We don’t buy panda products – so the Chinese should get their hands off our elephants’ – Op-Ed by Paula Kahumbu.

Three rhino poached every day in SA – In South Africa during first months of 2015.

South Africa: Green Scorpions Deployed at OR Tambo International Airport to Combat Wildlife crime (archive link)

31 Dead Rhinos Found in 1 Week at Etosha National Park, Namibia

Theft of 300kg of Ivory in Gabon Highlights Urgent Need to Secure Government Stockpiles in Central Africa

Poachers caught at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – Vietnam.

Convicted Ivory Traffickers in Zambia Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison – Members of the syndicate were caught in possession of 210 kg of elephant ivory in February, 2015.

Anti-poaching Drive Cripples Ivory Syndicates – Operation conducted in southern Tanzania snares big ivory traders.

European Union Urged to Ban Ivory Exports Immediately

UK Border Force Wildlife Seizures 2014 – The list of quarterly seizures is available here.

As Beijing cracks down on ivory trade, pressure mounts on Hong Kong to follow suit

Elephant herds need protection in Yok Don Park – Asian elephant found dead in forest in Vietnam.

Zimbabwe: Elephants, Rhinos Killed by Cyanide – At least 6 elephants and 2 black rhino have been poisoned in the country between January-March 10, 2015.

Mozambique: Policemen Accused of Ivory Trafficking

March 2015

St. Cloud Professor Accused of Smuggling Ivory, Rhino Horn – St. Cloud State University (Minnesota) Professor Yiwei Zheng accused of smuggling wildlife parts from 2006-2011.

British Tiger Parts Trade Gets 120 Hours Community Service

Mozambican police announce seizure of 17 rhino horns

Canines Take Command of Akagera National Park – Tracking dogs aiding in apprehending poachers in Rwanda’s national park.

Police Arrest Chinese National with Rhino Horn and Abalone – Cape Town International Airport, South Africa.

South Africa: Relocating Rhino to Create New Breeding Populations

New study finds flaws in “alternative livelihoods” projects for bushmeat-dependent communities

CITES: Elephant poaching rates virtually unchanged in 2014

Indian Poachers Buy Kaziranga Forest Guards for £1,000

Africa is centre of a “wildlife war” that the world is losing

Hong Kong intercepts 2 tons of pangolin scales

Kenya Burns 15-ton Ivory Pile in Defiance of Trade

Ethiopia Burns Entire 6.1-Ton Ivory Stockpile

Ethiopia burns its 6 tons of ivory

Southeast Asia in illegal ivory trade spotlight – Two men announced arrested for possession of 135kg of elephant tusks.

Three countries receive CITES trade bans for failing elephants

Laos’ Sin City is an illegal wildlife trade supermarket for visiting Chinese tourists

Kidnapped in Mozambique: In the Clutches of Rhino Poachers

Rhino Squad in Training for Botswana as Country Battles Poachers

Thailand Faces Sanctions if it Fails to Stop Ivory Trade – Vietnam and Mozambique could also face sanctions over illegal rhino horn trade.

Profiling ups risk for Asian rhino horn mules – Vietnamese rhino horn trafficking syndicates may have changed their tactics due to racial profiling at South African customs.

Chinese Wildlife Conservationist Pursues Childhood Dream in Africa – Zhuo Qiang joins in anti-poaching patrols in Kenya.

500 Kilograms of Ivory Impounded At Airport in Entebbe, Uganda

Kenya Wildlife Service to Probe Rhino Killing in Laikipia

Guarding the Heart of the Forest – A brief Q&A with Roger Bruno Tabue Mbobda, a ranger in Cameroon.

Illegal hunters of wildlife sell meat to restaurants and the rich – Brief article on bushmeat poaching in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Beihai clampdown leads to significant reduction in marine turtle trafficking

Namibia’s national soccer medic linked to rhino poaching and murder – OxPeckers.org – Windhoek chiropractor Gerson Kandjii faces charges of black
rhino poaching and, in an unrelated incident, homicide.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore and TRAFFIC launch campaign to battle illegal wildlife trade in South-East Asia

Kenya burns 15 tonnes of ivory – On the heels of China’s ban on African ivory imports Kenya burns 15,000 kg of its government-held stockpile.

Assam Governor expresses concern over rhino poaching – Governor Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya of Assam, India.

Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife (CPW) launches bushmeat sourcebook

The man protecting China’s elephants

Kenya Burns 15-ton Ivory Pile in Defiance of Trade

In Cameroon, Elephant Poachers Die, Too

As Consumer Awareness of Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade’s Impact Grows in China, Government Moves to Curb Ivory Markets

TRAFFIC’s E-commerce Monitoring Reveals Illegal Wildlife Trade Market in China Shifting From Online Retailers to Social Media – This article corresponds to Moving targets: Tracking online sales of illegal wildlife products in China, a publication by TRAFFIC.

February 2015

Operation Game Change to be launched in Viet Nam to combat wildlife crime

85% of Thai ivory traders close in 3 months

India Deploys Undercover Commands to combat Wildlife Trade

China’s One-Year Ban on African Ivory Carving Imports: What Does it Mean?

Elephant poachers caught red-handed in Indonesia

Rhino Poacher Arrested After Life on the Run – Nepalese rhino poacher Rajkumar Praja arrested by Interpol in Malaysia; other members in his syndicate had been arrested in 2013.

Thailand’s drive against illegal ivory trade bolstered by forensic tools

Democratic Republic of Congo creates new unit to fight wildlife crime

Zimbabwe: Police intercept 300kg elephant tusks

Rhino Horn Trade Plot Thickens – Questions are raised about the ethics of some members of South Africa’s Environmental Affairs Portfolio Committee which plans on evaluating the possibility of a legal rhino horn trade.

Poachers target rhino calves – Poachers in Zimbabwe kills rhino calves for minuscule amount of rhino horn.

Botswana: CBNRM Ideal for Managing Human-Wildlife Conflict – Community Based Natural Resource Management produces positive results in dealing with human-wildlife conflict.

Dak Lak works hard for wild elephant preservation – Beginning in 2013 Vietnamese province began spending 85 billion VND ($4 million) on elephant conservation.

Hong Kong Lawmaker Pushes for Ivory Ban

Chad Is Latest Nation To Destroy Illegal Ivory Stockpile

Six arrested for poaching in Limpopo, South Africa

Chinese Embassy in Brazzaville Donates $100,000 to Odzala-Kokoua National Park in Republic of Congo

Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) Nabs 3 Poachers

Nepalese rhino killer deported home from Malaysia meets reporters

Treating Africa’s Tuskers – David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and KWS treat 3 Kenyan elephants with huge tusks who had been wounded by poisoned arrows.

Protecting Mali’s Desert Elephants: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Poaching in northern Mali threatens rare elephant

European Union Develops Response to Africa’s Wildlife Crisis

Obama Administration to Target Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

Will Mobilization of Military Forces Stop Elephant Poaching in Cameroon?

South African Minister of Environmental Affairs Edna Molewa Announces Committee to Probe Rhino Poaching

Malawi’s Kasungu Magistrates Give Record Jail Sentence to Serval Poacher – Inability to pay a Mk 450,000 fine (~$980) resulted in a 48 month prison sentence.

Rhino case: Guards poisoned by hunters – Guards alleged they were given poisoned food by rhino poaching syndicate.

Frontline teams ‘unaware’ of wildlife smuggler tactics – Experts suggest educating freight handlers about how the wildlife trade smuggles goods.

Tiger Nations to Set Up Anti-Poaching Network – 13 nations with wild tiger populations to establish intelligence-sharing networks, plan to fight poaching.

Rhino horn ‘smugglers’ tried this week

A rhino’s miraculous journey from surviving a poaching attack to giving birth

January 2015

The Secret World of Ivory Destruction

Corrupt cop walks out of prison and disappears despite being jailed for timber theft

Cameroon Responds to Reappearance of Poachers at Bouba-Ndjidda – Cameroon authorizes elements from military service to aid in tracking poachers in Bouba-Ndjidda National Park.

Ugandan officials intercept $1.5 million ivory heading to Amsterdam – 700 kilograms of tusks worth an estimated $1.5 million and 2,000 kg of pangolin scales were confiscated by Ugandan wildlife officials at Entebbe International Airport.

Suspects acquitted in shocking murder of sea turtle conservationist – Jairo Mora.

Poachers kill 14 elephants in Botswana’s Chobe National Park

How safe are the ivory, rhino horn stockpiles in EA vaults? (alternate link)

Second South Florida man nabbed in illegal trade of rhino horns

The Human Cost of Rhino Poaching

Democratic Republic of Congo: Garamba National Park Gets $2 Million Donation from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation

Namibia: Wildlife Staff from Save The Rhino Trust Probed in Kunene Rhino Poaching

List of Kaziranga’s Most Wanted – Authorities from Kaziranga National Park, India, publish list of 323 men wanted for poaching. Park’s rhino poaching statistics also listed.

Tanzania: Katavi Police Nab Four People Over 306 Million KSh Tusks – At the time of publication 306 million Tanzanian Shillings is approximately $172,500.

South Africa: Rhino Poacher Killed Two Others Appeared Before Court

Ivory products pulled from fourth major Hong Kong retailer

Poacher Caught in Ambush with Seven Carcasses – Bushmeat poacher.

Two of Six Rhino Poachers Killed at Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India; Rhino and Guard Also Killed

Articles from 2014

December 2014

New Report Examines $2 Billion A Year Bear Trade

Elephant Slaughter, Corruption, Illegal Ivory Trade Trigger EIA Objection to MCC Aid to Tanzania

Mauritius Monkey exports disturbingly on the increase

Tiger and wild cat trade from Myanmar to China growing – Study based on 2 decades of data finds areas of Myanmar are hot spots for selling animal parts from Asia and Africa and that 80% of surveys recorded tiger parts being trafficked.

A northern white rhino has died. There are now five left in the entire world.

Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park Collaboration to Counter Poaching, Facilitate Cross-Border Joint Operations

Poaching Kingpin Arrested, Assets Seized in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Kenya Court Charges Ivory-Smuggling “Kingpin” Feisal Mohamed Ali

China’s Expanding Middle Class Fuels Poaching, Decadence in Myanmar

Ongoing War Threatens Existence of Elephants and Other Key Wildlife Species in South Sudan

Rhino Syndicate Bust in Czech Republic

Specialist Anti-Poaching Air Squadron Set to Launch in Tanzania with Five Helicopters

South Africa: Poaching Suspects Arrested, Killed in Kruger National Park in Five Separate Engagements

Prince William Announces New Task Force to Stop Transport of Illegal Wildlife

Sloth bear cub trapped in a snare, rescued and released.

Three Suspected Rhino Poachers Arrested in South Africa

108 New Park Rangers in Virunga, DRC Complete Their Training

November 2014

In Africa, Tracker Dogs Join War Against Elephant Poachers

Police in Limpopo, South Africa Arrest Suspected Rhino Poachers

U.S. to Partner with China to Strengthen Response to Poaching in Africa

On Trail of Largest African Ivory Seizure in 25 Years, Locating Suspected Kingpin in Vietnam

How hot is the Vietnamese rhino horn market?

Three Black Rhino Carcasses Found in Kunene, Namibia

Indonesia: Largest-Ever Confiscation of Illegal Manta Ray Parts by Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

Chinese Criminal Syndicates and Corruption Behind Tanzania’s Elephant Meltdown

2 Million SAR ($177,500) Worth of Equipment Donated to Kruger National Park’s Ranger Corps

Poaching and Civil War Aren’t the Only Threats to Africa’s Dwindling Population of Mountain Gorillas

2,600 Animal Parts, Including Remains of 12 Lions, Found in Senegal Anti-Trafficking Crackdown

South Africa Nabs Two Vietnamese Men with 41 Kill grams of Rhino Horn

October 2014

Elephant Killer Gets 7 Year Prison Sentence in Kenya

Peace Parks Foundation Investing 30 Million Rand ($2.76 Million) and Offering Material Support and Assistance to Augment Mozambique’s Anti-Poaching Efforts

A Struggle Against Illegal Fishing in Chile

US Indicts Two South African Brothers for Selling Illegal Rhino Hunts – Brothers Dawie Groenewald and Janneman Groenewald.

United Nations Rapid Response Facility Launches Emergency Appeal to Raise Funds to Fight Elephant Poachers in the Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Legalizing Ivory Trade: Taking to New Heights a Dangerous Policy Proposal

South African Environment Minister: ‘We Appreciate Western Help Against Poaching — But We Need Asia’s’

Kruger National Park Joint Operations Net 14 Rhino Poaching Suspects

Tanzania calls for international ban on ivory, rhino trade

Interpol issues arrest warrant for Mombasa businessman Feisal Ali Mohamed over illegal ivory trade

One of the Last Six Northern White Rhino Found Dead in Kenya

Big Life Tanzania: Tracker Dogs Lead to Arrest of Latest Elephant Killers

Cameroon Officials Catch Traffickers with Gorilla, Chimp and Elephant Bones

China’s E-Commerce Giant, Alibaba, and TRAFFIC Take Aim at Illegal Wildlife Products with Pledge of Zero Tolerance for Illegal Wildlife Products

Interpol announces special team to combat illegal ivory trafficking

Police step up efforts against smugglers – Chinese law enforcement in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region steps up efforts to catch drug and wildlife traffickers crossing from Vietnam.

Six Suspected Poachers Arrested in Kruger National Park

WWF Calls on Thailand to Strengthen National Plan to Control Ivory Trade

Two Ivory Poachers Arrested Near Elephant Stronghold in Mozambique

Indonesia: Major Arrest of Manta Ray and Shark Parts Trader – Seized items included 19.5kg (43 pounds) of manta ray parts as well as 13kgs (28 pounds) sea turtle meat. In another arrest 558 kg (1,231 pounds) manta ray bones were confiscated.

September 2014

Big Life Kenya Catches Elephant Killer

South Africa: Hugo Ras and nine other members of poaching syndicate in custody, awaiting trial

A ranger and two other employees of South Africa’s parks service were arrested on suspicion of rhino poaching in the country’s flagship wildlife reserve

Ivory, Insurgency and Crime in Central Africa: the Sudan connection

Asian stars enlisted to fight African rhino poaching

Interview with African Wildlife Foundation CEO Patrick Bergin: The politics behind China’s ivory carving factories

Alleged rhino poaching syndicate members appear in court

CITES Secretary-General’s remarks at the destruction of confiscated rhino horn in the Czech Republic

Official complicity in Mozambican elephant slaughter – Independent report examines the connections between a known ringleader and corrupt government officials, including law enforcement.

Ruthless rhino poaching syndicate rounded up by Hawks (video)

Tiger Experts and Government Officials from 20 Countries Met to Review Tiger Conservation Goals

Six Elephant Poachers Arrested in Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve

Heaviest Jail Term for Ivory Smuggler in South Africa: 10 Years and R5 Million Fine ($500,000)

Kenya Wildlife Service, Big Life: Rhino Poachers Killed in Chyulu Hills Shoot-Out

Mozambique Cracks Ivory Poaching Ring, Makes Six Arrests and Recovers $150,000 (€115,000) in Tusks

South African Politicians Weigh in on Rhino Poaching

Two Rare Indonesian Elephants Found Dead Without Tusks: Poison Suspected

Kruger Rhino Sales to Private Game Reserves Canceled – Amid concerns of corruption.

Yao Ming Aims to Save Africa’s Elephants by Persuading China to Give Up Ivory

Cameroon Seizes 200 Elephant Tusks Bound for Asia

Leakey’s Last Stand: The Final Battle of Africa’s Elephant King

August 2014

Landmark Report Reveals Crucial Links in the Illegal Ivory Trade

Kenya Wildlife Service is Building its Capacity to Combat Poaching

Poachers switching from AK-47’s to poison

Pangolins Also Under Threat in Gabon as Demand Surges in Asia

Pangolin and star tortoise rapidly disappearing under India’s poaching threat

Full Interview with Kruger’s Anti-Poaching Chief General Johan Jooste – The man in charge of anti-poaching in Kruger National Park.

39 endangered African vultures killed by poison – Poachers target vultures which can be indicators of dead animals nearby.

Big Life Kenya: Wood Poacher Tip-Off Leads to Sting Operation Resulting in Arrest of Two Animal Parts Traders

Target Shipping to Beat Illegal Ivory Trade, Report Says

Voortrekker, Legendary Elephant, Under Threat In Namibia

Study Helps Prevent Rhino Deaths During Relocation

Does Trophy Hunting Save South African Wildlife?

New York passes a ban on ivory

India to Use Drones to Track Wildlife and Fight Poaching

Notes From the Field: Using Drones to Prevent Poaching

Can You Wage a War on Poaching?

In China, Shark Fin Soup Is So 2010

Charlie Rose: A discussion about elephant ivory in Africa with Patrick Bergin, Veronica Varekova and Marcus Asner.

Kenya: Big Life Confiscates Ivory in Sting Operation

No Walk in the Park for South Africa’s Embattled Game Rangers

July 2014

Big Life Catches Wildlife Poacher on the Run

China and Vietnam Eating Scaly Anteaters to Extinction: An Estimated 1 Million Pangolin Poached in the Last Decade

Ivory: From Bush to Market – Infographic depicting the route that smuggled ivory takes to reach consumers.

South Africa’s Game Industry Insiders Continue to Evade Punishment for Rhino Crimes – Vixay Keosavang and Chumlong Lemtongthai.

Vixay Keosavang An Untouchable Kingpin of Wildlife Crime

India: Poaching threatens Manas’s World Heritage Site status

Eating pangolins to extinction

Op-Ed: Smart trade in rhino horn is only solution to poaching – Opinion/editorial describes the real and fake rhino horn market in Vietnam and strategies to overcome demand.

Bear paw smugglers imprisoned in China – Chinese media reports on Russian and Chinese bear paw smugglers.

China ‘Admits’ Trading in Tiger Skins

African Conservationists Call On Internet Retailer Rakuten To Cease All Sales Of Elephant Ivory

Kenya: As Bushmeat Poaching Intensifies, Arrests Made

Thailand Faces Sanctions if it Fails to Stop Ivory Trade

June 2014

For Rangers on the Front Lines of Anti-Poaching Wars, Daily Trauma

Safeguarding Giraffe Populations From Extinction in East Africa

Kenya: Police seize 228 pieces of ivory in Mombasa

Kenya: 2.1 Tonnes of Ivory Seized at a Warehouse in Mombasa

Satao – A Legend: A wildlife filmmaker’s account of the death of one of Kenya’s largest elephants

Tiger skin seized in Coimbatore, four arrested

U.S. Using Trade Agreement Negotiations to Fight Poaching, Wildlife Trafficking

May 2014

LATF leads Africa-China discussion to strengthen cooperation in fighting transnational wildlife crime.

Rhino horn smuggling ringleader receives 70 month jail sentence

Elephant poaching on rise in Lord’s Resistance Army stronghold

Intercepted ivory items at Heathrow traced back to Zambia

Hong Kong holds world’s largest ivory burn – Process will take a year to destroy more than 28 tons of ivory.

April 2014

The Most Trafficked Mammal You’ve Never Heard Of – About the pangolin (scaly anteater).

Belgium Crushes its Elephant Ivory As Europe Takes Harder Look at Wildlife Trafficking

March 2014

Nepal celebrates ‘zero poaching year’ for rhino, tiger and elephant

Arrested gang believed to have slaughtered ‘more than 10’ wild tigers – Individuals arrested in Guangdong province, China.

Ivory smuggler arrested during Operation Cobra II to serve 20 years in Tanzania

LATF Enhancing National Capacities in Fighting Wildlife Crime in Africa

Satao: Last of the Great Tuskers – A wildlife filmmaker’s search for a legendary elephant

Limits on Ivory Sales, Meant to Protect Elephants, Set Off Wide Concerns

Sansar Chand, Notorious Tiger Poacher, Dead

February 2014

Vietnam’s illegal trade in rhino horn – Undercover footage of rhino horn seller, mentions illegal rhino horn in Vietnamese market.

Illegal ivory ornaments seized in Australia

Tanzania will not sell ivory stockpile, says minister

Untouchable? Wildlife crime kingpin Vixay Keosavang

Africa-China ivory smuggling kingpins nabbed in a LATF coordinated intelligence led operation – Li, Xue, Zheng.

LATF successfully coordinates Operation Cobra II

CITES Secretariat welcomes Operation Cobra II results

Illegal Tiger Trade: Why Tigers Are Walking Gold – Part 2 of a series on tigers.

Four African nations spurn ivory sales

A burden to bear – Discusses bear bile farming as well as bear trafficking and rescue in Vietnam.

January 2014

Dog virus threatens India’s dwindling tiger population

Only 4 Northern White Rhinos Remain in Africa: Inside the Last Attempts to Breed and Save Them – At this time there were 5 worldwide.

Crush and Burn: A History of the Global Crackdown on Ivory

China’s first ‘ivory crush’ signals it may join global push to protect African elephants

Articles from 2013

December 2013

Zambia assents to secure elephants

New figures reveal poaching for the illegal ivory trade could wipe out a fifth of Africa’s Elephants over next decade

November 2013

Eye on the tiger: Poachers targeting national parks

US$1-million bounty for wildlife crime syndicate exposed in “Killing for Profit” – US State Department puts bounty on informatino after counter-trafficking organization, book exposes Southeast Asian trafficking syndicate.

Historic U.S. Ivory Crush a Call to Global Action

The grisly economics of elephant poaching

September 2013

Off the Menu: Hong Kong Government Bans Shark’s Fin

August 2013

Rhino Kingpin Gets Reduced Sentence – Chumlong “Chai” Lemtongthai

Ranger Killed in Ambush of the Museya Patrol Post – News straight from the front line of Democratic Republic of Congo’s Virunga National Park.

Hong Kong Cache of ivory is seized – Rhino horn, ivory, and leopard skins valued at $5 million.

Notorious tiger poachers among 9 arrested in Pune

July 2013

LATF supports Kenya to repatriate over 1.8 tonnes of contraband ivory.

LATF investigates two big seizures of about 5 tonnes contraband ivory in Mombasa

June 2013

Two tiger poachers nabbed, confess to killing five tigers in Melghat

In Global First, Philippines to Destroy Its Ivory Stock – First ivory-consuming nation to destroy its ivory. Government decided to crush the ivory rather than burn it.

May 2013

Folk Remedy Extracted From Captive Bears Stirs Furor in China

Seized Assets to Pay for Conservation of Rhinos

259 ivory pieces seized at Jebel Ali Port – Dubai customs seized the shipment which was marked as furniture.

Why Does a Rhino Horn Cost $300,000? Because Vietnam Thinks It Cures Cancer and Hangovers

Dye and Poison Stop Rhino Poachers

Traffic: Why It’s Time to Get Serious About the Bloody Illegal Wildlife Trade

Update: Marnus Steyl case – Related to Chai’s Thai prostitute trophy hunting fraud.

In Trafficking of Wildlife, Out of Reach of the Law – Vixay Keosavang and Chumlong Lemtongthai.

Tackling the illegal trade in wild animals is a matter of global urgency – Written by John E Scanlon, Secretary-general of CITES.

April 2013

Smugglers of Endangered Fish Nabbed in California

Record illegal wildlife seizure results in guilty plea from Sydney school teacher

Chinese vessel on Philippine coral reef caught with illegal pangolin meat (graphic)

Uganda Wildlife Authority gets 430 rangers: can they end poaching?

South African Wildlife Conservationists Are Poisoning Rhino Horns to Prevent Poaching

March 2013

Asia, Africa And North America Join Hands Cracking Down Wildlife Crime Syndicates

Traffic: Why It’s Time to Get Serious About the Bloody Illegal Wildlife Trade

Notorious Figure in Animal Smuggling Beyond Reach in Laos – Vixay Keosavang

February 2013

“Blood Ivory” Op-ed

Investigation: China Covertly Condones Trade in Tiger Skins and Bones

January 2013

Tiger poaching near Nagpur confirmed

Tigress found dead near Corbett reserve